Korman Autoworks

2629 Randleman Rd.,
Greensboro, NC 27406 US
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BMW repair, tuning and performance in Greensboro, NC since 1978.

3 Reviews

  • Essi
    Essi5 years ago

    I chose to use Korman (despite them being nearly 500 miles away) due to a rather unpleasant experience with a shop much closer to where I am located. I was lucky to meet Carl B. who spent a considerable amount of time walking me through the process of getting my ported cylinder head rebuilt. I provided some of the parts required for the job, and was surprised to hear that the parts I was supplied with were too aggressive for my car, despite being sold them from a performance shop that said they are meant to work on my car. I mention this specifically to emphasis the fact that they take their time and double check not only their work but yours to make sure you get what you need. Even if you're not sure what that is exactly. Almost as important they told me the work would would take two weeks. Amazingly enough the work was done and product back in my hands three weeks later. That's rare. The only criticism I have would be the less than perfect packaging, as I had a couple damaged studs when I received the head back. Though again, Carl was quick to make sure I was back to 100% quickly and easily. Very satisfied with my service through these guys, keep up the great work!

    1989 BMW 325i (2.9 Liter)
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  • Tim Flowers
    Tim Flowers12 years ago

    Korman Autoworks is the best. When the other shops try to take all your money, go to Korman and they'll tell you what is REALLY wrong with your car. As they say, all BMW's end up at Korman eventually!

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  • Leander C. Gray
    Leander C. Gray12 years ago

    My 1987 5351 was badly damaged in an accident in 2003 and I shipped it to Korman Autoworks because I had heard so many good things about the quality of their work.

    I have never regretted my decision. The restoration done by Korman Autoworks was absolutely superb. My one regret is that living in Florida makes it too expensive to drive to Korman for regular maintenance and repair.

    I would not hesitate an instant to recommend Korman. The lengths they went to assure that a complete restoration was done still astounds me after four years.

    I quality workman's ship is what you require, take your BMW to Korman, regardless of how far away you may live.

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