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We are an independent BMW repair shop in Budd Lake, NJ that will give you dealer expertise without the dealer price.

If you are still going to the BMW dealer and it's costing you hundreds, even thousands every time, or your local mechanic doesn't seem comfortable working on your BMW, then we are the shop for you. We are expert BMW technicians. We install only factory parts and back our work for your 100% satisfaction.

Schedule a BMW service appointment with us today and see why so many of your Budd Lake neighbors trust their European vehicles with us!

Serving the areas of Budd Lake, Flanders, Hackettstown, Long Valley, Netcong and Stanhope, NJ with expert BMW maintenance, repair and service.

Meet Our Owner

  • Alex Roman


    Our owner Alex studied mechanical engineering at Rutgers. After that, he went to pursue his passion for fixing European automobiles, and quickly became an ASE certified Master Technician.


  • Very professional, the priced pleased me, and Alex even gave me a ride home to save my wife a trip. Best European auto specialist referral I've ever had. I thank you Alex for the service performed on my BMW. I recommend if you need a great mechanic, Alex and DTA should be your first choice!

    Sharif R., via Google
  • Hands-down the best shop, most professional service in the industry! I bring my BMW to this location and ALEX always takes care of me. I am blessed to have him as my mechanic for all the cars that I possess and I'm very thankful for him and his team.

    Joshua G., via Google
  • Stop your search for a mechanic! Alex of DTA Automotive is the only mechanic you will ever need. He is honest, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you Alex, you and your staff of mechanics are the best!

    Veronica S., via Google
  • These guys are AWESOME! Alex, thanks for the above standard service and affordable prices. It makes dealing with car repairs bearable.

    Tanshel P. Bethlehem, PA, via Yelp on March 8, 2016
  • Great service! My car wouldn't start to go to work and I was able to get in and out with a new battery faster than I expected. Made a stressful experience much better.

    Leeza G. Budd Lake, NJ, via Yelp on January 14, 2016

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19 Reviews

  • Maggie Vreeland
    Maggie Vreeland3 years ago

    I’m so glad I found DTA Automotive. Alex was extremely helpful and got my X3 up and running perfectly in two days after being at another shop for weeks and still they couldn’t figure it out. Thanks DTA.

    2013 BMW X3
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  • RRizzo
    RRizzo4 years ago

    I stopped by DTA Automotive almost 2 years ago after buying a used BMW and spoke with Alex to get to know a little about his Shop and what he can or cannot do. I for years have passed his shop daily and always noticed BMW and Audi's on his lot. The guy was absolutely just a Great Guy to speak too. I'm not a mechanic by trade however have a great deal of hands on so it made for great conversation. I told Alex eventually I'd be back to have him do a few things on my car. I finally got around to do so and both times I've had him inspect and work on my car was absolutely the best experience ever. He's extremely competitive and most definitely knows his BMW's. I'll bring all my cars to Alex whenever a shop visit is required. hands down 5 out 5 Star shop.

    Thanks Alex!!!

    2002 BMW 325xi
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  • Craig Stewart
    Craig Stewart6 years ago

    These guys are great, not only were they able to figured out my lack of power issue but they also found some items that they discovered should have been covered by BMW.

    They contacted the dealer for me and coordinated my warranty work with them while I was on vacation. I didn't have to do anything. Talk about excellent service. I highly recommend DTA Automotive.

    2013 BMW 328i
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  • Chris
    Chris7 years ago

    Awesome service. Very helpful and explained everything in detail. Fair price and done on time. DTA Automotive is now my Go-To shop for both my 330Ci and the X5.

    2005 BMW X5
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  • Sreenadh
    Sreenadh8 years ago

    Great Service! I stopped going to the BMW Roxbury Dealership due to some messed up things that happened and how the mechanics basically screwed up my car all the time just so id come back for more service. I googled bmw service in NJ and found DTA Automotive that was rated really high. Ive gone twice, once for a seal belt sign indicator and now a water pump replacement for my 2006 BMW 325i. The dealership asked for $2500 for the waterpump and Al the owner did it for $1000 and got it done in one day! He is really nice and down to earth guy. Really honest and he always calls you with updates! His lot is full of BMW's because he specializes in the them and even has the computer system for BMW's. Definitely recommended for any BMW 325i owners looking to avoid dealer costs. You'll have your car in good hands. I don't usually write reviews but i think this shop definitely deserves one. (FYI this shop is only open on weekdays not weekends, only down side) But its not far from Randolph where i live and its literally right past Budd Lake, 2 feet away. Outstanding honest guy, i just wish i chose to go there earlier so i would have saved so much money from that bad roxbury bmw dealership. If you're out of the BMW warranty this is definitely the place to go

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • John
    John8 years ago

    Took my car to DTA Automotive for service and once with oil leak.Since I live hour away and had to leave the car overnight Alex was very help full with getting a rental vehicle. If you need to wait for few hours they will drop you at local library. I trust Alex with my BMW and will take it back if needed.

    2007 BMW X3
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  • Jen Chiro
    Jen Chiro8 years ago

    I was hearing a noise coming from my car and I took it to the dealer. The estimate I got was outrageous (it was out of warranty). After talking to a friend of mine at work about it he told me about DTA Automotive.

    I took my car to him and to be honest I was a little apprehensive. The shop is small and not well kept. He has two dogs (I'm scared of dogs). But they were super friendly and very well trained. But they came highly recommended.

    Alex, check my car out and came up with the same diagnosis as the dealer. And his estimate was half as much. He had my car fixed the next day and she runs and sounds great.

    Alex also took the time to show me how to work and navigate through the on-board computer of my car. Great personal service.

    2008 BMW 335xi
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  • Richard Rommer
    Richard Rommer9 years ago

    After having been to the dealer, DTA Automotive is a breath of fresh air. They are a small shop, but I was impressed with his professionalism and personal service. And most importantly the price. In just the last two visits alone I must have saved like $500.

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • Brittany Torres
    Brittany Torres10 years ago

    I have been going to DTA Automotive for years. Alex, the owner, has always been pleasant to deal with and always made me feel at ease with his work. Recently I was 2 hours from home and my car started to overheat. I called Alex not realizing it was 10 at night. When he answered the phone I was so relieved. He talked me through on what to do so that I could get home safely. How many shops are there for you at 10pm!

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  • Michael Fisher
    Michael Fisher11 years ago

    I went to DTA on the recommendation of a coworker because I was sick of the dealer. I had taken my 330xi to them 3 times for the same problem. And each time they charged me for looking at it. DTA figured out the problem, it was fixed in 2 days and running like new. No more dealer for me.

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  • Steve Quinn
    Steve Quinn12 years ago

    My 530xi needed a brake job.

    DTA did a great job at a great price


    Steve Quinn

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  • Pamela Drayton
    Pamela Drayton12 years ago

    These guys are great. I was so used to taking my car to the BMW dealer. I never left there paying less than $2000k. DTA fixed my problem that the dealer was going to charge me $3200 for almost half as much. They gave me a ride home and had me fixed by the next day. They're a small shop but offer big value.

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  • Ken Kelson
    Ken Kelson12 years ago

    I recently moved to the area and when my 330xi started acting up I was pretty apprehensive to take it to a local shop and taking it to the dealer made my wallet nervous. I asked my neighbor, who also has a BMW where he took his for service and without hesitation he praised DTA for their honesty and great service.

    So on their recommendation, I took it to DTA and Alex made me feel at ease and confident in his abilities. My car was done within a day and is running great again.

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  • Paul
    Paul12 years ago

    I almost didn't go to DTA because their estimate over the phone was only slightly less than the dealer quote. But they were the only ones that I felt comfortable with. When I picked up my car to my surprise it was cheaper than the estimate. No my car runs great and I saved money. I'll be going back.

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  • Ozzy
    Ozzy12 years ago

    At first, you might think these guys provide competitive quotes, however, their prices are as high as the dealer. I could not recommend them.

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  • Bill Donaldson
    Bill Donaldson13 years ago

    After my last "routine maintenance" at the dealer where they found $3200 worth of work, I decided look for a replacement shop. I only had 76k miles at the time. After speaking to several shop owners over the phone, Alex from DTA was the only one that I instantly felt comfortable with.

    They checked my car over and surprise, surprise, I only needed half the stuff the dealer said and my bill was only $482. I am so happy I found them.

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  • Serguey M.
    Serguey M.13 years ago

    Recently DTA changed my waterpump because I overheated. This was my first BMW and I bought it used. I thought the repair wasn't too expensive.

    The reason I write this is that my neighbor with the same car went to the dealer for the same problem. They replaced the water pump. They did the same work that DTA did on my car, but the dealer was almost twice as much.

    If you have a BMW you should take it to DTA.

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  • Patrcia Villa
    Patrcia Villa13 years ago

    As a single woman I never felt comfortable going to local repair shops. They either pressured me or made me feel like they didn't know what they were doing.

    When I got relocated to Flanders I didn't know where to go, I checked online and asked neighbors and DTA Automotive kept coming up.

    After getting a quote from Roxbury BMW for my brakes of over $1400, I tried DTA. They gave me a ride home, had me done in one day and saved me over $230. I highly recommend them.

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  • Ralph Mastro
    Ralph Mastro13 years ago

    I had been having my BMW serviced at the dealer for years. But in the last year, every time I took it in for service the bill was never less than $800. I finally took it to DTA, where my wife gets her van serviced, and he performed my Inspection 2 for almost $300 less than what it was normally costing me. I recommend them highly

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