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Pittsburgh's Premier Independent BMW Specialist.

Bill Ballon founded Bill Ballon Automotive in 1980. Since then Bill continues to keep up-to-date with information on the latest models and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and experience to service your modern BMW correctly. Bill Ballon Automotive continues to be the best dealer alternative in Western Pennsylvania.

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10 Reviews

  • Nathanael C Barta
    Nathanael C Barta3 years ago

    My father and I have been customers of Bill Ballon Automotive since the 80's (Dad's '78 320i & my 318ti). Bill provides the best service for his customers who care about their Bimmers. There isn't anyone else I would trust with my car. There is no nonsense and no games when work is done. Straight forward service with honest explanations of how repairs are done when complex issues develop in these expensive, complicated cars.

    1996 BMW 318ti
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  • John Zantek
    John Zantek3 years ago

    My active duty son was driving from WA to VA on a transfer, developed misfiring in Cyl 4 and thermostat issues. Bill cleared his schedule, had him turned around and out the door, completely fixed, in a day. Bill is a BMW whisperer: knows what the issues are, gets it fixed, charges a fraction of what the dealer shops want, and is a friend to vets.

    2008 BMW X3i
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  • Jamie
    Jamie3 years ago

    I purchased my 325i in San Francisco. When I was moving back to Pittsburgh my San Francisco mechanic referred me to Bill Ballon Automotive. I guess the BMW mechanic world is a small one, and I was impressed that Bill's reputation reached that far west. He's the only mechanic I've taken my car to for the past 7 years. Bill is the best. He is honest, extremely capable, and cares about the cars he works on. You get personal, competent and honest service. What more do you want?

    2001 BMW 325i
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  • Joe
    Joe8 years ago

    Called him to ask about fixing a miss in my 92 750 and he said he cant take on something like that. Apparently he only knows how to work on old BMW's. Someone also commented that he only wants to work on cars that have been well taken care of and have had all their maintenance done. Yeah...that would certainly make it easy, but a REAL mechanic needs to know how to fix a car that has had NO maintenence....

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    Bill Ballon8 years ago

    Joe, During our conversation, you described your Flagship BMW 750il as being a "piece of sh*t" that you monkey with yourself. You told me that you wanted to have this non-maintained vehicle repaired, but said that you "didn't want to spend any money on it." Sorry, your car is 20 years old, and I do not want to share your nightmare! A wise owner wants a well-maintained car.

    The foundation of what we do here is to provide ongoing maintenance to prevent the nightmares like yours from happening in the first place.

  • Matt Wimer
    Matt Wimer8 years ago

    Bill Ballon Automotive has serviced 3 BMWs for me over the years. He wants customers who care about their cars. If you do, he is the man for the job. If you are looking for cheap repairs or if you are not interested in maintaining your vehicle so it will get outstanding performance, he is not for you.

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  • John Guyer
    John Guyer8 years ago

    I miss Wild Bill since moving out of town. Used him exclusively for 4 years. SO much better than Sewickley Put up with the polemics and scolding for not doing this or that, but car always can out completely well and ready to go. I did not find him to be cheap but I always trusted that if he said something was needed, it was needed. In fact, I often requested more be done than he said was necessary. I once consulted him on the purchase of an E38 7 series with 80K on the odometer. Succinctly, he asked me if I was crazy and WANTED to spend all my money on car repairs. I demurred.

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  • Keith Jackson
    Keith Jackson8 years ago

    I have had Bill Ballon Automotive work on my 2002's for many years, always trusting that Bill will do a great job. He has been the best mechanic for the job. He has good foresight regarding repairs that will benefit my cars long-term. I will remain a loyal customer for as long as he is available to me.

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  • Maryellen Lammel
    Maryellen Lammel9 years ago

    I was given a huge estimate by a BMW dealer and Bill did it for 1/3 of the cost!! Many items BMW suggested were not needed. Bill Ballon Automotive is terrific!

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  • Jim Staszewski
    Jim Staszewski9 years ago

    If you want BMW repairs or maintenance done right, Bill Ballon Automotive in Pittsburgh is the place to go.

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  • Gil Diaz
    Gil Diaz11 years ago

    Yea Bill Ballon Automotive is the only BMW center in Pittsburgh to consider

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