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Do you need a BMW specialist you can trust?
Do you want to get the maximum value from your BMW?
Do you want your BMW to be reliable and enjoyable?
Do you need a long term game plan to keep your car healthy?
Do you need help establishing priorities to get the right services at the right time?

At Bimmer Rescue in Richmond, VA, we understand that when you car is not right you don't have a car problem, you have a transportation/life problem that can cause you frustration and lost time, that's why we have highly trained BMW technicians install the best parts using the best tools. Our personable, trustworthy Service Advisers will help you decide what you value the most in your BMW and help you develop a plan to help you through any repair.

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Meet Our Owner

  • Patrick McHugh


    Patrick earned a Bachelor's degree from Purdue University in Aeronautical Technology. He has experience flying as a First Officer for the airlines as well as an Airframe & Powerplant maintenance rating.

    Patrick has been actively working on BMWs and European cars for 11 years and the brings the precise, careful workmanship used on the world's most complicated aircraft to Bimmer Rescue every day. Patrick enjoys sailing and working on his turbocharged 1987 535is.

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10 Reviews

  • Bud Batten3 years ago

    If you live in the greater Richmond area, love your BMW and want a completely trustful shop, Bimmer Rescue is the only place to go. After our 328I coupe maintenance warranty expired, we searched for a local place true enthusiasts would take their BMWs and found found Bimmer Rescue. Patrick and his team have created a unique shop with passionate, knowledgeable staff, unsurpassed customer service and fair prices. It doesn't matter if your car is the daily driver, a classic which requires some work, a PPI on a Clown Shoe or an HPDE track vehicle, you must give Patric a call and schedule an appointment. They are simply the best in every respect!

    2008 BMW 328I coupe
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    Patrick McHugh3 years ago

    Thanks Bud, this review really means a lot to us. Drive safe and enjoy your BMW!

  • John3 years ago

    We've had nothing but great experiences with Patrick and the gang at Bimmer Rescue. Sounds weird, but we went looking for a shop before we bought our vintage car. So, we're driving a vintage BMW because we met Patrick first and knew we'd found a shop we could count on. Bimmer Rescue has really helped us sort the vehicle out and work out a plan for keeping it running. Great communication. Great wrenching. And just fun folks to deal with. Thanks guys!

    1987 BMW 325e
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    Patrick McHugh3 years ago

    Thanks a lot John, we love what you've done with the car, I'd say it's one of the cleanest, closest to new E30's out there!

  • Tony Esquivel5 years ago

    First and foremost, I want to state that owner Patrick McHugh may be the most honest, honorable, respectful, and professional BMW shop owners in the USA. My daughter moved to Richmond with her new job from San Antonio, Texas. Shortly after her arrival, she began to have problems with her 2004 325i overheating. Patrick gave the car a complete check up to find out that the car needed a new headgasket. Patrick was kind enough to put her car in storage until my daughter decided what she wanted to do. Well, she decided to sell the car and purchase a newer one. During the interim of about one month, Patrick placed two for sell ads in his facebook account and another site. During that period of time, Patrick stored my daughter's car free of charge. Shortly thereafter, someone saw the ad, made an offer and we sold the car. Simply stated, Patrick cared enough to help out a young lady, my daughter, who was very from home. I have two(X5 and 528i) BMW's here in N.M., and I pray daily to have someone like Patrick McHugh and Bimmer Rescue near me in Albuquerque. To other BMW owners in the Richmond area, you will not find a more honest and professional person than Patrick McHugh.

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Milinda Esquivel5 years ago

    If you have a BMW you are nuts if you take your car anywhere else. Patrick and the crew at Bimmer Rescue were more than helpful. When I dropped the car off, Patrick took the time to describe the possible problems as well as the associated costs. He also had complete confidence he could diagnose the issue which meant a lot because two other repair shops didn't diagnose or fix the issue. He called me later with the diagnosis and immediately emailed me a detailed quote with repair fees. I actually ended up selling the car and he helped me find an excited buyer by taking pics, posting on Facebook and Craigslist, all at no cost. Very trustworthy, helpful shop that has your best interest in mind.

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Craig5 years ago

    I have to admit, I was at wit's end with this car, ready to sell, but knew I was facing some repairs before I could. Didn't know who to trust for straight answers. Long story short, after finding and dealing with Bimmer Rescue, I have newfound confidence I can keep and enjoy this little gem and know exactly what I'm getting in service. Patrick is highly knowledgeable and a delight to deal with. He arranges repair estimates in priority order and explains each item with you in a straightforward, factual manner so you can make completely informed decisions about repairs. Outstanding communication that inspires trust. No surprises. What a rarity! Same for the people on his team; everyone takes great pride in their work. Super group of people! (It is rare that I'm motivated to write a review.)

    1999 BMW 323is
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  • Lane5 years ago

    Patrick & Matt at Bimmer Rescue are really great mechanics & honest guys. Always told me what I needed and what I didn't need. Absolute trust. Found repairs that BMW missed for a much more reasonable price. They only use quality parts, and the prices they give you are almost the same as you can get from the internet. Patrick is patient and articulate, and answers all of my questions no matter how marginal. I refuse to go to any other mechanic in Richmond.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • BMW Believer5 years ago

    Bimmer Rescue performed high quality work, and were very patient and detailed explaining the work performed, as well as the quote prior to beginning work. Highly recommended. I will be returning.

    1991 BMW e30
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  • Al Settles6 years ago

    Patrick at Bimmer Rescure is as close to a saint as anyone I have seen. Traveling through Virgina in route to Palm Beach, I had a problem with my worn ignition key and tumbler. It was beyond repair. I had to get back right away and had no time to wait for the proper parts. After listening to my situation Patrick calmly said, Take my truck get some lunch and i'll get ya going.In less than 45 I was back on the road,although with a critical warning.DO NOT TURN OFF THE KEY. Well that warning lasted until 75 miles down the road.I stopped for gas and forgot. Stuck again I panicked and called Patrick. He said don't worry it's almost closing time I'll pick up my wife and come down and get you going again. He did just that! (150 miles round trip and acted is if was nothing) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    BMW 99 540 IT
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  • Skip McCauley6 years ago

    What's not to love about Bimmer Rescue? Fast service, excellent communication, honest quotes and pricing, and expert diagnostics from a fellow Bimmer enthusiast. Patrick is the real deal. He treats your car as his own and obviously loves what he does and takes pride in his work. I would recommend his service to anyone and everyone.

    BMW E34, E39, E53
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  • Yahya Ahmed6 years ago

    Great experience, nothing better than getting service done by an enthusiast- you always know they care about their work. Great little shop, my car feels significantly better since it's repairs, I highly recommend Bimmer Rescue.

    2004 BMW x5
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