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Mark Bredesen, President of AutoScandia, began his career servicing his neighborhood Volvos in the Capitol Hill section of Washington D.C. Since that humble beginning in 1978, Mark's business relocated and his areas of specialization have grown to include BMW service and repair in addition to other fine foreign vehicles.

Through dedication, integrity, and providing exceptional customer service, Mark has become the leading dealer alternative for BMW owners in Northern Virginia including Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Alexandria VA, Falls Church VA, Washington DC and Montgomery County Maryland.


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4 Reviews

  • Jon Kantor
    Jon Kantor5 years ago

    Strongest possible recommendation. I've been taking my car to Autoscandia since moving out to the area a few years ago with my out-of-warranty Bimmer, and it is miles above better service than I've ever had from any other shop ever. I own a 2008 e90 which is notorious for having complex issues, and without fail, the staff of Autoscandia (special shout out to Doug, Brian, Zack, and the owner Mark) all of whom kept me completely informed of the situation while they troubleshot the car.

    As a driving 'enthusiast' the top priority I have when taking my car to the shop is that it comes back in the same condition it was in before whatever went wrong. In this case, with their meticulous attention to detail in finding and fixing EVERY vacuum leak, while identifying that it was a combination of a bad fuel injector and a fried computer bringing the fault, led to the car coming back in like-new condition. It is as fast as I can ever remember it being, if not a little faster.

    A less ethical shop really could've taken me to the cleaners for the amount of time that it took to fix the car and the work that went into it from diagnosis through completion. They also ensured I had a car so I would not miss work with this. And they came in far lower than it would have cost at any dealership anywhere.

    These guys are the perfect combination of know-how, resilience, customer service, and communication, and they've earned my trust.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Christophe Perini
    Christophe Perini6 years ago

    Mark went to great length to repair the image of his company after what we both agree was a botched experience. Lots of factors, human errors, third-party interventions, etc can explain the case. Kudos to him for the passion he has for his company - I'll grant him that. I will not bring my cars back however as the overall simple case turned out to be a nightmare. Life is too short ... I'd rather enjoy a ride in the Z4 they worked on!

    2003 BMW Z4
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  • Christophe
    Christophe6 years ago

    Autoscandia quoted me 2,000$ for solving an airbag light linked to a defective passenger occupancy sensor mat. They said 3 codes were diagnosed and therefore all 3 related parts needed to be changed (including the sensor, module and seat belt buckle!). After checking on the web, I had it done for less than 400$ at a local upholstery shop and only the sensor was bad. I do not know if it is a company wide policy or an unfortunate attempt by 1 employee to take advantage of a prospective customer, but I will not return to Autoscandia.

    2003 BMW Z4
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    Mark Bredesen6 years ago

    There is a chassis split on this model year that makes a huge difference in parts and labor, four or five times in the case of one part in particular. We used the vehicle's identification number and were still given the wrong information from our supplier, in this case the local dealer. The parts are not interchangeable, this error would have been caught at the time of installation.

  • Ed
    Ed14 years ago

    Great shop, 30-year track record of superior service and integrity. BMW service is the most recent addition to it's service line, but the results are the same. Mark, the owner, is an enthusiast, in addition to a superb mechanic. He has assembled a very capable team.

    They recommended against purchasing a 325 my son had brought in for a pre-purchase inspection. Found things he had not considered.

    I recommend AutoScandia whole-heartedly.

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