Bimmer Performance Center

3200 Spottswood St., Suite 102,
Raleigh, NC 27615 US
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BMW repair and service at the ultimate level of precision and expertise.

  • Factory Diagnostic Equipment - Linked directly to the BMW Factory
  • Certified BMW Trained Master Technicians
  • Extended warranties are our specialty
  • Software reprogramming to full engine rebuilds

2 Reviews

  • Justin 8 months ago

    Bimmer Performance Center is one of those places where you can feel completely safe leaving your BMW. The staff is knowledgeable, honest, and accel in customer service. I rank them higher than any dealership I've ever been to. BPC delivers quality service, whether it is preventive maintenance, changing my rod bearings in the s65 or installing a supercharger with a tune. One key note, they only deal in BMW products which makes them a first choice in independents as well, since most deal with a multitude of European cars.

    2008 BMW 535i, & M3
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  • Jeff Lucas6 years ago

    Excellent service from an extremely knowledgeable staff.

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