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Alexandria Bavarian Service provides BMW repair and BMW service to the Alexandria, Arlington and D.C. area.

We are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment, including BMW ISTA for diagnostics, coding and programming to service the newest BMWs.

We also have the Autologic aftermarket tool to diagnose and program your BMW.

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26 Reviews

  • Jon
    Jon10 months ago

    I've had three BMWs regularly serviced at ABS and I trust their work (1993 318, 2002 330xi, 2013 328i). Technical competency is the watch word for Grant & company. If I wanted poor service I'd go to the local BMW dealer, was mostly a terrible experience. I've all kinds of service done, and even tires installed (yes, from Tire Rack). No problems. There's no receptionist and no coddling. True, sometimes you can't reach them on the phone (because they're driving customers to metro?), but you get a call back. If you're looking for cheap or free coffee and wifi move on. If you want a competent team to service you BMW for the long haul, ABS is a great choice.

    2013 BMW 328i
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  • Jeff
    Jeff4 years ago

    This shop is great. I've got another make and model car and go to the dealer - mass confusion with mechanics, supervisors, customer service reps, etc. Bavarian, on the other hand, gives you honest work... if you want a latte while you get your car serviced, go somewhere else. Grant and company has earned my loyalty!

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Clarke
    Clarke4 years ago

    Grant and his employees at Alexandria Bavarian do not do what they say they are going to do. Period.

    After having my car inspected for a track day, I scheduled it for a power steering repair the following week. I duly dropped it off at the appointed time--Tuesday morning. I received a call around 4 that afternoon saying that they had not gotten to it but would do it the following day. I did not receive any word as to the car's being done on Wednesday, so I finally made contact around 5pm. Bavarian is extremely hard to get ahold of and routinely does not answer the phone. When I did reach them, I was told the car had not even been looked at. After two days--I was done.

    Grant seems to think that it is acceptable to take a car and not perform the service for which it was dropped off. He further seems to think that it is an imposition to either call the customer or field calls from the customer.

    This is life, and stuff happens--I got it. But it is unacceptable for a shop to simply not do a job for two straight days and not bother to tell the customer.

    Bavarian wasted my time, and they will waste yours.

    1999 BMW M3
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  • Joaquin R.
    Joaquin R.5 years ago

    Went to ABS after a BMW mechanic friend of mine who used to work at BMW of Alexandria recommended the shop. In his view, the ABS staff was very competent. My experience was very good, prices were very reasonable, so no complaints. As for Grant's personality, he was talkative and polite.

    2006 BMW 530xi
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  • j
    j6 years ago

    I do not usually leave reviews, but after reading all of the comments I decided to check ABS out, and first impressions are key. I called them to check prices because I had been calling shops all morning. The guy who answered was very rude and abrupt, I inquired on the price of their oil changes to which he replied $130, I repeated "Wow $130", because that was the highest I had heard from the 5 shops I had called so far. He replied "Yes $130" and then hung up the phone on me. Now I need about $4000 worth of work on my car and I was going to start with an oil change and brakes but I can guarantee that ABS will never see any of my money.

    Customer service works over the phone too guys.

    2004 BMW 530i
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  • JC
    JC7 years ago

    There's a reason people go to (certain) BMW dealers for service. I've been there; I get it. You're treated like royalty. You're addressed as Mr. or Ms., not by your first name (like you're a long-lost drinkin pal). The waiting area is spotless and pleasant, with wifi and several HD TVs. They wash your car after every service and put paper on the floor. And then you pay for it -- Ouch! And if they can't fix your car's problem the first time, or the second time, or the third time, that's ok because they're such pleasant, customer-first folks! Just pay yet another inflated bill for the same non-repair and enjoy it!

    ABS is different. There's no cheery SA greeting you with a mobile device into which they enter your Customer Data. ABS knows BMWs and fixes them right (in my experience) and at reasonable cost. How many BMW-know-it-all-but-fix-it-cheap customers have they dealt with over the years? The staff is not pleasant but they're not unpleasant. Sometimes they're very cheerful and sometimes they're gruff. I make no apologies for them. I can imagine some customers (especially some BMW owners) getting indignant at not being pampered -- and of course, it wouldn't hurt business for ABS to be always pleasant all the time -- but to each his own when deciding on what's important in a competent repair shop.

    I want my car fixed by someone who knows what they're doing and I'll pay to fix it right the first time. The dealers cannot be depended upon for that, only for providing a sumptuous visiting experience, at a VERY high price. ABS knows why you're there and not at the dealer. You're tired of being ripped off by smiley but incompetent and overpriced dealership shops. Just go with the flow at ABS and be happy that your car is fixed right.

    BMW 328
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  • Peter Barclay
    Peter Barclay7 years ago

    After having read all the various reviews, I have to say that I was a bit skeptical. However, I am now a loyal customer and will definitely check with Grant before heading elsewhere. Fair, Honest, to the point, and Reliable.

    After buying my 335 about a year ago I have had a lingering alignement issue even after several dealer visits etc. The dealer even told me I needed new wheels. As a result of the alignment, my tires had worn out so I decided to go with Grant and see if he could help. Voila, the alignment issue was gone and it runs better than it ever had. After receiving the detailed report from the alignment, it turns out that things were way out of whack. Didn't need new wheels, just a good alignment! Why could the dealer not figure this out is beyond me. As soon as my free dealer visits are done for the routine stuff, I will stop in to see Grant for all my BMW needs.

    BMW 330i & 335i
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  • Anna
    Anna7 years ago

    A friend recommended Grant and Alexandria Bavarian to me a couple years ago. Grant has an exceedingly dry wit and is blunt, but he has been absolutely honorable, expert and reliable for me. On my first visit he fixed for $20 something the dealer wanted $145 for; recently he did a number of things for which the dealer wanted hundreds more for...I checked. I think people who observe his style of interacting and don't barrage him with chatter will be rewarded. At first I was put off and confused; now I like him and certainly appreciate his directness and honesty.

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  • Wayne Rippy
    Wayne Rippy7 years ago

    I have to say I am a bit surprised to see all of the negative comments. I own a BMW repair shop and compete for the same business ABS is. We do not own the very latest of the incredibly complex and tempermental coding equipment that BMW has forced upon its consumers and we found Grant did. When I called ABS and expained we had completed a repair and we needed to have the re-coding done, and did not particularly want to go to the dealer as we have found they generally turn a small problem into much larger ones, even though we have the technical skills to call them on it, Grant was very gracious and said bring the vehicle in and he would get it done fairly quickly and @ a reasonable charge. As it turns out, and is quite often commom with re-coding later model BMW's the coding process glitched while running it's routine and subsequently caused several modules to be locked out of the coding process and no longer usuable.. This is through no fault of the equipment or the technician performong the service, but a poorly designed technology platform by BMW. Even though not Grant's fault he felt responsible, and ponied up for several expensive modules in order to complete the process and allow me to keep MY customer happy without any added expense, as would be found @ the dealer. I don't often comment on the competition's sites but in this case felt it necessary to express my service experience with Grant and ABS,(and I have repaired BMW's for over 40 years), that was an honest,, knowledgeable, and very forth-right and professional experience. Personalities aside, and I am not saying I experienced a rude or negative personality in any way, I would highly recommend Grant and his shop, even in the face of potentially costing me business as his competitor, as I feel the guy has perhaps gotten a bad rap. Highly trained and knowledgeable technology based technicians make up about 3% of all the technicians reoairing vehicles in this country, and Grant is clearly part of the 3%.

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  • RH
    RH8 years ago

    This guy is crude abusive and rude. No wonder they have little work. There are plenty of independants with no "attitude" these guys suck!!!!!!!!! Wouldnt let them fix a Chevy

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  • Mike
    Mike8 years ago

    It pains me to write this because I thought that with Grant and ABS, I had found my BMW repair guy for life. I've taken my BMW there several times. The first time he saved me a ton of money. My driver's seat was broke and the dealer had quoted me $2600; ABS fixed it for less than $300. They also repaired a leak I had after the dealer had failed to fix it after three attempts to do so. Amazingly, the problem is quite common but for some reason the dealer couldn't get it right. I also had a couple of other repairs. And then Grant flat out lied to me. While dropping me off at the metro and without my asking, he told me he was a Tire Rack dealer and could order some winter tires for my MINI which he also repairs; he even offered to store my summer tires for me. Well, when I called him a couple of weeks later, he promised to get back to me but never called me back even though I called him twice. It also turns out he wasn't a Tire Rack dealer. I was stunned. I'd really liked the repairs that they did, but just don't feel like they can be trusted and don't feel comfortable with their service anymore.

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  • Matt
    Matt8 years ago

    Grant is a great guy if you can understand why he has the attitude he has. Too many BMW owners buy the cars but expect to pay honda prices to get them fixed. I agree, if you want Honda prices and a Honda, go freaking buy one.

    He has worked on my BMW's for 10 years now and I will continue to take my cars to him. Finding a guy who shoots straight and knows his stuff is hard to find nowdays.

    He likes enthusiasts, not people who buy BMW's for the roundel on the hood, and he can tell the difference in about 10 seconds. LOL. These comments crack me up. You know what you are getting with him. If you don't like him, go somewhere else. No big deal.

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  • Jimmy
    Jimmy9 years ago

    I had emailed and gotten no response. So I called a week later and asked for a quote for service. I mentioned I had the parts because I had planned to do it myself but moved away from my garage to VA and he told me he is not interested in doing work with someone else's parts. Which is completely in line with all of the other comments here about the lack of professionalism or people skills.

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  • Carl
    Carl9 years ago

    Agree with all the comments, just a horrible customer service experience. Also, not any less expensive than what a dealership will charge you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU AVOID this place like the plague.

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  • JS
    JS9 years ago

    Very disappointing even before any service...NEED to learn phone manners.

    I read about Alexandria Bavarian Service on Yelp and thought, "Wow, these guys sound awesome!" So I decided to give them a call to schedule service for my 2006 X5. I don't know who answered the phone but I mentioned my issues (brake service and normal maintenance) and asked if he had an estimate for this service. The guy comes back and says, "What's wrong with your car?" I was a bit surprised as we had just talked about the work I needed done. Then I realized he was starting to show his attitude and continued on saying, "I don't know...what do you want me to say? $100? $200? Without looking at your car, how can I give you an estimate [you idiot]?" He didn't say [you idiot] but that was the tone of his voice. It would have been fairly simple to say, "Well sir, if we needed to change all 4 brake pads, it would cost around $xxx and your scheduled maintenance would cost around $xxx." Is that so hard?

    I decided after I made the appointment to cancel because I refuse to give my hard earned money to some RUDE businessman, no matter how competent he may be. Hard to believe a business like this survives...

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  • E. Griffin
    E. Griffin10 years ago

    I have had my 330i serviced here 3 or 4 times for things I can't DIY (I'm in the local BMW Car Club and do a lot of easy work myself such as oil changes, basic tune up, etc). Every time was a good experience. The work is the highest quality, and it is far cheaper than you will get at any dealer and comparable to other independent shops in the area. I had questions once on one repair, and I was given solid, straight-forward and fair responses. Take some time and talk to Grant about cars when he gives you a ride to the Metro. I little personal interaction goes a long way.

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  • Dennis Allen
    Dennis Allen10 years ago

    Yep, I recently got a 1989 325 that I want to restore. When I tried to talk to Grant about various alternatives, he essentially said if I was on a budget he did not want to do the work. Hell, I knew I was about to spend a lot of money, but I thought I at least had some input into the transaction. OK, bye.

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  • Jason in NoVa
    Jason in NoVa10 years ago

    For the last eight years I have recommended to everyone I know through BMW and PCA car clubs to avoid this pompous ass. I've been wrenching on my BMWs and p-cars for nearly 20 years and in 2000 / 2001 I checked out Grant's shop b/c he had an early OBD I code scanner I wanted to use. Total and complete lack of people skills and an offensive / obnoxious personality. Personally, I think it is a self-esteem problem but who cares ...

    I support other independent BMW repair shops (not frequently b/c do most DIY) in the registry and the BMW NCC b/c I am a member ... I won't support this business. I've got 3 BMWs and always looking for new-to-me unique models ... this shop will neverany of them nor a dime of my money.

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  • Mac
    Mac10 years ago

    All of the above. I have 3 BMW's, current 7 series, 2001 540i 6spd, 1983 635i Euro (just arrived from Germany and currently going in for restoration). Lets just say that Grant (or whoever the frontman is) felt that they could just pass on my business. He literally said to me "We are not interested in working on your car". That was for the 540. I wish that my attitude matched theirs, b/c if so, I would imitate Jim Cary in "Me, Myself, and Irene's" front lawn scene (because thats the way I felt after taking the time to visit with them to plead for them to work on my car. What idiots! I guess if NoVA residents continue to reward A#$%le's with loyalty and understanding, they get their just desserts.

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  • LC
    LC11 years ago

    WAY TOO MUCH ATTITUDE! For as much money as we are paying these guys they should be bending over backwards to answer any phone calls or to "go that extra step". They just don't care at this place. If you ask one single question they treat you like your an idiot. Customer service is is joke.

    Our car was ready and nobody even called to tell us it was ready to be picked up. We had to call them SEVERAL times just to get an answer.

    But they were very quick at taking our money! :0

    Will not be taking my car back to this place. I don't care what kind of "genius" Grant is suppose to be, I refuse to pay for rude behavior.

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  • Laura
    Laura11 years ago

    It's true...attitude on the phone!!! I won't call back or take my car there.

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  • Bruce Williams
    Bruce Williams11 years ago

    I went here for a while, and just thought the owner Grant was a little quirky, but like the other guy said you TRY to learn to deal with "genius". Well I finally decided Grant thinks he is a Genius to end all Geniuses when it comes to BMW repair. The guy that I think does most of the work (forgot his name Derrick?) was actually real nice to deal with. When you first get into these European cars you are so dazzled by the quality of the cars and the performance that you don't know what to expect from repair people. As a result you sometimes take abuse because "..blah blah you learn to deal with genius blah blah bullshit". The more you think about it the more you realize this Grant guy has people bamboozled into thinking his shit does not stink, that having a nasty car repair guy comes with the territory and is something to speak of with pride. Watch the episode of Seinfeld where the repair guy goes psycho on Jerry's Saab or whatever it is. Then watch the Seinfeld episode with the SOUP NAZI. That is the situation here at Grant's place. Maybe he just doesn't like people, or dealing with the type people who drive Bimmers has made him cranky, or maybe he is making/has made so much money from us that he doesn't need to act like a businessman anymore. SO..great technical service but it is Grant's way or the highway. NEVER question what he is doing or why or what it will cost and never suggest that maybe you could take care of some little thing like an air filter or he will just hand your keys back to you and suggest you go elsewhere. Go here if you like being crapped on and intimidated and have the $ to shell out on his terms. I have no doubt you are getting the best BMW service around, but if it has to be on Grant's terms I'd rather walk.

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  • MoJo
    MoJo11 years ago

    Grant is excellent. The best I have ever been to!

    Extremely honest and talented.

    You learn to deal with genius.

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  • Steve
    Steve11 years ago

    Called them to ask a few questions about the type of work they did... waaaay to much attitude. Asked them how late they were open and was told "I don't see what our hours have to do with anything". I replied that I would like to stop by and if he could give me their location. Was told to MapQuest it. Didn't bother, plenty of other competitors.

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  • ksix
    ksix11 years ago

    I've been using Grant and crew for the past 5 years. They know BMW's especially late models where diagnostics are key. They are honest and willing to let you know honest truth about when its time to say when.

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  • Mark
    Mark11 years ago

    They maybe great when it comes to their work but there customer service is absolutely horrible. If you call and are uncertain of what really needs to be done or if you want a quote for service be preparied to be hung-up on.

    I've reached out to them twice I don't even know why I called back the second time. The second time I was hung -up on, I tried calling back and the hung-up on me again and then just let the phone ring. They are very rude individuals.

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