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Heads Up Automotive in Spartanburg, SC is an independent European automotive service center proudly servicing the Spartanburg and Greenville areas. Heads Up Automotive specializes in BMW while offering services for many other European brands.

At Heads Up Automotive we strive to earn our customers business through dedication, honesty and hard work, which has earned us the reputation as "Your Dealer Alternative".

We have the technicians and expertise to offer a full line of automotive services for most European and Domestic vehicles including factory recommended maintenance along with all major and minor repairs.

Our goal at Heads Up Automotive is to build the best customer relationships and service possible! So stop by for your next service or repair and allow Heads Up Automotive to earn your business through our expertise and affordable pricing.

Specializing in BMW Repair & Service in Spartanburg, SC

Stop over paying at your dealer and Save Big on your BMW servicing, repairs and upgrades by switching to Heads Up Automotive in Spartanburg SC.

We can offer the following service items:

  • Schedules Maintenance
  • Check engine light diagnostics
  • Oil changes
  • Timing belt/water pump Packages
  • Brake inspection and replacement
  • Light bulbs
  • Oil leak detection and repair
  • A/C Servicing

Heads Up Motorsports also offer BMW Dealership Level Programming and Coding services directly in house!

Our Programming and Coding features include:

  • ECU Programming
  • Cluster Programming
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Data Logging
  • Condition Based Service Reports
  • ABS Systems
  • Airbag Modules
  • Steering Angle
  • Performance ECU upgrades

Plus much more, if the BMW dealership can do it so can we!


  • Contact-Free Service


  • HEADS UP ROCKS! They are always attentive to my needs as a car enthusiast, they have a very professional attitude and are always interested in what I have to say, they do not make you feel unwanted like a lot of places and encourage your feedback. I recommend there services to anyone!

    Christopher W.
  • Great guys! I had to have my car towed off the road because it overheated and was laeking coolant. They had the car fixed in under an hour. It was a hose that busted. Thanks Chris.

    Shirley C.
  • I have taken my 745i to Heads Up for just over a year now. They have been great each time and their prices are a fraction of what I was paying at Century. Best independent shop in the Upstate hands down.

    Barry M.
  • I'd say this must be one of the best shops in the Carolinas. No place better, always honest. Chris and the staff are all very knowledgeable. Don't take your care anywhere else.

    Jasmine G.

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11 Reviews

  • Lindsey Altman
    Lindsey Altman3 months ago

    We used Heads Up Automotive to repair our BMW and couldn’t be happier with our decision. From start to finish, Chris and Ali thoroughly communicated and were overall a pleasure to work with during the repair process. Their work was timely and pricing was fair, I highly recommend them!

    2013 BMW 528i
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  • Ty D.
    Ty D.4 years ago

    I had been a customer of Heads Up and Chris since May of 2008. Chris was very eager to receive reviews since someone let a 1 star review because they didn't do head jobs. I didn't want to give him a review then based off one oil change during that time and just visiting that shop once. Also during that oil change they left black mess on my headliner. Not a big deal easily fixable. I have continued to use this shop and wanted to share my experience with you all up until recently.

    I would routinely come here for oil changes. It is the closest indie shop by my house so if the 335i breaks I normally get it towed there. to fix the immediate issues. I tend to get oil only changes done even with some of the maintenance they have recommended not being completed when told. Valve cover gasket, oil pan, etc were not anything of great concern according to them during my visits over the past 1 or so. I have had work done on this car for fuel injector, spark plugs, oil filter housing , and serpentine belt when the oil leak happened from the oil filter housing.

    The issues that I am dissatisfied with,

    I had an oil change done within 3000 miles of asking them to do a HPFP on this car after it went out shortly after visiting them. I tried to do it myself but ended up taking to them. They fixed it of course but not even a week later my serpentine belt breaks AGAIN. If you're reading this you're probably wondering why again at this point. That is an excellent question. I do under the hood of my car a few times and noticed something alarming that made me feel scammed. I showed Chris the pictures in this review as to why no one told me I had an oil filter housing leak again because it looks obvious. As explained before by him, the filter sits on top on the engine. When the gasket is bad hot oil leaks from the filter housing will drip directing on top of the drive belts as it is located above it and breaks them easily. Chris says his mechanic did not see this. I am wondering why he didn't when I brought my car to you twice within 3000 miles when i got the oil change and the hpfp going out. The filter housing has oil pooled in a crevice, also the amount of oil around the oil front of the car especially when i took everything off for you all to do the hpfp when I couldn't. There was a whole bunch of oil then and if i could see it Heads Up could. Chris only response was if i saw the oil why i didn't say anything. Hello Chris you guys are the mechanics, that's not my job. That's what we the people pay you guys for. It is your job to be honest and diligent. Your mechanic couldn't even look me in the eyes when telling that lie. My guess is since they also don't clean up after working on your car is they rather do a complete serpentine belt kit that will run you 1800 dollars verses fixing a oil filter gasket leak for less than 300 dollars. Did nothing but respect the people there but they are rude and dishonest. Would not recommend them.

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • Shukriyyah Fareed
    Shukriyyah Fareed5 years ago

    Heads Up Automotive is great! They care and want to make sure the job is done right. I dealt with Chris and he explains the problem very well. They make sure you understand what service they're providing, they give you a "heads up" on what is wrong and pricing before they do the job.

    2007 BMW 750Li
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  •  Tuck Blackstone
    Tuck Blackstone5 years ago

    I read about Heads Up on this review page, when we were stranded in Gafney SC on memorial weekend. The reviews were dead on. Chris and his team were very professional and went above and beyond in customer service and workmanship. Chris fit us in his tight schedule and took care of the starter and cracked oil housing. I felt he was very honest and even picked us up at our hotel 20 min away to bring me to the shop. We were back on the road. Thank you

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • Frederick K.
    Frederick K.6 years ago

    HEADS UP! Euro car owners! In 42+ yrs. of maintaining a vehicle, I have never seen the courtesy shown to an out of town Road Warrior, as I was given. My dependable BMW 5series w/ 65K mi. decided to retire one of the ignition coils. Heads Up Automotive was gracious enough to work my situation into their fully booked schedule. Even more amazing was, I called at 4:40pm; limped in at 4:50pm; and was back on the road by 5:30pm. (Diagnosed, Part ordered & delivered & Installed in 40 minutes.) AMAZING service! I would never expect them to do this as a regular practice, but the sincere effort they put forth in wanting to help an out of town'r was above the call of duty. I plan to schedule my BMW services with Heads Up Automotive, during my regular visits to the UP State area. Great job!

    2011 BMW 528i
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  • Garry Turpin
    Garry Turpin6 years ago

    I called Heads Up Automotive after having a less than desirable experience at another BMW service center and asked about a oil gasket steal replacement, got an estimate, and set up a time for the repair. I dropped the car off and got a call back after lunch saying the car was ready. The cost was exactly what was quoted. The car's repair was a clean quality repair. The technician fixed an oil o ring I had installed in error, much appreciated. Great job.

    2010 BMW 328i wagon
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  • Alex
    Alex7 years ago

    The guys at Heads Up Automotive have been nothing but helpful and polite time after time. They know their stuff and are happy to help while keeping and down to earth and pleasant attitude. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone that requires any sort of work done to their BMW car!

    1999 BMW 323i
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  • Darlene
    Darlene8 years ago

    I have owed my BMW 525i for almost 6 years. I purchased it at the local dealership and only had it serviced or repaired at their shop. I was not satisfied with the quality or cost of the last work I had done at their shop.

    Recently my car starting displaying the message “Increased Battery Discharge” and the clock would reset. I also noticed I had to hold the start button a lot longer for the car to start. Finally, after a few weeks, the car wouldn’t start at all. I was told to get a new battery or maybe it was the alternator. I had the battery replaced, but the car still would not start.

    I was very apprehensive about taking the car to another repair shop, but I also knew I wanted a different and better experience than I got with the last work I had done on my car. I’m a firm believer in “if you want something different, do something different”. So Googled local automotive repair shops that worked on BMWs. I called the first one on my list (which also had great reviews), but they couldn’t look at my car for at least a week. I called the 2nd shop on my list, Heads Up Automotive, and spoke with Chris.

    Chris immediately set proper expectations with me. He was also booked up for several days, but promised he would get to my car as soon as he could. I asked him for the name of a towing company and he gave me the name and phone number of the only towing company he uses. When the towing company arrived at my house, they were very professional and courteous. I watched as they loaded my car on the tow truck, and was impressed with the care they showed while loading it. The car was towed in Thursday afternoon.

    To my surprise, Chris called me Friday evening and said my car was ready! He installed a new Starter and the car started immediately. He also informed me that the new Battery I had someone else install needed to be “Registered” with the car. He took care of that for me. He stayed late Friday night so he could get my car finished and back to me for the weekend.

    He gave me the brochure for the new Starter which included a Protection Plan. If the starter fails in the next 24 months, I am eligible for a Free Jumpstart or Tow (if necessary) 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    I would love for this car to last a few more years, and I’m really glad I chose the Heads Up Automotive group to work on my car. Their labor price was also much more reasonable than the dealership. If you are looking for a different and better experience with car maintenance and repairs – please give Chris and the Heads Up group a call.

    2007 BMW 525i
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  • Ram
    Ram9 years ago

    Had my brakes redone, I supplied all the parts. Job was done fast and a great job. Price was decent, would have cost me my first born at the dealership.

    Shop recommended another place to get cheaper tires which indicates they are really customer eccentric. Will definitely return and recommend Heads Up Automotive to others. Great job guys!

    2008 BMW 528i
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  • Beverly Duncan
    Beverly Duncan10 years ago

    I've had an intermittent overheating issue with my BMW for several weeks. I've taken it to several other repair shops, including the dealership. I've had the thermostat, expansion tank and a sensor replaced. One place even charged me because they were "unable to duplicate" the issue.

    Chris and the guys at Heads Up Automotive were friendly and easy to deal with. They do charge a diagnostic fee, but I was happy to pay it as long as the diagnosis was correct. Within a few hours, I received a call outlining what they had found, and an estimate for cost. They even emailed me with an estimate in writing. The parts had to be ordered, so repairs could not be done same day. They promised that I would have my car by noon on the following day.

    I got a call right before lunch the following day, and my car was ready. The estimated cost was right on and so was the repair time. My car has not overheated since I left their shop. I'm a satisfied customer and will continue to use them for all of my repairs.

    2010 BMW 328i
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  • Barry
    Barry11 years ago

    I would highly recommend Heads Up Automotive.

    I have owned many different European cars including VW, Audi and several BMWs and I've learnt the hard way on several occasions that generally speaking not every run of the mill repair shop can work on one of these cars.

    Since owning my newest BMW (an E46 M3) and moving to Spartanburg, Heads Up was recommended to me by a co-worker and I couldn't be happier with there service.

    They have handled my oil changes and several of my recommended scheduled maintenance appointments.

    They have proven themselves to be knowledgeable, friendly and even affordable, especially compared to the dealerships!

    If you are looking for a great Euro Specialist in the Spartanburg/Greenville area give these guys a try.



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