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Why skip the dealer and come to Highline Motorsports?

BMW is the only brand we work on, we aren't distracted with splitting up our experience on other brands. This is what we do. All of our software and tools are specifically for BMW. Everyone at Highline owns and drives a BMW and this isn't just a job, its a passion.

We aren't in the parts canon business. What does that mean? We diagnose BMWs better. It's easy to make a broad diagnosis and say "replace everything", we take it a few steps further and find out exactly what is wrong and make our recommendations from there.

Parts. Some general repair shops may underestimate how important quality OEM/OE parts are, but we know better. We NEVER install chinese or inferior aftermarket parts on your BMW. We regularly use Genuine BMW or OE brands. What is an OE brand? For example, on many BMWs, Zimmerman is the OE manufacturer for BMW brake rotors. When you buy a brake rotor from BMW directly, you get your Genuine BMW part which is actually the Zimmerman rotor with a BMW stamp on it. This is completely fine however if you're on a budget you can rest easy knowing that if we quote you out using a brand like Zimmerman, it is exactly the same part you would get without the BMW markup. We save you money on parts without ever compromising quality. Oftentimes we quote you out for the right parts at a lower price than some general repair shops quote out on chinese parts for the same BMW.

Laid back sales. We aren't starving for service work like bigger dealerships are. That's because we do good honest work at a great price. What this means to you is you can be assured that we will never attempt to upsell you unnecessary work for your BMW. We will make our recommendations based on our findings and experience and let you decide from there. We do not use fear tactics to scare you with a big dollar estimate in hopes that you trade your car in. We don't sell cars, we just service BMW. If we find an issue with your car, we will be honest with you on whether or not it's something to worry about right now.

Options. We give you more options than the dealer. For example if your BMW needs a very expensive part, such as a DME (engine computer) you can spend thousands for this part alone. Or we can help you by sourcing a used computer. The dealer doesn't have the tools to program a used computer like this, but we do. We can reprogram used modules (computers) to work with your BMW. Instead of spending thousands you can spend a tenth of that and move on without worries. Sometimes parts are just too expensive regardless of being an electronic component or not. We can help you source used engines, transmissions, and other expensive parts. Oftentimes these parts have warranties that got you covered in the event of a failure.


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  • I had presented to them a crusty rust bucket and they returned to me a trusty driving machine. Highly recommend, 5 stars.

    James K., via Facebook on November 14, 2019
  • My F30 needed an unfortunate part done, the timing chain. Called them and had it sent down to the shop. Mind you, I live an hour away from the shop. Mike and David had great knowledge of the issue and great communication about the process and fixing. The process was long but ensured everything was done professional and to spec. Thanks again guys for helping me out and keeping my F30 running a longer life. Great service! Highly recommend.

    Brock H., via Facebook on September 4, 2019
  • First time taking my 335 here. Awesome service. Good communication. Def doing a turbo upgrade and having them do the work.

    JS Cycles, via Facebook on September 1, 2019
  • If you have a BMW you really need to check Highline out. They can handle anything from a classic straight through a my current generation 335xi.

  • Huge shout out to Highline Motors for installing a 335is upgraded clutch along with an OEM flywheel on my 2008 135i. Drives like brand new and cannot wait to start making some good power this summer. I recommend anyone with a BMW to check them out for any maintenance or performance needs, big or small.

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