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We're a Bosch-authorized independent shop with state-of-the-art, dealer-level GT-1 and Auto Logic diagnostics in Addison, TX. We sell and service European cars, with special emphasis on Mercedes and BMW. Our business is family owned and operated since 1989. Being German, we know what it takes to keep your German vehicle running great....just like when it was new! Click here to see what people are saying about our services.


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Meet Our Owner

  • Alexander Preen, Owner at Auto Hans in Addison, TX

    Alexander Preen


    Alexander Preen operates the Service Department at Auto Hans. He was born in Germany where he grew up and finished school with the "Abitur." Alex came to the United States in 1992 to join his brother, Hans Preen, at Auto Hans. After working for Mercedes Benz in Germany, Hans came to Dallas in 1983 and eventually started Auto Hans.

    After learning the trade from Hans, Alex has been working on cars ever since. Each year, he and the other technicians at Auto Hans attend numerous classes on Mercedes and BMW's each year to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology. This kind of knowledge and experience is very important to make sure your car is maintained and repaired correctly. Being a family owned business, we can assure you that we do our best to give you quality service at reasonable prices.


  • Working with Alex to set an appointment and get my car serviced was a piece of cake. Car was serviced and ready exactly as promised. Even got a loan car to get to my office. Would not hesitate to recommend or use Auto Hans again.

    Larry R.
  • Great customer service and reasonable prices. Alex is very professional and easy to work with. I will definitely be returning here for all my vehicle repairs. Highly recommended!

    Suzanne C.
  • The team at Auto Hans are the most skilled and trust worthy of all automotive service shops I've ever dealt with.

    Bill N.

Recent Google Reviews

  • Gabrielle Nikolin8 months ago

    I initially took my car to Auto Hans because they were highly recommended and I have been a customer of theirs for about ten years. They have a very clean shop, are experts in their field and they evaluate and complete the work in a timely manner. Their pricing is competitive and I have never had to return once a repair was completed. I recommend them enthusiastically, without reservation.

  • Searri O'Neil5 months ago

    I have known these men that own Auto Hans for years and they are HANDS-DOWN the best in the business!! They are priced very fairly and their work is outstanding. I had my brakes fixed in ONE day (the dealership was going to take several days). They go above & beyond in customer satisfaction. Alex and his employees do INCREDIBLE Work!

  • There and Back Again7 months ago

    We were looking to buy a used BMW X3, but didn't have much time in which to do so. We stopped by Auto Hans unannounced - they were clearly fully booked but still took the time to give honest feedback about the model in which we were interested, and even hooked up the car to the computer to see if there were any alarm bells ringing. Not only were they gracious about the time, they gave pointers about possible things to watch for if we went through with the purchase. I can't sing enough praises about the attention to detail, thorough understanding of potential pitfalls, and in-depth knowledge about BMWs - this is a place I know I will get a fair deal and excellent service.

  • Mike Nguchie6 months ago

    Great timely service. They also worked with my lifetime warranty provider to sort a covered repair for engine mounts. They made the process easy. Have used Auto Hans for several years and they do not disappoint. I would recommend.

  • Simba Muketiwa5 months ago

    They did an excellent job on my S 63. It needed a new motor. Communication was perfect. My car is running like a new car. Highly recommend them. Thank you Alex and your team

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1 Review

  • stewart
    stewart10 years ago

    Beware of this place...don't buy a car from Hans!

    An inspection of the 1999 BMW Z3 I purchased from Auto Hans

    1. Discount Tire determined that the two front tires have flat spots with 3/32” of tread removed; both front wheels are bent and require replacement…based on the technician’s opinion, this is evidence of a severe braking event and collision.

    2. Front clip of car has been re-sprayed and there is a slight ripple in the hood denoting stress from a collision. The center air duct is missing and the right/left duct brackets are damaged.

    3. Secondary air pump(smog device) vacuum hose was broken yet Auto Hans gave the car a passing grade and an Inspection sticker...The State of Texas has been notified.

    4. Engine warning light came on two days after purchase, repeated attempts to clear light failed.

    5. Multiple fault codes are present. Emissions,

    6. The ABS, Traction Control, and Cruse control lights do not illuminate when ignition key is turned to on position.

    7. Various interior dash components including those that house the instrument cluster are severely damaged beyond repair. It appears someone hastily removed these parts to gain access to the instrument cluster.

    8. An inspection of the instrument cluster indicates someone tampered with it to eliminate the ABS, Traction Control and other critical lights that indicate inoperative safety systems…

    These inspections were performed by certified BMW technicians with the proper BMW diagnostic computer.

    Here are their conclusions.

    1. The car sustained a frontal impact which damaged the car.

    2. Someone deliberately disabled onboard warning lights to hide inoperable safety systems e.g. the ABS-Traction control module (which is not working) and other systems needed for driver safety.

    3. An inspection of the car by a qualified repair station would have detected numerous red flags which should have been addressed prior to placing the car for sale.

    Note: The car was advertised to be in great shape and was inspected by seller.

    Was this review helpful?
    ALEXANDER PREEN4 years ago

    This was a false review which has been settled thru the Court system.

    Alex/Auto Hans Inc