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It’s a Love Affair ! We Know Your Love for Benz/BMW/Audi/Land Rover

We’re BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Land Rover Factory Trained Specialists with dealer level expertise

Desi Auto Care is a full service BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Land Rover specialized service center in Stratford, NJ. We bring over 30 years of technical expertise and automotive experience.

We will explain to you which of the repairs are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance. We will provide you all Diagnostic details, why the problem occurred, what the cause was and what the correction is and after repair test drive report.

We have the experience, resources and knowledge to meet all your repair and service needs. Your work will be done at a REASONABLE cost. We will not perform any repair work without your prior authorization. No hidden cost.

  • Dealer level full diagnostics and expertise for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Land Rover
  • Routine maintenance
  • Service inspections
  • Performance upgrades
  • Major and minor repairs
  • Pre-purchase car inspection
  • NJ State Inspection Facility
  • NJ State Emission Repair Facility
  • Offer highest quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Offer highest quality OES (Original Equipment supplier)

There is Only One Boss – The Customer!

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24 Hours Towing
  • After hours drop off
  • Local courtesy rides
  • Free Coffee,Tea, Sodas, Juices, Cookies, Snacks, Candies
  • Clean-Comfortable waiting area
  • 24 Months / 24,000 Miles Warranty
  • Please read our reviews online at Google, Facebook, Yelp…
  • We take pride in our personal service to our customers and their cars

Meet Our Lead Technician

Lead Technician Shawn McShea grew up with a talent for fixing cars and a passion for BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Land Rover. Shawn is the third generation of his technician family. After an apprenticeship in BMW and Mercedes dealerships Shawn become a Master technician. He has more than 30 years’ experience, including 12 years at the dealer before joining Desi Auto Care. Shawn and his team of technicians continue to keep up-to-date with information on the latest models, tools and knowledge to service your modern BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Land Rover.


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  • Why only 5 stars? 1-latest diagnostic tools 2-upfront repair prices 3-clean comfy waiting area 4-free shuttle service 5-he explains repair in simple language. I'll take liberty to add sixth star 6-very H.O.N.E.S.T and professional. I own two cars, one van, this company will get my business for sure.

  • After visiting this place, I started to trust in this place. These honest people did the job on my Mercedes Benz for such a low price. It has saved me approximately $1450.00. Before this place I went to the dealership. Their price was shocking and high as hell. I am so excited to share this news with all my friends and family. How professional! These guys are friendlier at this place. They treat my car like their own car. I wish more people became aware of this great place.

    Gurmeet S.
  • When I arrived they were closing for the day. My car needed very important repairs and initially they said they were closed and couldn't help me. Upon explaining my situation and how It was an emergency and that it was my only car, they were very understanding and went out of their way to stay open longer to take care of me. I was also given a loaner car to use until my car was fixed. The customer service was excellent and they handled everything in a very professional manner. Desi Auto is now my 100% go-to auto care destination

  • Just had my passenger side wheel bearing replaced today and the price is extremely affordable and I feel like I am driving a brand new car again! Since I live close by and realized they are a new business, I wanted to try them out and help build a good reputation for them since there is a lot of competition here in Camden County. I am definitely having my future repairs done here and since I am female, this usually gives repair shops reason to overcharge but not with this shop.

    Kristie J.
  • I went to Desi Auto Care because my transmission was hesitating during gear shifts. Initially I took it to the dealer and they quoted me a price of $750. Went to Desi Auto for a second opinion. Their manager, Steve, took a look and told me it was a simple fix. Three hours later and $245 later my transmission was running as good as new. I'll definitely be going back.

    Sagar P.
  • Trustworthy and honest is the hallmark of Desi Auto Care!

    Regina G.
  • The owner of Desi Auto Care, Mr. Sam, is great person. I went to that area from NYC, was for my business trip. My car had the front brakes broken, that made me really nervous because that area is totally unknown to me. I found him on Google and called him, visited him on lunch break, and he took great care of my car within a reasonable price. Desi Auto is a very busy place but Sam will take care of your problem within a few hours. He is very flexible & has a great sense of customer service. Everyone who works there is nice and pleasant.

    Moshfiqur R.

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10 Reviews

  • Jim blackman4 days ago

    I'm a old mechanic so I guess you could say I'm tough customer for these guys.

    I have to give them great credit since they put up with me and all my questions and persistence.

    Desi auto care is perfect BMW repair shop , they treat me fair and professional- for that I'm customer for life. Wide variety of Free refreshment offered for customers.

    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Adolfo De Niro6 days ago

    Such impressive BMW technicians

    A+ across the board.

    Service with smile.

    Great 2 years warranty.

    Free refreshments.

    Now a Lifetime customer.

    2015 BMW 740i
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  • Raj3 weeks ago

    Desi Auto Care- Has been the best thing that happened to me! and for the love of my cars! BMW X5 4.8i and the Chrysler Concorde! Sam own's this enterprise and he deserves due respect for 1. Understanding the customer perspective. 2. Provide complete and thorough information from the Chief Mechanic to the customer (Transparent) 3. Go beyond and above with the customer expectation. Now all that said: A Big thumbs up for the Man behind the brilliance (Shawn McShea, Chief Mechanic/ Architect, I must say) he has complete end to end understanding of whats in a car! (especially the BMW & the European cars) . He really knows how to connect the dots to get to the root problem. Shawn clearly explains and knows what to fix by priority, Also lets you know if its worth your buck for the fix (investment) you are spending on the repair. Clearly I have a Lot of confidence in the work done on my car for a ton of Money I saved from going to the dealer. I surely know, Shawn has spent at least double the time I have been billed for the 1 thing that I had to go back to fix, which was not part of the initial problem. I think Sam, Shawn, Drew & Rachel do a great job! BMW, now drives like one!

    2008 BMW X5 4.8i
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    Sam3 weeks ago

    Hey Raj (The billiard Master)

    We appreciate your patience during repair, which took little bit extra time to finish. We apologies for delay.

    We're thankful to you for choosing us for both of your cars repair jobs.

  • Martin Day-Lewis4 weeks ago

    I stumbled upon Desi auto care just by looking up BMW repair shop. My BMW 750Li had an issue with a coolant vent design problem.

    The dealer wrote me an estimate for $9700 - I ALMOST PASSED OUT...

    I called Desi's and spoke to master technician personally, he explained that he knows of that problem and guaranteed that he could fix at a fraction of the cost... He not only fixed the original problem but repaired several other potential problems at a friction of the BMW dealer estimate. The potential problems were VALID and not a scam... Master tech took me into the shop and he showed me every particular part that he recommended to be fixed but never put pressure on me to have it fixed by them - we were in work area of the shop for 45 minutes just talking... I approved repair

    As per his promise, the car was done in less than three days...


    Thank you Desi...

    2008 BMW BMW 7 Series 750Li
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    Rachael3 weeks ago

    Hey Martin,

    Its our duty to explain the details of problems so you feel comfortable about repair job.

    And PLEASE DON'T PASS OUT...We're here to help.

    Thank you for giving us opportunity.

    you're one of the nicest customer we have.

  • Claudia Gustafson1 month ago

    Are you a woman (or a man) who has felt little out of her element when she had to go to her mechanic? Are you tired of feeling vaguely screwed by your mechanic? And not in good way. Here is good news! The friendly folks at Desi Auto Care are here to ease your anxiety.

    My only car BMW broke down on sunday, when they were closed. Sweet girl Rachael returned my phone call 8am Monday to confirm , they could do work THAT DAY.

    When I drove my ailing BMW into garage, I walked in on a conversation between the head mechanic and older woman getting ready to drive to her home in Philadelphia in her just repaired Mercedes-Benz.

    From the conversation, I gleaned two things: First, this woman loved them. Second, the head mechanic was a respectful man.

    I left my car there, and before noon they'd called me with a full breakdown of all that they'd found, what it would cost me and a promise they could be done by 7pm same day.

    It was fast, friendly and efficient experience . Can I get an amen?

    2012 BMW 535i
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    Drew1 month ago

    Hey Claudia,

    It's our duty to make sure you feel very comfortable in our business environment.

    People always describe us "Woman Friendly Auto Repair Shop"

    we appreciate your super support!!

    Thank You.

  • Parina Depani1 month ago

    My family and I were driving 02 BMW X5 recently where it quickly went from yellow overheating warning, to red, to limp mode where it refuses to drive. We ended up leaving it at Olive Garden parking lot and taking a taxi cab to home.

    We did a bit of research at home and other people who had similar problems needed their waterpumps and thermostat replaced for around $1k. We looked google and there were no auto care around our house that specialized in BMWs. So we decided to drop it off at desi auto care in Stratford (the closest and well rated on google etc) then deal with it tommorow. When we arrived(happy that the car made it so far!) the guy at the front desk hopped up, came to the car and took a look at it immediately. He was very friendly and showed us the possible causes for the problem. It was ready on Tuesday afternoon. It turned out that it was indeed the water pump and thermostat that needed replacement. A young girl at the front desk, also very friendly, showed me the old parts and told me that it very fairy common for X5 water pump to need replacement. The final total came to about $535 including tax, which was very lower than what I had expected.

    Overall: very friendly, very straight forward, and they did the work very quickly and well. We will be returning.

    2002 BMW X5
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    Mike1 month ago

    Hey Parina,

    Thanks for leaving a review. Our team at Desi Auto Care is thrilled to hear such good feedback, and we're proud to be the best BMW repair shop in South Jersey. You're sending your friend for BMW repair, tell her to use 10% off coupon for first time customer. Bye!

  • Laura 1 month ago

    Something happened under my car when I was close to Lindenwold Railway Station so I pulled in here and I was met at the door with a question asking me what happened? I've never had that before someone actually meeting me getting up from the desk? Thank you for that.

    My regular mechanic quoted me $1200 for struts in the near future but I decided to hold off on that unfortunately that is exactly what that sound was under my BMW but I didn't say anything to Desi Auto Care about it. I just let them fix it. It was $550, OMG. The significant price difference is not the only reason I give this place five stars, I like the way the employees explained everything to me it's very clear that they were not in this for a commission, they want to get the job done and get my car back on the road, I will not go anywhere else for my car needs. Bringing her back to have engine mount done in a few days.

    2004 BMW M3
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    Shawn1 month ago

    Hello Laura,

    Thanks for leaving a review. It's our team's job to save you money. Thank you for setting up one more appointment with us.

    We'll be proud to serve you again!

  • Nicholas Hall2 months ago

    After Reading positive reviews, I drove from Atlantic city to get work done here. Its worth the drive to come this far. These people know BMW inside and out, love to talk about BMW's and receptionist was so warm and welcoming. Did fix my headlights electrical issue, replace rear brakes plus a brake fluid flush and coolant flush on my '08 535xi'. I've saved atleast 50% compare to dealer price.

    I've interacted with Shawn, Drew amd Sam. These guys are awesome- very patient, very customer oriented..... Just wish this shop was closer.

    2008 BMW 535 Xi
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    Sam2 months ago

    Thank you for your comments Nicholas. Our team is thrilled that your experience was a positive one and we're looking forward to seeing you as a our regular customer family.

  • Kirk Murray3 months ago

    Valve Gasket leak on my BMW had sidelined my summer. My experience with the dealer wasn't amazing and was looking for a place who would fix my car for reasonable amount then, my friend told me about Desi Auto. After I took my BMW to desi auto they diagnosed and repaired it in just couple hours at a very fair price which I never expected. The mechanics are very knowledgeable and experiened.

    Overall these people are fantastic and I would say cause of my experience this is the best place to bring in your European Vehicle.

    2011 BMW 328i
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    Sam2 months ago

    it was such a pleasure to taking care of your car. your's is one of the cleanest car we have seen. if you need any help in future, our team will be very happy to assist you. Thank you for support.

  • Donna H.3 months ago

    As a granddaughter of reputed mechanic shop owner, I always get free auto repairs. But after moving to this area it was hard to find good BMW repair shop.i found this shop through also I searched Google etc and Desi Auto Care had perfect ratings.

    I'm more than impress with this place and I love to support local businesses. After dropping my BMW 328i for AC and emission problems, Rachael called me with estimate. To my surprise it was VERY REASONABLE. My car fixed same day. All women should go to this shop bcoz they will not treat you like an idiot or add extras that we do not need.

    at the end owner gave me gift-envelop filled with amazing exotic candies and free car wash coupon.

    Now I'm confused, what do I love more? Candies or Shop? I guess both.

    2011 BMW 328i
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    Sam3 months ago

    We're happy that you're satisfied with our service. Thank you !