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9988 Kinsman Rd.
Novelty, OH 44072 US
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Full service repair facility for BMW and MINI only. We are the only exclusive BMW/Mini independent service facility in Cleveland / North East Ohio area, all others dilute their knowledge base and equipment budgets with other brands.

We have ISTA, the current BMW diagnostic platform, and use GT-1 and Auto Logic.


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Meet Our Owner

  • Brett Anderson


    Brett Anderson started working on BMWs in the dealer network in the early 1990's, ultimately achieving master technician status. In 1999 Brett opened Koala Motorsport as a side business, working from home building custom differentials and race cars for performance customers, while still working for a BMW dealer.

    After tiring of overcharging customers and throwing parts at their cars rather than being given the chance to diagnose them correctly, Brett left BMW dealer life and re-structured Koala Motorsport to take on general service customers, moving into the current, full service, facility in 2004.

    Located on the far east side of Cleveland, Brett and his team supply quality BMW repairs at a fair cost to customers from all over the North East Ohio area.

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1 Review

  • Ren Tilden
    Ren Tilden8 years ago

    Really nice experience. These guys are BMW pros. Brett helped me through the decision to swap my standard differential with a Quaife unit, and he also helped me select a proper final drive crown gear. Result was both easy and excellent and as if it were a factory LSD. Excellent technical expertise and friendly shop service earns Koala Motorsport an A+ rating in my book.

    2003 BMW 540 6-speed M Sport
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