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Gilbertsville, PA 19525 US
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Southeast Pennsylvania's leading independent European car service and repair facility.

MoonLite MotorWerks is an independent dealership alternative providing BMW repair and BMW service in Gilbertsville, PA.

We offer complete dealer level diagnostic computer system for the testing, coding and programing of:

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes Benz

MoonLite MotorWerks is the place for all your import service needs. We stand behind our work and offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty on both parts and labor.


  • Contact-Free Service
  • Vehicle Sanitizing


  • My family and I have been using Moonlight for years and its the only place we will ever go! They are a family owned shop and the entire staff is friendly and easy to work with and go above and beyond for their customers! They are an extremely trustworthy, cost effective shop and make sure your vehicle is done correctly the first time. I can't say enough good things about them!

    Kristi M., via Google
  • Moonlite delivered fast professional service for my BMW X5 at a great value! This is my go-to shop for dealer quality diagnostics, service and repairs at a fraction of the cost. They also provided me with a loaner when my car is in the shop. Moonlite Motorwerks offers exceptional services for BMW and other European makes!!

    Clifford C., via Google
  • MoonLite MotorWerks takes the time to explain what the repairs are and why they are needed and what is involved. Thanks for the great service!!!

    Bill D., via Google

14 Reviews

  • Cameron Allen
    Cameron Allen1 month ago

    Dropped off my 2015 m235XI for a "Chassis function restricted message" after the diagnosis they found it was the VDC/EDM module from water damage. A unusual occasion, they took a little while to complete the job. Mostly because they're fairly busy and they wont start working on your car until all of the parts are delivered. As well as the problem with my vehicle required a little more work splicing the damaged harness due to the water damage. They took care of all the insurance work. All work was completed properly and because of the wait they gave me a $500 discount. The wait was worth it... Would recommend for electrical BMW work.

    2015 BMW M235XI
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  • Rob
    Rob7 years ago

    I was in an accident in my vehicle. The damage did not appear to be that extensive but it turned out to be. Paul was great with working with the appraiser and the insurance company who tried to do some unethical things to total the car. Mark made sure the vehicle was rebuilt with all OEM parts and put together like new. The painter Joe they have is the best in the area. He makes sure that the color is an exact match and treats your vehicle as if it was his. The car looks better than a new 328 I have, as far as paint color and clear coat shine it is amazing the job they did. Pic's to come. If you have a BMW and you need any work done MoonLite MotorWerks is the place to go. Thanks again guys for such a great job.

    2014 BMW X3 2.i M sport
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  • Mike M
    Mike M8 years ago

    The worst experience ever! If you're a BMW enthusiast as I am, stay far away! They managed to put in my control arm bushings backwards!?! They fell out while driving at high speed, and they even got an attitude with me after taking the car back. Moreover, they tried to overcharge me by a couple of hundred saying that it took them longer to install the bushings (because they put them in backwards). They also failed to provide me with an alignment spec sheet (second time) after multiple attempts (my alignment is worse than before). Please stay far far away; these guys are the worst ever!

    2005 BMW M3
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  • LC
    LC8 years ago

    Excellent. Moonlite Motorwerks knows their stuff. These guys are the reason for me keeping my BMW and actually buying another one. Dependable, reasonable, friendly. Unlike the stealership. I have to drive 30 extra miles to get there, but well worth it.

    2008 BMW 328i
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  • Liz
    Liz9 years ago

    I have the utmost trust for the folks at Moonlite Motorwerks. We have brought in both of our cars (and recently my father in law's car as well) to their shop for over a year and have had honest and accurate work done each time. I was searching for a place to bring our cars after the BMW dealership charged us thousands on repairs that never seemed to get fixed right. Ex: a brake problem on my husband's 6 series that we went in for no less than 3 times (and charged for 3 times). We have been happy with our experiences since finding the boys (and Berta) at Moonlite Motorwerks.

    2008 BMW X5
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  • Rookie48
    Rookie4810 years ago

    Finally bought the car I've been wanting for years - a BMW M3. I did not buy a brand new M3, but a 2004 E46 M3. Of course, it is out of warranty, and I'm the second owner with little or no maintenance records over the last 40,000 miles. Mark and Paul fully understood and have been great to work with on servicing my car to be sure it performs top notch and has the proper maintenance. Recently they performed a vanos rebuild and a valve adjustment, and the car is going back for a tune in a few weeks. Moonlite Motorwerks really know their stuff!

    2004 BMW e46 M3
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  • Rick
    Rick11 years ago

    Had my 328xi for about 2 years. The water pump had failed, and after several attempts to contact a dealer (Daniels, Otto's) as I'm freezing on the phone outside I contacted Mark from Moonlite Motorwerks.. I've had previous oil changes done there for about 1/2 the price since I owned the car. Needless to say within 10 minutes Mark & Paul came to the rescue. They put anti-freeze in and followed me back to there shop. Once again after numerous attempts to see if my water pump was covered with a so-called goodwill warranty by Otto's, or Daniels (since it just ran out 30 days ago) I was not a bit surprised they had me waiting to here from them over an hour. Daniels quoted around $1500.00 plus tax, Otto's closer to $1700.00. This was Friday @ 1:00 pm. Saturday (next day) around 5 I was picking up my car with a bill less than $950.00. I would highly recommend Moonlite Motorwerks to all my fellow BMW owners... I can't say enough about how much I appreciate the exceptional service, and great pricing that followed.

    2007 BMW 2dr.
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  • Kendra
    Kendra11 years ago

    Finally a fabulous dealer alternative!! I have a 99 323i with 177,700 + miles on it and am on a mission to get 300k+ miles out of it. I religiously always took my car to the dealer for the oil changes & inspections I & II and ALL the repairs. In typical dealer fashion they would always suggest isnt it time to trade up? you have high mileage on your car....yada yada. But if my car is in good shape, runs great why should I purchase a new one? I came across MoonLite MotorWerks while searching for a local BMW service center since I was looking to take my car somewhere else besides the dealership. I read great reviews for MoonLite and contacted them about getting my car in for service. I spoke with Paul who was extremely knowledgeable and setup an appointment. The service was great and the price was perfect....I think they may be one of the last garages that actually charge by the man hour and not book rates!! How awesome is that! I would highly recommend these guys, I will be taking my car back and we will see about hitting that 300k+ mileage.

    BMW 323i
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  • Tyler Hiriak
    Tyler Hiriak11 years ago

    MoonLite MotorWerks is the real deal! It is by far the best dealer alternative out there. My family and I have been taking our cars there for over 5 years and it is always an excellent experience. Not only are these guys reliable, but their fast, friendly, and will save you $$$ time and time again. I have never had a problem with any job they've done; I highly recommend anyone to take their BMW to them in the future.

    2002 BMW 330xi
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  • Glyneece
    Glyneece11 years ago

    I found a very good customer friendly garage to take my 2006 750i! I was afraid to take my car to the dealership because I didn't want to get ripped off! I called spoke to Paul who was really awesome. Scheduled an appointment took my car in for service and I'm happy with the entire experience! Good to do business with Moonlite Motorwerks! Thanks Paul your the man!

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  • Dan
    Dan13 years ago

    Wanted to wait a couple weeks before I made remarks on my vehicles and the service through Moonlite MotorWerks. Just added a review for my fellow Mini guys and gals that was more then satisfactory. I currently live right outside of West Chester PA and am a proud owner of multiple BMW products. My 2004 BMW 325ix has been jumping shop to shop over the years due to parts and labor quotes by a bunch of different "BMW" repair shops in West Chester. Originally I would go to both of the local BMW dealerships but as the vehicle was getting old so did paying the high prices and hearing all the other "issues" on a four year old car. I was glad to find shops after the dealership experience that were less on the wallet and I thought were upfront. Well my current PA inspection was due and after almost waiting a week for a call on needed items, the other shop gave me the bad news laundry list. I was getting tired of the prior shop anyway due to expensive oil changes and waiting a week in the process. I never mind paying to keep my cars in service and safe for the roadways but a $3k bill for basically brakes, front axle, and a couple filters? Needless to say I knew that the guys from moonlite would help me out just like they did the week prior on my mini. To cut to the chase, for less then half the price, Paul and Mark did everything that was on the laundry list and had ordered the oil and oem parts that I requested. The con for me is I have to drive 30 minutes out of my way but I will never complain about that drive again after saving the money I did on both of my babies. Thanks again guys and thanks for the showing me all of the beautiful M series cars that you have.

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  • James
    James13 years ago

    When I first bought my BMW about a year ago, it was clean. Nothing was wrong except a dent ( that’s still there ) and I needed a new clutch. I have called Shops and dealers all over. They all wanted a retarded amount of money for a simple clutch job. Then I remembered long ago when I used to work at Weis in Boyertown there was an auto shop across the street that always had a Dakar and Blue M3 out front. I drove by and to my excitement it was now a BMW shop. The next day I called and I spoke with Paul for about 30-45 mins I think just asking stupid questions about my newly bought car and what kind of $$ a clutch job would be. I ask what it would be for a clutch job, breaks and some other odds and ends. Turns out it was THE lowest price out of the 5 or so shops I have called around the area.

    After picking up my car I could not have been please with the customer service and care that they have put into my car. I still go to these guys today and will continue going.

    Moonlite Motorwerks is competitively priced with, IMO, the lowest service costs in this area. I have seen work/customers from other shops, that I will not name out of respect, that have come to Moonlite Motorwerks to be serviced.

    If you are in the greater Philadelphia area and own a BMW I highly recommend you look into Moonlite Motorwerks. You will not regret it.

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  • ryan
    ryan13 years ago

    Moonlite Motorwerks has been wonderful with my cars I have never had a problem.

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  • MCoupefan
    MCoupefan13 years ago

    I can't say enough good things about Moonlite Motorwerks. They've always fixed my cars promptly and at a fair price. I take all 3 of my cars there.

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