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L&M Foreign Cars is one of the most advanced auto diagnostics shops in the New York City area. We provide complete service & repair for BMW, VW, Audi, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Porsche & Saab. We are customer focused and strive to provide the best automotive care possible.

Opened in 1969 we have been proudly repairing & servicing foreign cars in Brooklyn for over 45 years. Our technicians hold L2 technician status, are featured in Road & Track, Eurodiagnostics, Counterman and hold over 16 professional automotive certifications. We use original car parts and have been providing knowledge and expertise to our large customer base as well as dealerships and automotive shops around New York.

In a business that is overrun by mechanics who don't know enough and dealers who charge too much, L&M is an oasis of quality recognized as the European car experts. We are a full service shop and provide quality service for all your BMW repair needs.

L&M Foreign Cars knows everyone is looking for a mechanic to trust for their BMW or other foreign vehicle, and now you've found one.


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13 Reviews

  • Eric
    Eric1 year ago

    I just came from L&M to do a somewhat expensive engine rebuild needed because of BMW's faulty engineering of the timing chains. This problem is a very well known fault in the "N" family of BMW engines (N26 and N20 as well as an "N" variation used in the Mini). BMW NA and BMW AG stonewalled owners and lessee owners for years about taking responsibility for potentially catastrophic total or near total engine failures. Only after a long and drawn out class action lawsuit did BMW offer relatively minimal financial coverage recompense to owners who lost engines or had engines showing an impending failure due to the faulty timing chains!

    Bill Roth (Owner) is knowledgeable to the Nth degree and repaired the vehicle for less than BMW quoted for the engine rebuild. I have been coming to L&M for about 14 years with my two BMWs. He diagnosed a problem with my earlier 2004 BMW 325 Xi Wagon that BMW could not properly diagnose or repair for almost 6 years. Bill diagnosed the problem EXACTLY based only on the symptoms I described to him!

    The sign over the shop says "We Fix What Others Can't" Never truer words have been said! They are my 'Go To' shop because they are a 'Can Do' German car specialist. They also do VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and Land Rover.

    2014 BMW 328i X-Drive Wagon
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  • frederick
    frederick8 years ago

    Took my car to L&M Foreign Cars and Bill was so honest with me. He did explained the problem to me before even fixing the car. Now my car runs excellent. I asked about an anti freeze and he kindly gave me a gallon. Thank you so much Bill.

    2001 BMW 330i
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  • Nicholas
    Nicholas8 years ago

    I was looking for a BMW service center close to me. I looked on the internet and found L&M Foreign Cars on Utica Ave. my car needed servicing and I needed to find someone I can trust and a place that isn't going to over charge me. Over all I am satisfied with the work that was done and they didn't over charge me. I will definitely be going back when my car needs work done. This is now my mechanic shop. I will definitely recommend this shop to anyone who has a BMW.

    2009 BMW 328xi
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  • David
    David8 years ago

    I brought my car to L&M Foreign Cars after a botched a valve cover gasket job. They explained to me everything that they would do to fix the issue and they fixed my car in a few hours. The price was great much cheaper than I expected for a specialty shop. Besides being great mechanics these guys were really friendly. They offered to arrange transportation for me when I was dropping off my car, they didn't charge me the credit card processing fee. I normally work on my car myself but after bringing my car to L&M today I think I'll be letting them do all of my work for me.

    1992 BMW 325is
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  • Micheline
    Micheline9 years ago

    The guys at L&M Foreign Cars are just awesome!!! They have the highest level of honesty & integrity. I took my 2008 528xi BMW to L&M Foreign Cars after BMW Bayside tried to rip me off. BMW Bayside wrecked my car & gave me a list of things/parts that needed to be 'fixed' or changed (bushings, sway bar links, control arm = $1800.00).....Thing is I took the car in to BMW noiseless; to change the rotars & get a multi-point inspection, but got it back with what sounded like a wrench was left somewhere under it. When I took it back & pointed this out to BMW I was told that the 'issues' are getting worse and I needed to do the suggested 'work' ASAP. I am a female and I don't know much about cars, but good thing common sense prevailed. What I knew was that my car wasn't making those knocking noises at the front end before I took it to BMW. After seeing the great reviews online I decided to go to L&M. To start Bill test drove the car with me when I dropped it off (Micheal test drove when I picked it up) something BMW never do. I recieved a call within a few hours and was told that parts in the front end simply needed tightening =$95. So of course I asked about the list of things that BMW recommended and was told no other issues were found. Could you imagine? Now my car drives like it should. No more clanking noises. I highly recommend L&M to anyone cause they are friendly, honest and most important compotent mechanics. You will be sure that you're in good hands.~Micheline

    2008 BMW 528xi
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  • Nicki
    Nicki9 years ago

    Love love love love this place! I rate L&M Foreign Cars With six stars, they get the extra star for honest. First let me start off by saying Micheal and Bill are two of the most honest mechanics in the world and let's not forget my technician Gilbert who was hands on with my car. My car was giving me problems and I took it to a regular mechanic shop where they thought they knew what was wrong with my car but by the time they were done they only made the problem ten times worst. So I looked online and saw that people have wrote good reviews about this shop so I decided to give it a try. I swear to you Micheal took my car and within a hour he gave me a call and told me exactly what was wrong with my car. Even tho I am a woman he explained everything to me and showed me how everything work. He gave me a time frame in which my car should be finish and sure enough it was done right on time like he said it would. If you have a foreign car my advice to you would be to take it here, these guys are just as good as the dealers. I only drive BMW and if don't take my car to the dealer only L&M Foreign Cars will touch my car, NOBODY ELSE!!

    2004 BMW X3
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  • Garrett Weir
    Garrett Weir10 years ago

    Michael at L&M Foreign Cars was first class. He expressed in detail what was wrong with my BMW X5, and gave me several options and scenarios to consider. We all must understand that by owning these foreign cars we take the chance of having to incur large costs when something goes wrong; but rest assure that L&M will make your experience best with their honest service and guaranteed work.

    I would recommend their service to any friend.


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  • Jon
    Jon11 years ago

    There's nothing quite as horrifying as tooling along at 70 in the fast lane during a downpour and having the wipers stop. The windshield is covered in water within two seconds and you're left fumbling for the emergency flashers while you decelerate and pull over.

    The first time I brought my '97 528i to L&M Foreign Cars, Bill told me he could fix my wiper problem, even though BMW told me they put four mechanics on it and couldn't. But when I went to demonstrate the wonky wipers, of course they worked just fine. Bill told me to come back when they broke again

    Well, I only drive the car on weekends, and it doesn't rain all that much so a couple of years have gone by. With the recent rains, I took the car in and spent almost a grand to get rid of this problem forever. Bill and his boys stand behind their work, and they're quite good at it. There are enough testaments on Citisearch to prove that.

    Thanks guys!

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  • Brian
    Brian12 years ago

    Look. How many times have you ever been compelled to relate a positive experience with a mechanic? I'm not the only person that has specifically created a citysearch acct to do exactly that, read down the comments... These guys at L&M Foreign Cars inspire a fanatic level of devotion. When last I was at the shop, I saw a mini come off a flatbed from Las Vegas bc the owner specifically wanted it to be in the capable hands of Billy, Michael, and Mark.

    Put simply, You would be hard pressed to find anyone who can do a better job, anywhere. These gentlemen are the absolute best at what they do and great, great people besides. Their labor rate is in keeping with anyone who is actually competent to work on the types of cars that they specialize in and the level on personal detail and attention is unparalleled. Try taking your e46 to BMW manhattan and getting one of the service techs to road test it with you...yea...not gonna happen... This is the first thing Billy does when you bring your car in. Also, the turnaround is ridiculously fast. Each time I've taken my car in, I've had it back exactly when they said it would be done.

    I'll preach the gospel for these guys and will never take my car anywhere else again.

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  • robert
    robert12 years ago

    L&M Foreign Cars just does everything right. It is family owned and operated, and you can tell. I dealt with Michael, Bill's son, and then also Bill when Michael went away for a week. Both people were exceptional. They provided great clarity and have very specific and thorough communication. Every single element they were going to work on was thoroughly communicated -- I knew exactly what I was getting into. Service was fast and they were able to make a tight deadline that I had to reach.

    When I picked up my car Bill was so proud of the work they had done that he kept asking me over and over how I liked it. That is the main thing that differentiates L&M and Bill and his family -- they take legitimate pride in the work that they are do, and they are master mechanics.

    There is only one fault I see with the place, and that's the location. It's tough to get to -- particularly if you don't have a car. But when I dropped my car off they paid for a cab to the subway, which made it a bit easier. But I can't express enough how worth the trip it is.

    Really, if you have a German car that you care about and live in the New York area this is the place to go -- hands down.

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  • BILL K
    BILL K12 years ago

    L&M Foreign Cars was recommended strongly by a friend, so we decided to give it a go, even though it was a bit of a haul to get there.

    I had some major work here (the equivalent of car heart surgery) and they were very clear about every aspect of it. I'm the type of person that wants to understand how everything works and they were able to answer all questions in great detail.

    Can I also say that it's really nice to walk into a garage and have someone greet you in a friendly way and shake your hand? So much nicer than the usual garage routine where you stand around awkwardly, waiting for someone to acknowledge your presence.

    I would give this place 5 stars, but it's just a real pain to get to. Note- they will pay for your cab to get to the subway station.

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  • Mark
    Mark14 years ago

    Best shop in NY. I took my car to L&M Foreign Cars after carefully was looking for a good and honest shop. I found L&M Foreign Cars online, they were nice and honest. I went cross country with my BMW and after 2 days I got a call from Bill and was asking how my car was doing. I was so taking back, when i got to Colorado ,I told my friend to bring them a bottle of wine, they are so caring. I would recommend this shop to anyone.

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  • adam west
    adam west15 years ago

    I found L&M Foreign Cars is a great shop with state of the art computer systems on a big plasma tv. Worth the trip, great techs and very friendly place.

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