Autobahn Motorwerks Northwest

4410 SW 142nd Ave
Beaverton, OR 97005 US
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Autobahn Motorwerks Northwest LLC is a new auto repair shop that has opened in Beaverton, OR specializing in BMW auto repair and service. We have factory BMW trained technicians with over 15 years combined experience at the local dealerships. If you've been looking for knowledgeable BMW service at a great price, we are here.

At Autobahn Motorwerks Northwest, we are striving to create "Customers for Life" by providing great service and trustworthiness. Come and get to know us and see our new BMW repair shop. We offer a 1 year warranty on parts & labor for non-wear items. We are a Remus dealer and a UUC Motorwerks dealer. We look forward to helping you care for your BMW.


  • The only place I trust to work on my E46. They've worked on my car several times from putting new suspension, replacing wheel bearings and doing cooling system. They do a phenomenal job every time. Sebastian seems very passionate on what he does. he takes the time to explain things to me to make sure I understand how some things work. If there are things I can't work on my car, this is the only place that comes in my mind first. Highly recommended!

    Aron M., via Google
  • A good and honest mechanic. This is the kind of business that is worth supporting. They treat their customers first class no matter what it is. A+++. When it comes to European auto masters there is only one place I will recommend and that is Autobahn Motorwerks Northwest. Thank you Sebastian and crew!

    Andre R., via Google
  • Got my car serviced recently. Sebastian is knowledgeable and friendly. He fixed my car in a timely manner and the price was reasonable. I recommend them for any mechanical issue you may have with your car as well as routine maintenance.

    Javid G., via Google

4 Reviews

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.6 years ago

    Sebastian was great! Would highly recommend, I had a pre purchase inspection performed on a vehicle I was considering. He is very knowledgable and was very thorough during his inspection. Also he took the time to explain what he uncovered and made sure I understood so I could make an informed decision when deciding to purchase or not.

    Keep up the great work!

    2004 BMW M3 Coupe
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  • lpdx
    lpdx7 years ago

    Service experience was great. Sebastian was honest and knowledgeable. My engine light came on and I showed it to many people and everyone diagnosed as thermostat issue and suggested that Thermostat as well as water pump will need replacement and approx cost will be 700-1300 depending on whom you take quote from. He checked the water pump- was working great and there was error code with thermostat which after resetting has not come back, already driven 70 miles. I guess just half hour of honest work from Sebastian saved 200-1000 dollars. If thermostat fault comes back again, obviously I will take it to him.

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • Sal V.
    Sal V.10 years ago

    After having a demonic electrical issue with my 98 m3 and wasting my life and a ton of money at 5 other BMW shops. I found Sebastian and figured I'd give him a shot. Sebastian found my problem in a matter of a few hours after diagnosis. He's a no BS type of guy will tell you whats wrong and exactly what it will cost you to get it fixed no hidden or additional costs. The dude knows his stuff and all his technical info. as well. I'm really glad I tried him out because he did one hell of a job and did what 5 others couldn't. He's in it for the real problems not only the simple stuff like oil changes etc. He's definitely number 1 BMW shop around. My m3 is running in top shape and ever since and I credit him and Michael for helping me out and being so flexible with their time to help me.

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  • Dominic M.
    Dominic M.10 years ago

    Sebastian did a great job replacing the radiator on my '99 Mazda.He and his partner Michael also helped fixed the window on my '97 BMW. I have been to different shops and they either ripped me off or don't know what they're doing but I really the customer service @ Autobahn Motor Werks. They tell me exactly what's wrong with my cars and they have affordable rates too. Thank you, Sebastian and Michael for your help! I recommend them to everybody out there who needs their cars fixed.

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