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We are a European repair, maintenance, and performance shop located in central NJ in the town of Westfield. We offer services for all European makes including(but not limited to): BMW, Mini, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, and Saab. Though we work on all European makes, we highly specialize in BMW.

Proprietor Sean Dougherty was a top tech at a BMW dealership for fourteen years. He has been factory trained in Porsche and BMW's. He has been from 2004-Present, the head tech for car #803 BMW M3 for the Targa Newfoundland rally race. Also he was Crew Chief of the 1989-1990 IMSA BMW M3 Racing Series.

We offer a complete line of dealership diagnostic equipment to meet the needs of the European automobile. Basically, you are getting dealer servive for half the price. No matter what problem you have with your car, we can fix it!

We are an authorized installer for UUC Motorwerks. UUC provides us with parts such as stainless steel brake lines, performance chips, and big brake kits, which we then install with accuracy and care. All cars are returned to the customer in better condition than they were dropped off.

We are also a certified TireRack installer. We currently have the best installer record in the area.

As a smaller shop we have the ability to take our time with our customers. Because our concern is not quantity, but quality you are getting work that you can be happy with. Please give us a call to make an appointment for service that sets us apart from the rest.


  • After Hours Drop-Off
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29 Reviews

  • Chris
    Chris5 years ago

    The gang at Eurosport did a PrePurchase Inspection and activated the DRLs for me to import the M3 into Canada. Their service was very quick and the technician phoned me in Canada to discuss his findings. A dealer wanted 3x the price to activate the DRLs. A big thank you to the Eurosport crew.

    2004 BMW M3
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  • Thomas Brougham
    Thomas Brougham5 years ago

    Avoid this repair shop at all costs. Dropped my BMW for a new headlight, oil change and brake linings replacement. The brakes and oil change were fine but when I got home my headlight still did not work. Brought the car back and was told that there was another problem with the headlight that would cost about a $1,000 to fix. Told them not to fix the problem because I didn’t want to spend another $1,000 and was told that I was still being charged for the headlight and labor costs of it. When I complained they said there was nothing they could do because the headlight was already installed and they couldn’t use as new again. So I had to pay for a headlight that never worked. The man working the desk said he understood but there was nothing hey could do. When I continued complaining he said he would speak to the boss and see he said. I still have not heard back from anyone. Avoid this repair shop at all costs.

    2007 BMW 750Li
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  • John Senuta
    John Senuta6 years ago

    Had work done by Eurosport of Westfield a few months back. First time. Work performed was a third of what the BMW stealer wanted. I could not be more happy with the knowledge and professionalism of Eurosport. They are great people to deal with!

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • John Butler
    John Butler7 years ago

    Since 2003 I've been using Eurosport of Westfield. First for for my 98-740iL, then 98-318ti and now 08-335xi. Maintaining & repairing Bimmers cost. Knowing you are getting the best service and pricing at Eurosport makes it bearable.

    2008 BMW 335xi
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  • Vinay
    Vinay8 years ago

    Lately for few months I was facing lots of electronic and mechanical issues with my car. Down shift clunk , so many electronic pop ups randomly, from transmission to window trap malfunction and low voltage on and off although I have a new a year old battery. After a lot of run around, I was highly recommended of Eurosport of Westfield NJ, reluctant, after few run around, called them with the issues. Suzan, was prompt with appointment. These guys are highly efficient with timing and appointments and very professional. My car issues were taken in a days time work with all the issues resolved.

    I highly recommend, Shawn Susan And Michael and their foreman at Eurosport of Westfield without a fail for any issues with you car.

    Vinay M.D.

    2005 BMW 545i
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  • Rich
    Rich8 years ago

    Sean, the owner of Eurosport of Westfield, in Westfield, NJ, was very insightful during my pre-purchase process of a 1999 BMW. I was calling him from out of state. He was very prompt in returning my calls and helped me understand the marketplace in his area. He contacted me directly himself, which I really appreciated. He strives to make each BMW owner feel important and focuses on customer service and getting the job done correctly. This makes his small efficient shop soar above the bigger shops and BMW dealerships, in my opinion, providing value and knowledge to those of us who enjoy classic BMW cars.

    1999 BMW 335i
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  • Kevin Drew
    Kevin Drew9 years ago

    I'm a new customer of Eurosport of Westfield. Initially, I took my car in for an oil change and routine check-up at my local BMW "stealership". During the check-up, I was told I needed a brake fluid change and an in-cabin filter change. Forked out $750 for all of that. I was also told that my oil filter housing gasket was leaking ($965 to fix) and the battery was weak ($545 to change). After restarting my heart, I decided to call Eurosport as they were referred to me by one of my work colleagues. Susan scheduled me for the following week and I had the housing gaskets replaced at nearly half the price of the stealership. The work was done on time and they treated me well. I recently went back to have my battery replaced and I was out of there in 1 hour as promised. The price was $200 less than the stealer's price for the battery replacement. My experiences were excellent and I believe if you want to save money without sacrificing quality, I would give Eurosport a call.

    2010 BMW 535i
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  • stefan J
    stefan J9 years ago

    Sean and Susan are truly great people and very easy to work with!. I had a pre purchase inspection completed on a vehicle I was interested in purchasing and Eurosport of Westfield was able to accommodate the sellers schedule and get the inspection done. Sean called me after the inspection and went over all the details, needless to say I'm flying out next week to purchase the car!

    2008 BMW m3
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  • David
    David10 years ago

    First things first - I never waste my time doing online reviews. However, I am so pleased with my first experience @ Eurosport of Westfield I am compelled to do so.

    My 2003 e39 is in spectacular condition - mainly because I had an excellent INDY BMW shop in LA. Since I've moved back to NJ I have not been able to find a reputable INDY, and I've twice had two separate local BMW dealerships try to screw me into unnecessary repairs, both coming close to $3000.

    After reading some reviews online and talking to a few people I decided to give Westfield Eurosport a try. It turns out that not only were both Dealerships trying to provide unnecessary work, the work that actually WAS necessary wasn't in either estimate, which needed to be do to address handling issues I was experiencing. Sean & Chris tightened up my front end, and the car is handling as flawlessly as the day I drove it out of the factory. Additionally, the repair bill came in - get this - 65% cheaper that either of the thieving Dealerships quoted me on.

    I take my work very seriously, I try to act & charge for my services in a professional manner, and I expect the same from others. Eurosport of Westfield has meet every reasonable expectation of honesty & competence that I have. I recommend their services absolutely & without reservation.

    2003 BMW 525i
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  • Kenq
    Kenq10 years ago

    I was referred to Eurosport of Westfield by Open Road BMW as my car had no longer warranty and needed servicing. I spoke to Sean and told him that I had a red light (power steering lock) on my dashboard. Since this is my only vehicle, he told me to bring it in the next day in order for him to see what was the warning light for. I was nervous because I thought I needed to get a new steering wheel column. My vehicle only has 38,000 miles on it. Turns out that Sean had to update the computer system on my car and once updated, the car is working awesome. Sean and Susan are highly dedicated professionals who do care about their customers and as of today I will no longer take my car to BMW. I will have it serviced by them. Thank you Sean and Susan for all your help and concerns. I will be referring my colleagues and friends to have their vehicles serviced with you.

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • Jerry K
    Jerry K11 years ago

    I had a humming noise coming from the front end of the car. Eurosport diagnosed the problem to be the wheel bearing, control arm and replace torn boot. Due to wintery conditions unable to pick up the car, however Sue surprised me by dropping the car off later that evening. Would recommend Eurosport for any BMW service needs.

    2001 BMW x5
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  • Rodger Zepka
    Rodger Zepka11 years ago

    I wanted to take a moment to recognize the professional and courteous service at Eurosport in Westfield from start to finish.First Susan was in tune to the needs to schedule the vehicle and return it in a timely fashion as needed .In addition the service was professionally completed while fairly priced .Today was a win of a new and satisfied customer for Eurosport .Thank you Sean and Eurosport team.

    2008 BMW 328xi
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  • Alison Baxter
    Alison Baxter11 years ago

    My first experience with this shop was due to a failing battery which BMW of Bridgewater neglected to find during a $199 "inspection" of the car when I bought it used privately. The owner of eurosport of westfield was extremely accommodating when i called up fuming mad, they took my car in right away and had it fix within 24 hours. As a first time BMW owner I used to cringe every time a sensor would go off, but now that I found EuroSport of Westfield I know that I will get amazing service at an even better price! Will never take my BMW anywhere else!!! Love this shop!

    2005 BMW 645ci
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  • Chris D.
    Chris D.11 years ago

    Just got my car back from them having transmission work done. There are no words to express how professional and caring they are. They were honest and constantly keeping me up to date with everything. I wish more mechanics/garages were like this. I will be loyal customer and will refer everyone to them. Thank you!!

    1998 BMW E
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  • Brian P.
    Brian P.11 years ago

    After nearly having a heart attack at the BMW dealership when they told me the price for new brakes and tires for my '06 M5, I took to the internet and found Eurosport. First impressions were great - Sean and his team are very down to earth, professional, and they seem to really love the cars they work on. I was extremely happy with their initial quote, which was FAR more reasonable than the dealership. I selected them to perform both services, and couldn't be happier with the result -- car rides like new again. Thumbs up !

    - Brian

    2006 BMW M5
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  • Jeff
    Jeff12 years ago

    Brought in my '07 335i to have a new suspension kit installed at 120k miles. First major service I've had done outside of a dealership. When I first came in to check out the shop Sean took time to look up and recommend after-market kits that would be a good match for my car. When I came back for the actual install, they got it all done in a day as promised and the (high-mileage) car is now running almost as good as new. Plus, I probably ended up spending half what a dealer would have charged to install OEM struts and springs.

    Also worth noting that Eurosport is close to the Westfield and Garwood train stations so if you're leaving your car and have to get to work in the city or you live anywhere along the Raritan Valey Line (Hoboken and Jersey City included), getting to/from is very convenient.

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  • Ruben
    Ruben12 years ago

    The best! Highly recommended! The supercharger died on my Mini Cooper. I got in touch with Eurosport about installing a new one I had ordered. As soon as it arrived I called and Sean said he was pretty booked but to drop the car off in case a spot opened up. The very next day I got a call checking in that my car was being looked at. Later that afternoon another call, it's done! Amazing turnaround! Great service and amazing work, the Mini runs better than ever, thank you! Will never go anywhere else again.

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  • Jonathan Jaffe
    Jonathan Jaffe12 years ago

    I reached out to Sean for what I thought was a basic problem - the rear window on my 2004 745IL stopped working. The problem was more extensive than I thought. While most mechanics would have given up, Sean brought in other mechanics and was determined to find the problem. He even rented a car for me over the weekend so he could spend more time figuring it out. In the end, the problem was solved. I appreciate Sean's hard work and his commitment to his customers. It is this old-fashioned focus on the customer that makes Eurosport special. I recommend Sean to anyone and everyone.

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  • Tom M.
    Tom M.13 years ago

    Been seeing Sean and Chris for years and I keep there going for a reason. Work done right the first time at appropriate prices. Kept my Volvo purring, now keeping the MINI revving. Many other BMWCCA members in the 'hood use Eurosport, too.

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  • Marc
    Marc14 years ago

    Sean has been servicing my family's cars for the last 7 years. His prices are fair, he's a great guy, and he knows BMWs extremely well. These cars are expensive to own out of warranty, but it's great to have an ally like Sean. He is NEVER looking to get you to spend more than you need, ever. He's always looking to address the problem you have without listing ten other things the dealership would probably say you "need." In the rare occasion that an error is made on the shop's part, Sean is quick to back it up with the proper action and make it right.

    Reading "Chris's" comment above makes me chuckle. I know the town very well, and that is completely indicative of the type of garbage Sean has to deal with on a daily basis.

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  • Hernan Oramas
    Hernan Oramas14 years ago

    Honestly, I would of got rid of my BMW by now if it wasn't for Eurosport. It is extremely hard to find a good and honest BMW mechanic. Around 6 months ago my 2001 740IL started marking a check engine light. When I took my car to BMW, they gave me a list of possible problem that totaled to about $1900. Good thing I found Eurosports website. I called Eurosport and spoke to Chris who has always been very professional. I dropped my car off two days later and within a few hours they pin pointed the problem. My car was fixed that day for about $800. Less than half of what BMW was charging and they even fixed my internal temperature sensor and replaced my oil cap. Since then, they have done some suspension work and have changed a brake sensor . I wouldn't take my BMW anywhere else. If you want work done right at a good price, definitely check out EUROSPORT.

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  • Kenny C
    Kenny C14 years ago

    Ive been going to Eurosport for over 4 Years and I have never had to return my car for anything, They are great at what they do and are Masters of there craft , I trust them entirely with any of my cars,

    They are quick, reliable, and know what there doing.

    I have recommended Eurosport to hundreds of Fellow Enthusiasts and I have gotten back nothing but thank yous and compliments.

    as Regards to the Rim incident I saw the tire and honestly "Chris" How do you expect to not damage a rim when all you did was drive the car with a flat on 18 Inch Rims for god knows how many miles,, and Not to mention if youre a good driver and had the common sense to avoid potholes,

    Honestly I saw the tire and he ripped the entire sidewall of the tire and destroyed the rim before he even got there. Dont listen to this Individual

    Again I trust Sean with all my cars with everything have it be performance work or Repair

    Go to Eurosport You wont regret it and Youll be glad you did.

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  • Robert Newell
    Robert Newell14 years ago

    I've been going to Eurosport for eight years. They service my '91 850i, '97 540i, and '02 Volvo V70XC and I have never had a problem let along have to bring a repair back. They are extremely knowledgeable, honest, and caring. They understand the cars they work on and the customers who rely on them. I recommend them to everyone - and everybody I've sent speak highly of Sean.

    I trust Sean's shop and can't believe they would damage a rim like Chris above stated. I sounds like he damaged the tire and rim and wants some else to pay for it.

    Go to Eurosport - you'll be glad you did.

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  • Chris
    Chris14 years ago

    Stay Away! I employed Eurosport to simply change 2 rear tires on oem 2008 BMW M3 18" rims. They damaged the passenger rear rim, resulting in significant chip in the outer face/lip of the rim, about 1" in length and about 1/4" up the face of the rim. Eurosport refuses to take responsibility, leaving me to repair the rim at my own cost and time. If you value your vehicle or any item you're having installed, I highly recommend finding another shop to work on your vehicle. This place is not worth the risk!!

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    Eurosport of Westfield14 years ago

    Eurosport of Westfield welcomes all comments regarding our shop and the workmanship of our trained professionals. We do not however accept blame nor responsibility for tire blowouts and subsequent rim damage when mounting and balancing replacement tires. Please email if interested in viewing a photo of Chris' damaged tire (from August 12th, 2009 post) and you will be able to conclude the cause of said rim damage.

    As BMW owners, we recognize the value and pride you take in your BMW. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own.

  • Ann
    Ann15 years ago

    What I especially appreciate about Eurosport is their go-out-of-their-way willingness to be helpful. They have worked equally well with my husband and my son in getting our car problems resolved. Car repair work was done right, and the price very competititve.

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  • Gil
    Gil15 years ago

    Found this shop on an internet search for BMW mechanics and ended up calling Chris. Chris was very professional both on the phone and in person. I don't know who actually worked on my '96 328 to replace the blower motor but everything is working fine. They got the part from a local dealership. Chris did a good job in keeping me up to date and had the job done same day. I would go back but depending on the job, I want to see how much I'm really saving from going to the dealership. Parts markup seemed a little high so I'll have to see if the savings in labor is negated by this.

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  • Dan S
    Dan S16 years ago

    Chris,and Sean are great. They call me each time before continuing work on my car. Very professional and reliable, i wish i found them sooner. I'm actually getting some work done as we speak. I called this morning to see if they were busy, to let them know i'd be having my car towed to them.My car was dropped of and in a matter of a few minutes it was already up on the lift getting checked out. An hr later i recieved a call letting me know what needed to be fixed and a break down of pricing! Can't beat that at all. Keep up the awesome job Eurosport!!!!!!!

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  • Roger
    Roger16 years ago

    If I had known about Sean's shop earlier, I would have stopped going to a BMW dealership a long time ago. I have yet to find a dealership service dept that is worth using. I will bring my '01 530i to Eurosport going forward. Sean and his team are always courtesy, friendly and professional. Pricing is very fair and honest. Highly recommended.

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  • john abruzzo
    john abruzzo16 years ago

    Sean and his crew are well trained and highly professional. They have serviced three BMW's two Mercedes and a Mazda for me with no problems and no complaints. Sean is a very talented mechanic with sharp diagnostic expertise. A job is completed on time and pricing is fair. I have recommended Eurosport to all my friends and neighbors and never heard of a problem

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