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3800 West Vickery Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76107 US
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We are the "Ultimate Service Team" for your BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI and Audi automobiles.

At Lone Star Bavarian, we offer dealer level service and repair with out dealer level pricing. Our technicians are factory trained, seasoned specialists to ensure the best service. We also have dealer level diagnostic equipment (which includes programming and coding) on all of the lines we service.

We offer shuttle service within the 820 loop, convenient hours, and a night drop for after-hours drop-off.


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Meet Our Owner

  • Trent Cole, Owner at Lone Star Bavarian in Fort Worth, TX

    Trent Cole


    Trent is the owner and president of Lone Star Bavarian. He has over 18 years of BMW service experience. He is the service advisor for the Lone Star Chapter of the BMW CCA. He is also a long time member of BIMRS and The International BMW Service Trade Group. He and his wife, Patricia, started Lone Star Bavarian in 2001. Since then, they have grown from a one lift, 2500 SF, shop to today's modern, 13,000 SF facility with a team of experts ready to service your vehicle.


  • I really like this service center! Lone Star Bavarian has always provided professional service for our 2017 BMW. Great service prices, professional employees and quick communication are all hallmarks of this business and, if you choose to wait at location during your service, they have a great customer waiting area with TV and free Wifi. After service was complete, they even washed and vacuumed our car. Awesome!

    William S., via Google
  • Great shop, excellent mechanics.

    Kerry S., via Google
  • My E55 had sprung a leak when a gasket shrunk as the weather started getting cold. Trent was able to get me in quickly and perform a transmission service that fixed my problem. The shop was clear about what was wrong, how much it would cost and what services would be performed. Will continue to use this business for all my German auto needs.

    Garrett H., via Google
  • Trent and his team are great!

    Ron M., via Google

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9 Reviews

  • Trey
    Trey3 years ago

    These guys rock. The dealership wanted thousands for a repair. Trent and his tech came up with the same diagnosis, but used old school know how fixing the problem for a couple of hundred dollars. And it runs better than ever. Will never use dealership again. Thanks Trent!

    2013 BMW 328 I
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  • Jim Nolden
    Jim Nolden6 years ago

    This is a very nice shop clean and very presentable. A few things I can tell you about my experience. I had a misfire on my car and replaced the coils and plugs, it was still misfiring. They found my error which was not seating the coil packs well. I brought the car in with the cowl removed and that is the way I got it back, seemed odd considering it was sitting in the passengers seat. I also mentioned that I had an SRS airbag light on from removing the seats to re-dye them. For this I was charged $140 for diagnostic work to fix the coil packs and another $70 to turn off my SRS light. With that said I am happy the car is running good, but honestly it is exactly what I would expect from a dealer for the same money or less. Dealers I have gone to have been in the $125 hour for diagnostics. They also quoted me $1175.00 for a valve adjustment, not knowing if I had recently had a valve adjustment. I did some comparisons at local shops and everybody from the Dealer's to other local indy's were all less than this shop. Just don't expect any bargains here, prices are in line with dealers or higher.

    2003 BMW M3
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    Trent Cole6 years ago

    There are 4 dealers in DFW and all are more hourly then us. Most work with a sliding scale meaning they are much higher than us. They don't tell you that on the "phone" cause it doesn't work to bring people in. When I opened 16 years ago my goal was never to be "the cheapest", there are plenty of shops that accomplish that. It was to be the best we could be at what we do. So if cheap is all you want, you have plenty to choose from. And yes, we charge diagnostic. It is a huge part of what we do...often diagnostic time exceeding the actual repair in some complex cases. If I didn't charge for diagnostic I would have a tough time staying open and having the talented, experienced techs that I have.

  • Hutch Beach
    Hutch Beach6 years ago

    From my initial call, until I drove off in an obviously detailed car, my experience was all that one can hope for in BMW auto repair and maintenance. Diagnosis, communication, turn around, and knowledge level were all superior. My brother, the actual BMW fanatic in the family, recommended Lone Star Bavarian from NY, so my experience would seem to be typical from these folks. Pricing was fair....I'm guessing 20% less than dealership. I won't say that I look forward to seeing them very often, but they are the only BMW number in my phone now.

    2003 BMW Highly modified M5
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  • M
    M7 years ago

    Car was in their shop four times within five month period. Car never gave problem until I took it in for a typical service check and begin taking my X6 there in the future. Every service there was followed up with a $1000-$3000 repair that "MUST" be done. I spent $10,000 within five months,(shaking my head). Mechanics are great there but I suspect management is padding the revenue with add ons that aren't needed yet.

    Great staff but the raping and pillaging of customers by greed is shameful.

    2009 BMW X6
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    Trent Cole7 years ago

    You own a vehicle with one of the highest maintenance cost of any that BMW produces. The X6 doesn't share much with any of the other vehicles in their fleet so parts are expensive because there are not many aftermarket choices for any of the normal maintenance issues. In addition you have the 6cyl turbo motor which has carbon issues and potentially injector issues, both of which yours had. I assure you there is no padding of anything in my business and anyone caught doing any such thing would be terminated on the spot. I am sorry you are not happy with us and feel that you were taken advantage of but after looking over your history, I am certain that everything you needed for your vehicle was really needed. You are welcomed to call me and we can discuss further if you would like. As a rule annual maintenance on a BMW averages out to approximately 5% of the vehicles new car price annually.

  • M Suttenhome
    M Suttenhome8 years ago

    Bar none one of the best BMW indy shops I have come across. Mr. Cole has a real passion for the mark and was very impressed by his facility, Lone Star Bavarian. The wait area is smokin. Love the dogs. I think I might make this my new hang out. Thanks gang for gettin' it done and thanks for making me feel like a king.

    2003 BMW Z8
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  • Vivian Mendoza Casas
    Vivian Mendoza Casas8 years ago

    Unneccesaary repair. I took my car in for an air conditioner repair and they instead said I needed water pump replaced. I told them the water pump had just been replaced 3 months ago but they insisted it was badly leaking. I asked them to give me the pump & thermostat they removed and I took them back to initial repair shop and hey determined the water pump/thermostat were fine and did not need replacing. Cost me $1,174 unnecessarily.

    2005 BMW 335 Ci
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    Trent Cole8 years ago

    Your charges were for 3 different services needed which you approved in advance of us doing those services. The amounts and why we were recommending was explained and the amounts involved with each. You approved all that we did before we did it. If we were to look at just the water pump issue, the cost to replace the water pump(which was leaking badly) and thermostat was much less than the amount you have stated. We did not install the water pump originally and the fact that it was leaking was a very big deal and could have cost you thousands had the eventual overheat happened because of. If we had installed we would have warrantied both. BMW cooling system issues are a very big deal and always treated as such. I am sorry you do not feel that you had a good experience and suspect had you been able to take the vehicle to the shop that installed they probably would have warrantied for you.

  • Andy James
    Andy James9 years ago

    They misdiagnosed my car and made me pay for overpriced parts and service, come to find out something else was totally wrong with the car. Car started acting up after I left the shop, brought it back and they made me pay again for what they should have fixed in the first time with proper diagnostic. I will never recommend this shop to anyone! Run!!

    2004 BMW 330
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    Trent Cole9 years ago

    I don't find anyone in my database with your name. Regardless, We are sorry your experience was less than expected and would love the opportunity to discuss your visit and its particulars. It is disappointing to not be able to verify since we certainly like to learn from all of our clients experiences when our service doesn't live up to what they expected.

  • Cal Horlings
    Cal Horlings13 years ago

    We were stranded on our way through the DFW area and went to Lone Star Bavarian based in part on Mr. Ashby's recommendation above. We could not agree more wholeheartedly. Trent and his staff are professional, efficient and friendly. He frankly discussed repair options with associated risks and provided regular updates throughout the repair process. They made the experience of requiring repairs while away from home as painless as such an experience can be. We highly recommend Lone Star Bavarian.

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  • Thomas Ashby
    Thomas Ashby14 years ago

    We recently had the occaision to use Lone Star Bavarian for the first time. All we can say is WOW! This is far from a standard non-dealer shop we have ever seen. We found them after searching online. The owner Trent Cole was on hand to help us with our service needs and his attitude and hospitality certainly reflect their atmosphere and surroundings. We found this shop and owner to be out of the ordinary for this industry, and quite honestly, refreshing. After leaving the dealership service dept behind this is not what we expected, but we are glad we took the step. We highly recommend Lone Star Bavarian for your BMW service needs.

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