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Since 1976, V & S has proudly provided quality automotive service to the Bayside community and its surrounding areas.

We are a full-service repair facility, offering a wide range of services. Your vehicle will be worked on by highly skilled professionals who care about the quality of their work. Our attention to detail, combined with the most current equipment in the industry, speeds up the repair process and ensures complete customer satisfaction.

We specialize in BMW service, collision repairs, body work, and use BMW specific computer diagnostic tools. For collision repairs we use factory-approved paints and the manufacturer approved Celette fixture bench for heavy collision repairs. See our website for details.

We are also a certified TireRack installer, feel free to purchase tires and have them installed by our professionals.

For those customers with busy schedules, we are located only blocks from the LIRR Bayside train station.

For more photos, check us out on instagram.

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  • The best auto service in N.Y.

    Xavier C., via Google
  • I had an exceptionally amazing experience with V&S! Very accommodating and helpful! Would recommend them highly! Thanks again, Vincent!

    Jane D., via Google
  • Very satisfy with their work and service. Glad I found this place, they truly care about cars.

    JY, via Google
  • Great service! Quick and no surprises, very professional.

    Jen K., via Google

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18 Reviews

  • Andrew W
    Andrew W9 years ago

    Long story short: I was going to purchase a car from a private party in NY. I do not live in NY, so I called Vince at V&S to do a PPI. He got me scheduled in the next morning.

    I'm sure they do great service from their reviews, however, I had to call twice before Vince emailed me the PPI info. After recieving the email, I got an invoice...with 6 lines of information. "Brakes are OK." "All fluids seem to be fine."

    I understand that businesses get busy, but this is honestly a sad excuse for a pre-purchase inspection. My personal Euro Indy shop has 4 pages with 20-24 lines of information to check. Although I can only assume the inspection they performed was done right, the results I got were totally lacking and unprofessional. Also not worth the $105 plus NY sales tax. I'm displeased with the service I got. I'm sure most others get quality and genuine service around the area, however, I would stray away from the business if this is what their PPIs look like.

    2004 BMW M3
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  • Angel
    Angel10 years ago

    I had very bad experience with BMW dealers and shop so I decided to try V & S Motor Service & Collision and thank God I did. They figure out what was wrong with my car and not only that they wanted to show me the bad and the ugly of my engine. My next car i am planning to bring it to V & S Motor Service & Collision for the future because I saw honesty in them and very straight forward guys.

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • JOE P.
    JOE P.12 years ago

    I recently purchased a 2002 BMW 325 XI, my first Bimmer, with only 17,000 miles. I wanted to make sure that all the fluids, brakes, tires etc etc were ok but did not want to go to a dealer...so I found this site, Bimmershops.com where I found V & S Motor Service & Collision. Stopped by one morning, met Vinnie and spoke with him and right then and there I knew this place was going to be where MY Bimmer was going to be taken care that day and in the future. His discussion with me about my car just left a good impression on me and made me feel that this was not only a place where they do great work but a place that treated it's customers with the highest level of honesty and integrity. I will recommend V&S to anyone that needs any auto work done because you'll know your in good care. Thanks Vinnie for all you help. Joe

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  • margaret
    margaret12 years ago

    I needed the tire in my BMW 528 model and looked up dealers on this website and found V & S Motor Service & Collision. I liked the readers' reviews and went to V&S. Vincent and he was most helpful and the fee was very reasonable. The shop was well set up and very orderly and clean. Very impressed with their service and would go back there again if I need any repairs for my car. I also found out that they are certified by my insurance company USAA as well which would make it easier.

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  • Shaki (US Army)
    Shaki (US Army)12 years ago

    While in NY on R&R (Army), I was very skeptical on with where I should take my BMW to be fixed. I recently drove my BMW 745Li over 2300 miles and knew I was due for a service, I needed a BMW shop that I could trust and had the expertise to get the job done. I searched the Internet and came up with plenty places but "ONE" stuck out above the rest... V & S Motor Service & Collision! I contacted the business via email and received a response before I could hit the send button. When I got to the shop I was greeted by Vinny, he guaranteed that I was in great hands. I was in and out within a hour (Oil, Lube , Filter). If your ever in the area and need your car serviced I can say that is the best BMW shop. "No bull, no hassle." Thank you, Vinny.

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  • Raymundo Valle
    Raymundo Valle13 years ago

    I researched various BMW auto body repair shops online and found Bimmershops.com. V & S Motor Service & Collision had a terrific website and great photos of projects they had done, that sold me! I had my front bumper for my 2011 535i (Sport Package) Bimmer done by Vincent. While I was there he immediately noticed my right front tire had a bubble on the sidewall, he arranged to replace the tire with my warranty company, he made the calls and replaced the tire with a new one. My front bumper looks brand new and the service was spectacular. He has a clean shop and is willing to show you around even while they are working on cars. I highly recommend anyone with an Ultimate Driving Machine to visit V&S Motor Service and Collision in Bayside.

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  • Jain
    Jain13 years ago

    Vince is a class act all the way. He took the time to understand my issues with my BMW and fully diagnosed each and every problem. I told him my limitations and he prioritized in order for me what needs immediate help and what can wait, etc. Never did a thing unless he consulted with me first and documented all of his work, including the purchase price of the parts and his labor. You just have to go there and see what the deal is, it is a professional shop with professional workers. Will give V & S Motor Service & Collision business for life.

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  • Hugo G.
    Hugo G.13 years ago

    I just had my 1984 633csi at V & S Motor Service & Collision for some work. The car is sweet with low mileage considering its age. It had a rough idle, and the front end felt loose. Sal went over the car with his top mechanic, and said I needed a valve adjustment, replacement of a torn air boot, and some steering components changed. The pricing was fair so I left the car, and they gave me a ride to the local train station. I get a call the next day, car is done!

    What a difference, the car feels like it used to (don't drive it much these days). Its good to know a place that has expertise with the old timer BMWs like mine. Don't hesitate to call them, they are very friendly, honest, and most importantly have very competent mechanics.

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  • Jack Kestenbaum
    Jack Kestenbaum13 years ago

    I am the proud ‘original’ owner of a 2001 BMW 330XI purchased from Bayside Motors and when my warranty period ran out in 2004, I was very skeptical about keeping the car since Bayside Motors was performing great service and I was not familiar with a good ‘top of line’ BMW shop to continue my service. I was considering ‘selling’ or performing a ‘trade-in’ to acquire a new BMW with the 3-year warranty, however, the Bayside Motors ‘service manager’ recommended V&S Motor Service which they also utilize and suggested I have V&S continue servicing my BMW with the 50,000 miles on the odometer. I am proud to say my 330XI vehicle currently has 125,887 miles on the odometer and V&S Motor Service has been my exclusive BMW ‘mechanic’ for my 330XI since 2004. V&S (Vinnie & Sal) are extremely professional and provide their due diligence & expertise to service and maintain my 2001 BMW in pristine mechanical order. Whenever I have the opportunity, I strongly recommend V&S Motor Service for BMW owners since their method of conducting business and providing a valued and important service for BMW owners is impeccable and first class with ‘no’ surprises at the end of the day.

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  • Fernando
    Fernando13 years ago

    Recently purchased a 2002 BMW 330ci and was looking for a good mechanic to service it. Did a search found V & S Motor Service & Collision, happy I did. Vincent and his crew checked out the whole car, and thankfully got me out the same day. They replaced front control arm bushings, changed the oil (reset the light), and a four wheel alignment. The car feels a lot more stable and rides like a Bimmer should.

    I am very pleased with the service, I'll be back soon with the Audi.

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  • Shaun
    Shaun13 years ago

    After my warranty expired I started taking my car to V & S Motor Service & Collision. I don't regret that decision one bit, in fact I might still take my car here even if I did have warranty! Besides the usual service your BMW might need, they also take care of all my aftermarket mods (body styling, suspension, wheels, etc.). Vince is a great guy, his customer service skills is top notch. My car has never looked/performed/treated better in its entire life. So, basically if you don't want to worry about your car while its being repaired then take it to V&S, i know my car is always in good hands! Great staff, great service!

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  • Jared
    Jared13 years ago

    Was looking for an indy BMW repair shop to service my 530i since the warranty had expired. Contacted V & S Motor Service & Collision from this website. I was very impressed by the service I got, and by the size and equipment of the shop. Vince is great, and lets you know exactly what work the car needs now and will need later on. First class operation over there.

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  • Jeff V
    Jeff V14 years ago

    V & S Motor Service & Collision has been servicing my BMW for years. They keep my 1999 323i convertible in tip top shape. The car was serviced at the dealer until the warranty expired then V & S took over. Now nobody else touches my car. Knowing how picky and meticulous I can be, they have always kept me happy. I recommend V & S Motor Service & Collision to anyone who owns a BMW or European car, as they also service my wife's Volvo.

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  • Gary
    Gary14 years ago

    First went to V & S Motor Service & Collision for some body work repair on my BMW X5 back in 2006. They did such a good job, that I've been bringing it back ever since for all of its maintenance. Vince has always been fair with me and provided accurate estimates on repairs and for what to expect in the future. After servicing they even vacuum and wash the car for me.

    Great BMW repair shop, convenient location, honest and trustworthy people.

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  • Wen
    Wen14 years ago

    Found V & S Motor Service & Collision through this website as well. Vincent was very helpful in providing the estimates. The BMW repair work was excellent and keep me informed throughout the repair process. Excellent service, highly recommended!

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  • Pablo
    Pablo14 years ago

    Unfortunately my 2008 BMW 335i was hit in the left front door while parked. I was so upset that this happened and quickly began to look for a place to get it fixed. I found V & S Motor Service & Collision through a search and this Website. I wanted my car fixed properly and to look like new. Thankfully V & S did a great job with the repairs, and handling the claim with my insurance.

    Excellent service! Great website!

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  • Charles
    Charles14 years ago

    After getting in a car accident with my 2004 M3 I was very concerned with who can properly repair it. The impact was a head on collision so you can understand my concern. A friend of mine who has several BMWs referred me to V & S Motor Service & Collision. Well thank God he did! The BMW repair work was excellent and the staff was very informative throughout the repair process.

    I met them because of an accident, but they now service my car as well. I'll be back soon for a wheel alignment. Top notch!

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  • Melissa
    Melissa14 years ago

    My dealership referred me to V & S Motor Service & Collision when I got into an accident with my 2005 545i. V & S had the car towed to their shop, and negotiated the claim with my insurance company. The work was flawless. Highly recommended!

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