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DynaSport was founded by enthusiasts to serve enthusiasts. There is something special about BMWs and MINIs, and we believe there should be something special about the way your vehicle is serviced as well. As BMW and MINI owners ourselves, we understand what's behind the wheel.

With our factory trained and ASE certified staff. We have the knowledge to make your vehicle perform the way you know it should.

DynaSport offers full service, repairs, stock and performance parts, and performance modifications for all 2002 and newer MINI Coopers and all ranges of BMWs. From simple oil changes to track preparations, every BMW and MINI receives our professional attention.

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3 Reviews

  • SK
    SK3 years ago

    Have a 325is with an M52 swap. Had some issues with the tune, running rich at idle and pinging under part throttle. I was told that they would solve the problem easily and quickly. Dropped off the car and was assured it would only be a few days. They had the car for over 4 weeks. Getting any status update from them was like pulling teeth. Final cost was over 2x the initial estimate, with nothing substantial to show for it. The car didn't run any better, and the new exhaust they built hits the sway bar, so I had to get that fixed elsewhere. It was as though they had just given up on it, or weren't able to solve the problem and couldn't admit it. Very disappointed.

    1989 BMW 325
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  • Richard
    Richard6 years ago

    DynaSport is great. Was driving through Portland and my check engine light came on. I called Witt at around 4 pm and he squeezed me in that day for a diagnosis. He ordered the part I needed and I was out the door the next morning and for a very reasonable cost.

    2006 BMW X3
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  • James
    James7 years ago

    What a great experience. I just had my 1999 E36 M3 serviced. First off all three employee's at Dynasport drive M3's. They know their stuff. My car was not running very well so I dropped it off to get a quote on fixing a few issues. Ryan Haines was more than happy to take a quick drive in my car and give an assessment of the poor running. He scanned my car and found the problem quickly. My car was fixed in 1 day and is running better than ever. Dynasport was quick, professional and fixed for the price they quoted. I will definitely be back.

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