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Utah's largest independent BMW specialist!

Integrity First Automotive is passionate about your BMW. Our business model is simple:

  • Competency – the ability to service your BMW
  • Character – the Integrity to do the job right.

Our certifications are current - something very necessary when servicing vehicles loaded with technology like BMWs are. We have a master-certified technician on staff during every shift.

Competency includes the best of both worlds for diagnostic equipment: Autologic is the undisputed leader in aftermarket diagnostic equipment for BMWs. Backed by a great team out of the UK we can have custom software updates built exclusively for your car – including performance tunes! Dealerships don't have this available to them.

On the other hand the GT1, the tool used by the dealership, can do some things with your car that no other tool can. Our commitment to competency requires us to have both tools - we challenge you to find another shop in Utah, including the dealer, that has made this commitment BMWs.

Our Exclusive Integrity Inspection

Character is equally important to us. We have, exclusively to us, an Integrity Inspection that we perform free of charge on every new vehicle we see. It is a three-page report of the overall condition of your car including things like brakes, maintenance items, belts, hoses, etc. The idea is to give you a complete picture of your vehicle so that you have the context to make informed purchasing decisions. See a sample report. We don't want to sell you something without you having all of the facts so you can make an informed investment decision.

Experience the Integrity First Difference

You'll find we have a very open feel to our business. All of our staff, including the owner, are friendly and available to talk to. Dealership personnel, chain-store personnel, and other independents cannot match the team environment we have. Our whole team is enthusiastic and want to help you / it's about providing the best.

We're a 7-year-young, growing business and are much more interested in building a relationship with you than trying to get a quick sale. Call us up, try us out – you'll like how we're different.

Don't take our word for it either – see what one happy customer wrote about us:


  • Contact-Free Service
  • Vehicle Sanitizing
  • By Appointment Only


  • The superior service and friendly advice I get every time I take my car down to West Jordan reminds me that the drive is worth it.

    Jeremy B.
  • I was pleased with the facility, skill and responsiveness of the personnel I dealt with at Integrity First. My BMW M5 was diagnosed and the final bill was less than the estimate. I have already and will continue to recommend them to any BMW owner.

    Michael K.

Awards & Affiliations

ASE Master Auto TechniciansASE Master Auto Technicians
BBB Accredited BusinessBBB Accredited Business

14 Reviews

  • Brett A Feauto
    Brett A Feauto5 years ago

    Experts and professionals! Took care of me quickly and didn't take advantage of us for being from out of town.

    2011 BMW X5 diesel
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  • Jeff Densley
    Jeff Densley7 years ago

    I have had my BMW serviced by Integrity First Automotive on a couple of occasions and I could not be more pleased by the results. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone requiring service on their automobile.

    2010 BMW 335ix
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  • Derek E
    Derek E7 years ago

    I brought my car here to have the transmission fluid, filter, and pan changed. Integrity First Automotive filled my transmission with the wrong fluid, and when I contacted them they said it was just an invoice error and assured me the fluid was correct. The car started to shift very hard and was lurching from a stop. Integrity again assured me it was new fluid and this was normal.

    I drove on the highway and immediately lost power and a transmission failure warning showed up on idrive. I was not able to shift could not go about 45 mph and was nearly rear ended several times until I was able to pull off the highway.

    I brought the car into the dealer and they said the transmission fluid was wrong and under filled by a few quarts. The technicians at the BMW dealership said there were no leaks and this is the first time the car had this fault.

    I contacted Integrity First and Damian was hostile and didn't have the slightest concern about my safety for his shop's screw up. He said it was impossible, I showed him the dealer's invoice and said there was no way. The dealership checked my car for a couple of days and said they could not find any leaks anywhere and said it was Integrity First's error that cause the transmission failure.

    I would definitely stay away from Integrity First as they lack honesty and used cheap transmission fluid instead of the correct ZF fluid and under-filled to save money on their end.

    There were also other small things like ignoring the issues they promised to check. I was also quoted $900 for walnut blasting and $600 dollars for a spark plug change!

    Stay away.

    2010 BMW 335i
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  • Courtney Phillips
    Courtney Phillips9 years ago

    It is impossible to overstate what a great shop Integrity First Automotive is. The expert technicians, fantastic staff, and state-of-the-art facility, all combine to put it ahead of the competition by several laps. Whether you’re an enthusiast standing under the lift with the techs, or a morning commuter enjoying coffee in the extremely comfortable waiting room, you will not be disappointed. Damien and the gang are very knowledgeable, and completely responsive to each customer’s individual needs. They approach every job with equal care and commitment to customer satisfaction, whether it’s an oil change or an engine rebuild. I drive an E30 M3, and there’s nobody I trust more than the team at Integrity First. I won’t take it anywhere else. 5-stars!

    1988 BMW M3
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  • Shawn G
    Shawn G9 years ago

    The only shop I trust with my 323ci, no messing around, extremely knowledgeable, efficient, helpful in every way (technician came out and examined problem when other shops told me to come back later)and my baby purrs like a kitten when its done. Choose this shop if you want the best for your BMW.

    2000 BMW 323ci
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  • Scott Glauser
    Scott Glauser9 years ago

    Large shop with plenty of experience with BMWs. They fixed my car when another shop couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Fast, friendly clean enviornment with a great waiting room.

    2003 BMW x5
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  • Jason Thorkelson
    Jason Thorkelson10 years ago

    The only shop I trust 100% to quote a fair price and do great work.

    2003 BMW 525i
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  • Alexandra
    Alexandra10 years ago

    Integrity First Automotive has been servicing our family's BMWs for years. We are always impressed with their knowledge, their customer-care, and especially how they try hard to make recommendations that are right for us. Our cars have different uses and we appreciate that they take this into consideration with the service. Anyone can say they have your best interests but Integrity have proven it to us.

    2008 BMW 3.0i
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  • John Reardon
    John Reardon10 years ago

    This shop absolutely lives up to It's name. Stop shopping for mechanics and take your car here. They are fully competent and trustworthy. My car needed a lot of work and they have spent a lot of time and energy making sure my car was diagnosed and repaired correctly, and very patiently made sure I fully understood why each repair was needed. I really don't think these guys have it in them to do anything less than top notch work, and they earn every cent you pay them, and they treat me like a VIP even though I'm not.

    1988 BMW 735i
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  • Bart Christensen
    Bart Christensen11 years ago

    When I first purchased my BMW 750LI I thought that I always needed to take it to the BMW dealership when I wanted something done to it. Now that Damian and his shop work on my car it is so nice not to deal the with dealership. He gets my car right in and takes care of what it needs. Not only does he have an incredible shop he is a great person that I tust totally.

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  • Vincent B.
    Vincent B.13 years ago

    Integrity First Automotive is amazing. Damian really know how to treat their customers. They do great body work as well. I couldn’t even tell that my BMW had any damage before! They are super fast and thorough and willing to help with anything you may have problems with.

    I have brought two of my cars there and will continue doing so in the future. Truly a 5 star shop!

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  • Eddie Foreman
    Eddie Foreman13 years ago

    Damian knows his BMWs. I had my M3 to several shops and only these guys could find the source of a bad noise. It is a big relief for me to finally fix my M3 problem. Friendly place and cool people! Highly Recommended!

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  • Tracy Hermann
    Tracy Hermann13 years ago

    To whom it may concern:

    I am very hesitant to trust a mechanic and have done most work on my vehicles myself from oil changes to rebuilds for 25+ years. I just relocated to Salt Lake City from Oregon and I had a check engine light come on and the front end of my BMW X5 felt loose when going over speed bumps so against my will I started in search of a mechanic to take a look at it. I asked a local co-worker who owned a BMW if he knew of a good, honest mechanic that worked on BMW’s. He didn’t hesitate to say Integrity Auto and gave me there business card so I went in to have them take a look. Within a couple hours they called me back into the shop to show me exactly what was wrong. I was impressed that they took me into the shop and walked me through explaining and showing me what went wrong, why it went wrong and what they needed to do to fix it. They also included my wife and child and answered all the questions that they had on the repairs and the car in general. The whole crew introduced themselves and was exceptionally friendly to my family. I since have had my car back into Integrity Auto 3 more times for unrelated issues and every time they have been just as informative, friendly and do not hesitate to show me what needs to be done to repair my BMW. I also want to note that they went out of their way to work with my very difficult extended warranty company to get me the best coverage possible. I now am taking my Dodge truck into there shop for an oil change and thorough inspection because for the first time I trust a mechanic. I would highly recommend Integrity Auto for BMW’s or any auto repair.


    Tracy Hermann

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  • Tom Rossing
    Tom Rossing14 years ago

    Damian at Integrity First Automotive is the most honest and fair mechanic I have ever known. He has given me numerous tips on repairs and maintenance saving me hundreds of dollar. Damian has done excellent work on our family's BMW's, Audi's and VW's for the last 10 years. I highly recommend him for ANY automotive service needed!

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