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1182 State Route 17M
Chester, NY 10918 US
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At European Import Repair, we specialize in BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but offer service and repair on all European vehicles. We have found that by specializing, we are able to focus on diagnosing and repairing even the most challenging issues. We are equipped with Autologic Assist Plus and Autologic Blue Tool diagnostic equipment.

Bring Your Car to European Import Repair

We realize that finding a trustworthy repair shop can be a difficult task, but it is our utmost priority here to gain and maintain your trust. You will receive quality work and exceptional customer service at affordable prices. Upfront and honest communication with convenient service and location is what we hope to provide to you. You will be speaking with a service writer who knows your car, not just someone who knows how to fill out a repair order.

Our shop is located in Chester, NY. The parking lot is paved and striped for easy parking. When you walk into the office you will be welcomed by Michelle, she will greet you and take all your information. As you wait for your vehicle, you may help yourself to a cup of hot coffee or tea and enjoy our comfortable and clean waiting area equipped with cable TV and free wifi.

In addition to routine service and repairs, we offer the following specialized services:

  • State of the Art Dealership Level Diagnostic Equipment
  • True 4 Wheel Alignment Machine for all European Vehicles
  • Factory Level Mounting and Balancing Tire Machine for all Run Flats and Low Profile Tires


  • Cable TV
  • Customer Lounge
  • Free Wifi
  • Refreshments
  • After Hours Drop-Off
  • By Appointment Only

Meet Our Owner

  • Ralph Rivera


    Ralph starter his career working in independent repair shops and soon moved on to BMW Dealerships. After 10 years as a Master Technician and Shop Foreman he decided to branch out on his own and start a business he could be proud of.

    Ralph opened European Import Repair in 2010 and found they were welcomed with open arms. With the overwhelming support of both the community and surrounding areas, he had to expand the business to a larger facility - which is now thriving on Route 17M in Chester.

    European Import Repair specializes in quality work (using only OEM parts) and providing superior service without the dealership prices. They realize that finding a repair shop you can trust is a difficult task. That is why they have made it their priority not only to gain that trust, but to maintain it.


  • Great place! Best service at an auto place that I've had! Honest, helpful and professional.

    Lauren A., via Google
  • I highly recommend Ralph and his company, he is so helpful and above all HONEST and friendly. No reason to go anywhere else if you need a place that will take good care of your car!

    Tricia R., via Google
  • Very professional and nice people! Good prices too, thanks guys!

    Angelina U., via Google
  • Honest. Professional. Knowledgeable. Can’t say enough good things about them. Not to mention they are keeping my E39 on the road!

    James C., via Google

8 Reviews

  • AmethistNY
    AmethistNY6 years ago

    I had a couple of lights on my car and took it to the dealer to be repaired. I had a coolant leak, oil leak, couple of gaskets that needs to be replaced. I was given a quote for $7000. I could buy a car for that amount. I called around to get 2nd opinions. I came across European Import Repair. I called and left a message and it was returned fairly quick. I emailed a copy of my quote as Michelle couldn't believe that what I was telling her needed to be done. I took a day off to go an let them diagnose my car. As it turned out, I didn't need all the hoses replace for the coolant leak as the dealer had suggested. European Import Repair only replace the expansion tank, hoses were fine. Needless to say, it was a fraction of what I was quoted from dealer to have just the coolant issue repaired. What amazes me the most is that I faxed over the full quote from dealer without blacking out anything and I wasn't taken advantage of and charged a higher price because of what I was quoted. It's very rare to find honest, trustworthy companies today, but I'm glad I found one in European Import Repair. My new friends.

    2004 BMW 04 X3
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  • James Dillon
    James Dillon6 years ago

    European Import Repair is the only place i get your European vehicles serviced (and correctly). I have BMW 's (M5, 750il) and Mercedes (S550 4-matic) and only European Imports touch them when it comes to service. They are fair and honest. I know cars, since I also have American cars (Corvettes, etc.) and I have family members in the car business. You won't beat European Imports for your European car repairs!

    2013 BMW M5
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  • Michelle
    Michelle8 years ago

    We went to European Import Repair for the first time recently, and were very impressed. Our engine light had gone on and amongst other signs of problem, we thought we might be in for a huge repair this time and may even need to consider whether we should keep the truck. But after they checked it, it turned out to be a simple problem and fixed with very reasonable price. They did not use this chance to rip us off as other places maybe would have done. But instead provided honest and excellent service at excellent price. The owner and staff are very friendly and kind, and we would definitely come here again. Highly recommend to others.

    2002 BMW X5
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  • Pat Macgregor
    Pat Macgregor9 years ago

    I took my BMW to European Import Repair last week. I explained that I was looking for a mechanic to keep my car in good shape and to fix problems before they become big. I also mentioned that my suspension was making a noise and that I had my battery replace by a local company that had jump started the car for me. Ralph's mechanic checked my car over and it's in good shape. He said that the rear suspension will need work, but not right now. Next oil change will be a good time. He asked if the new battery had been registered and I didn't know...he checked and it hadn't. He did the registration right then. I'm so satisfied with this company and looking forward to keeping my Beemer for a long time.

    2009 BMW 328i
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  • Chris
    Chris10 years ago

    Great owner and great service. Ralph is much more of a down to Earth kind of guy as opposed to the condescending guys at the dealership. The prices are cheaper than the dealer, however they are the same as any other Bosch certified service center. I would highly recommend having your BMW serviced here at European Import Repair.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Jaytee
    Jaytee10 years ago

    Very reassuring and pleasant experience. Ralph, the owner of European Import Repair, apparently oversees the shop by mentoring and supervising the other mechanics (he was the service manager at a BMW dealership). The benefit of this approach is that he is free to discuss your particular situation without having to step out from underneath a car and clean himself of grease first. I brought my 328i in for a slipping tranny and asked him to check it out.I left it for the day and they went completely through the car and Ralph explained that it would eventually need a new tranny plus a lot of other $$$ things and that in his opinion, he would sell the car and not bother fixing everything. He spent two hours going over the car, including scanning the codes, and was not going to charge me anything but I insisted on paying for his time and equipment so he told me to give him $55. He could have minimized what the car needed and quoted me a figure for repairs just to get my business but he did not and that goes a long way in earning trust.

    2000 BMW 328i
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  • Bill
    Bill10 years ago

    I had a low beam headlight out, European Import Repair was great. I was told to bring the car in anytime and they would replace the bulb. I brought the car in and the owner Ralph stopped what he was doing to replace the bulb in my car. He found the wire insulation was falling off. He tried to tape it but found the insulation continued to fall off the wire. We made an appointment and today he rewired the headlight.

    A professional operation that I will return to when my car needs maintenance.


    2004 BMW 325ci
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  • Stanley D.
    Stanley D.11 years ago

    Mr. Ralph started out on my BMW 540i 6yrs ago. It was some routine work but he didn't stop there, he changed my cabin filters and more. I got in a pinch the end of May with my MB CLS 500 and again Ralph got me in on a brake job in less than 48hrs and over 200 dollars less then the dealer would have charged. Now 2mths later my airmatic strut collapsed on that same CLS 500, and guess what? Its parked in Mr. Ralph's garage waiting for the part to be delivered only because i didn't need it overnight. This is my personal experience with European Import Repair.I have even greater testimony of Mr. Ralph's integrity from the dealership he ran before he ventured out on his own. Email me, Stan.

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