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3200 Spottswood St., Suite 102
Raleigh, NC 27615 US
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Bimmer Performance Center LLC (BPC LLC) takes pride in being the BMW dealer alternative for the Triangle area.

Unique among local independent shops, Bimmer Performance Center LLC in Raleigh focuses exclusively on BMWs and provides the professional service and repair that can only come from a Certified BMW Master Technician with years of dealership experience.

Our BMW factory diagnostic and software programming equipment, full access to the BMW technical website, and BMW Factory Training in all new models leads to correct and efficient solutions for even the most uncommon problems. We look forward to providing the top quality, specialized service that your BMW deserves.


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Meet Our Owner

  • Daniel Connor, Owner at Bimmer Performance Center in Raleigh, NC

    Daniel Connor


    Dan is a Certified BMW Master Technician with full BMW Factory Training in all new models. Daniel opened Bimmer Performance Center LLC to meet the needs of BMW owners seeking a comprehensive dealer alternative for BMW service and repair. Daniel’s years of experience with major BMW dealerships in multiple states has equipped him with the knowledge needed to resolve even the most complex BMW technical problems. Daniel has a certificate in Aviation Maintenance from Lewis University and has worked at Chicago O’Hare and United Airlines, but he long ago discovered his true passion was for BMW. After graduating as valedictorian of his class at Universal Technical Institute, he was accepted into the BMW STEP program and trained eight hours a day for seven months strictly on BMWs. After three years working for Bill Jacobs BMW in Illinois, Daniel, decided to move to Raleigh in 2005 to get away from the big city and cold weather. Daniel’s experience with the major Raleigh BMW dealership brings a combined total of 15 years of professional BMW experience to Bimmer Performance Center LLC.


  • I have now been to BPC several times and each time I wonder why I would ever take my BMW anywhere else. Dan and the guys always do their best to make it an enjoyable experience and are very negotiable within reason. When I had to be at my house after I dropped my car off for a Check Engine light diagnoses, one of the guys even drove me back to my house then picked me back up when it was done! How many shops would do that?

    I can't stress how much better the customer service, and overall quality of my visits were than anywhere else in Raleigh. I have been to a number of shops/indys even specializing in Bimmers and no one does it like BPC. They even showed me how to install my new secondary air pump (the cause of the check engine light) to save me money. I didn't ask them too, they took the initiative to save me money which, as a college student, is very important to me.

    For example: Today, after four separate shops failed at getting my oil filter housing cap off (a stripped nut), I brought it up to BPC and it was done in less than 10 minutes, free of charge. That's great customer service!

    Big thanks to Dan and all the guys up at BPC, keep up the great work.. I will definitely be back!

    Garrett S.

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3 Reviews

  • Paul
    Paul6 years ago

    Bimmer Performance Center has been a pleasure to deal with since the first time 3 yrs ago when they tuned my wife's 1st 335d. Since they now have done 2 more for us, with the latest Nov. 2017. They custom made parts for my vehicle with extreme care & technique! They are now our service providers above all the rest!

    2011 BMW 335d
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  • Justin
    Justin 7 years ago

    Bimmer Performance Center is one of those places where you can feel completely safe leaving your BMW. The staff is knowledgeable, honest, and excel in customer service. I rank them higher than any dealership I've ever been to. BPC delivers quality service, whether it is preventive maintenance, changing my rod bearings in the s65 or installing a supercharger with a tune. One key note, they only deal in BMW products which makes them a first choice in independents as well, since most deal with a multitude of European cars.

    2008 BMW 535i, & M3
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  • Jeff Lucas
    Jeff Lucas12 years ago

    Excellent BMW service from an extremely knowledgeable staff at Bimmer Performance Center.

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