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2128 London Bridge Road, Suite 107-109
Virginia Beach, VA 23456 US
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DP Motorwerks is a BMW repair workshop.

We service, diagnose, and repair BMW automobiles.

Meet Our Team

  • David Pallister

    Owner & Technician

    The shop is owned by a BMW Master Technician with over 30 years of BMW experience.

  • Luke Pallister


    BMWs are also serviced by Luke Pallister, a tech with 6 years of BMW experience.

  • David Raymer


    David Raymer has 30 years of BMW experience.

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59 Reviews

  • Terence Pettyford
    Terence Pettyford1 month ago

    Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value.

    Dave and his staff have the best prices and service for your BMW needs in the 757. Saved me tons of money vs the stealership. Go check them out.

    2008 BMW M3
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  • Nicole
    Nicole1 year ago

    David and his team are exceptional. They have worked on my car several times and each time, their work has been top notch. I trust that they will provide excellent service at reasonable prices. They are great to work with, are honest and fair, and they stand behind their work. This is a great shop.

    2005 BMW 325xi
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  • Douglas Marshall
    Douglas Marshall1 year ago

    I don't write reviews. But when my 02 525i overheated, Dave and his team took it in on no notice and in just 2 days fixed the problem. He was honest, did exactly what he said, and his rates were very reasonable. Plus, he and his team were very customer oriented. He has all my business going forward.

    2002 BMW 525i
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  • Tony
    Tony1 year ago

    Didn't have an appointment, told me to come in to fix my windows that wouldn't roll up anymore and car was done the same day. Dave was friendly and courteous...made you feel like a valued customer. I will be back...no more dealerships for me!

    2006 BMW 3251
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  • Bill Cooper
    Bill Cooper1 year ago

    DP Motorwerks recommended by neighbor. Had new battery replaced by dealer who found 3 oil leaks. Dealer pricing high so took to Dave's. All leaks fixed quickly and more reasonably than dealer as well as routine maintenance done. Found Dave easy and pleasant to talk with. Will not take my 128i anywhere else in the future! 5 stars!

    2009 BMW 128i convertible
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  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 2 years ago

    I’ve always heard “it’s a BMW when something breaks get out your wallet”. Well I’ve known Dave and the guys at DP MOTORWERKS for about 15 years. I work at a machine shop and we have worked with Dave and the guys for years and always have known they do quality work at a reasonable price. I recently bought my first used BWM 325ci. It needed a few things so I took it to Dave and the guys to let them give it the once over and fix a few things not only did they fix the things wrong they took the time to explain things about the car I didn’t know. The Bottom line. Why take your car to a service advisor that most likely hasn’t ever turned a wrench at the dealership when you can let someone explain what’s wrong and fix it right at a reasonable price.

    2002 BMW 325ci
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    MICHAEL J VANGHEEM2 years ago

    Another terrific effort by Dave and team! Brought my 330i in for wheels, tires, and suspension upgrades. Shipped both wheels and tires direct from Apex and Tire Rack directly to DP Motorwerks. Dave was happy to hold on site until all items were in stock and ready. Along with shock and strut mount replacements, Dave troubleshot and recommended replacement of original suspension items that were worn. Picked up my car Monday and the ride is fantastic! All work was expertly and completely done, car was clean and ready. Pricing very fair and reasonable. Could not be happier with my service and will be returning with each of my other vehicles. Thanks Dave!

    2003 BMW 330i
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  • Mike
    Mike2 years ago

    Dave and his team do a fantastic job on all my cars. He's maintained my 91 e30, 98 740iL, and 03 330i. Jobs are always completed quickly and done right the first time. Pricing is fair and honest. Dave is particularly helpful with recommendations for upgrades and modifications. I definitely trust him and his team with my vehicles and will continue to do so.

    1991 BMW 325i
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  • Fred Batter
    Fred Batter2 years ago

    Bad brake Master Cylinder on an older BMW fixed quickly. Very professional. Clean Clean Shop area & rest room. Dave gave us good info and service.

    1993 BMW 325i
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  • Jacob
    Jacob3 years ago

    This was my first time to DP Motorwerks after having the car serviced at the dealership and at one other area BMW shop. David took me in immediately, diagnosed the problem and called quickly to explain the situation, ordered the needed parts, and had me finished promptly at a fair price. My experience confirms previous reviewers' accounts: David and his crew have the experience and expertise to get the job done right - and David is fair, professional, patient, and willing to take the time to explain the problems and work needed. Thank you, David!

    2011 BMW M3
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  • Gary
    Gary3 years ago

    DP Motorwerks David & his crew did it again. Never ending issues with 6 series all fixed, she runs perfect. Great tech. knowledge, great service, painless. Thank you.

    2004 BMW 645ci
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  • John T
    John T3 years ago

    Took my leaking tire in on a Saturday, later in the day soon before they were to close. The owner told me to come on over and he would take care of it. I got in, they fixed it promptly, and only charged me a reasonable amount. I have heard great things about the shop and my experience only reinforces that.

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Jim Yeames
    Jim Yeames 3 years ago

    My car decided that it would only run on 5 cylinders about 50 miles from VA Beach and 200 miles from home. I called,was told to come right over, and did, arriving around 1 pm. Enterprise picked me up and Dave said he'd call as soon as he had an answer. About an hour and a half later he did and said it was a plug coil and did I need anything else? I asked for an oil change and he said it would be ready by 5:30. It was! $313.00 complete including parts was a gift. We talked racing for a bit and I left completely satisfied! What a great business!

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Susan
    Susan4 years ago

    Trustworthy, reliable and fair three adjectives not usually associated with repair shops .... this shop is THE exception! Work, labor, repairs completed timely and professionally.

    Highly recommend!

    2001 BMW 525i
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  • Ed Barry
    Ed Barry4 years ago

    I have owned Mercedes automobiles ever since my college days and DP Motorwerks provides the most reliable and trustworthy service that I have ever experienced. I will not take my car anyplace else.

    2004 Mercedes-Benz 500SL
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  • Bill Beddie
    Bill Beddie4 years ago

    I've starred at the ugly thought of getting the alternator oil gasket changed. Dave has worked diligently on our X5 so I easily decided to bring in the family 745 and get some TLC work completed that I just can't do on the curb at home. Dave sent me home with one less drip and worry. I quickly went back for more great service and tackled some other leaks. Not only did he swiftly fix the issues, upon findings Dave worked on changing out the oil temp sensor that he recently replaced. I have a lot of faith in Dave's shop and his expertise. I highly recommend you stop shopping around for cost savings and second guessing the loyalty needed to work on your car. Dave brings all teh traits, knowledge and quality work to the plate. I plan to spread the word to all bimmer owners I run across locally to seek out Dave for help.. He really cares about quality service and spends the time to educate what he's done on your car.

    2004 BMW 745LI
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  • Bill Beddie
    Bill Beddie4 years ago

    Dave was the missing link to take of issues on my BMW X5. I'm very much a yard tree mechanic but know my limitations. I even brought Dave rear end parts "thinking" I was in need of some updating of the suspension. Dave quickly diagnosed the problem and sent me home with the parts and actually found the issue related to front end needs. Shop is immaculate for any local standards. Honesty is a virtue that Dave presents and practices.. Very happy with all to date he has done on my X5.

    2003 BMW X5
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  • Andrew Loiselle
    Andrew Loiselle4 years ago

    I took my 535i/sports package to Checkered Flag to install two rear tires and do an alignment because I thought David didn't do them at his shop. That was incorrect, he does both. Big mistake on my part. While Checkered Flag had the car, they "discovered" a leaking oil filter housing gasket and a leaking oil pan gasket. Apparently, the oil from the filter housing leak had gotten on the serpentine belt and that needed to be replaced as well. The quoted price for all of this work was just under $2900. I told them not to touch it and I took it to David. The oil filter housing gasket was leaking, but the oil pan gasket was fine. It just had oil on it from the filter housing. The serpentine belt was also fine. Out the door with an oil change and inspection for around $600. I am very glad there is someone around who you can actually trust when you drop of your car. I can't recommend DP Motorwerks highly enough and will never go back to Checkered Flag BMW.

    2008 BMW 535i
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  • Crisanto M Cayabyab
    Crisanto M Cayabyab4 years ago

    I'm very happy with the service upon my first visit to their shop . And I highly recommend to anyone . Thanks guys my car run so smooth . Very honest and professional people .

    2004 BMW 325i
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  • Mike Duffy
    Mike Duffy5 years ago

    We took our BMW 2006 X3 M Class to a well known local BMW dealer. After keeping the car for two weeks, and spending $1,500.00 the car was not fixed and the dealer said it needed a $2000.00 part.

    A friend referred us to DP Motor works. David the owner had the issue diagnosed in a few minutes and the cost was basicly nothing.

    I explicitly trust David and his team.

    Save yourself time, a lot of money and your sanity. Take your BMW to DP Motor Werks first. You will be very glad you did !!!!!!!!!

    2006 BMW 2006 x3 m Class
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  • Rob Waddell
    Rob Waddell5 years ago

    David was awesome to work with! Good diagnostician and performed the front end work needed expertly and at a fair price. My Z4 was fixed right the first time. Great experience. Count me in as a loyal customer!

    2003 BMW Z4 2.5i
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  • Danielle
    Danielle5 years ago

    Dave came highly recommended already so when my x5 started acting up I gave him a call. He was prompt and efficient. Very nice shop, also very nice demeanor. Had my truck done in a couple hours! I will take my BMW to him again!

    2005 BMW X5
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  • Keith
    Keith5 years ago

    I feel that I must tell as many people as I possibly can about how good DP Motorwerks takes care of its customers!

    I recently had a problem with my 2003 BMW cutting off every now and then an oil leak. I dreaded taking it to the dealership so I decided to do a little googling and came across DP Motorwerks and some great reviews. So I took a chance and brought my car by and Dave looked it over and gave me the news about what is wrong and a price that was a fraction of the dealerships. And that they could have the work done in 1 day!

    I highly recommend DP Motorwerks for all of your BMW repair work. Dave’s standards has definitely set his business far above others.

    2003 BMW 325 ci
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  • Daniel
    Daniel5 years ago

    My experience has been nothing less than outstanding. I've used them 2x in the past 3 months and the work has always been great, reasonably priced and always on time. Definitely recommend!

    2005 BMW 325i
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  • Kelly Sullivan
    Kelly Sullivan5 years ago

    Great, prompt service before our move! Thanks

    2005 BMW 325i
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  • Donald L Sanders
    Donald L Sanders5 years ago

    Have been going to Dave for a couple of years. Great service and great pricing.

    2001 BMW 740iL
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  • Rachel
    Rachel5 years ago

    I had taken my sons car in to another shop based on a word of mouth recommendation of another shop owner. Boy, what a mistake. I won't go into details but they had his car for 4 days and had still not fixed one thing, nor did they even know all of the issues yet. I then chose to take my car elsewhere. After looking up BMW car repair centers online, I came across DP Motorwerks. I read all of the reviews and figured this many people couldn't be wrong. Lol. I called and David got our car in immediately. He diagnosed the problem, fixed everything and had us out basically within 24 hours. It was cheaper than I was expecting and we even got a military discount! The check engine light came back on a day after being out of the shop. Called back and no problem, got us back in as soon as we brought it back. It was another quick and easy repair. They have been great and really helpful in making sure my sons car is ready for him to take away to college several hours away. I honestly will never take his BMW anywhere else. I just wished they worked on other cars too!! :)

    2000 BMW 528i
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  • Jim Nanners
    Jim Nanners6 years ago

    Dave is the first and only person who comes to mind when my car needs maintenance. His pre-purchase inspection helped me select a solid and trustworthy vehicle, and he's helped me with maintenance and minor issues ever since. The shop is full of stand-up people with a passion for their work, which makes me feel like I'm talking with fellow enthusiasts rather than a faceless corporate dealership. Friendly service, trustworthy work, super fast turnaround, and a great value. There's nowhere else I'd go.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Dan
    Dan6 years ago

    I have had my 2005 BMW since new and have had mechanics overseas and in the US. David and DP are by far the best and most reasonable mechanics I have ever experienced. Unfortunately I have had to move to a different area and will have to find a new mechanic.

    2005 BMW 330i
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  • Jennifer
    Jennifer6 years ago

    I can not say enough good things about Dave and DP Motorwerks! Fast friendly service and top notch employees. If you own a BMW this is the only shop you should trust to service your vehicle.

    2003 BMW Z4
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  • dennis
    dennis6 years ago

    Two different occasions, my car runs perfect, honest advice, job finished on time, decent rates. What else can I say? Except, thank you DP & I'll be back.

    2005 BMW 330ci
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  • Bruce
    Bruce6 years ago

    Having just purchased my 2002 330Ci I was very pleased to find this site and, in particular, the excellent information and reviews for DP Motorwerks. I contacted Dave as I had residual OBDII codes and brought him the car yesterday to investigate & repair plus give my new acquisition his 'once-over' professional eye. Happy to report that I got the car back this evening - all faults cleared and one other minor issue (which had potential to cause dangerous tyre damage soon) sorted - all at a very fair price (at least when compared to any main dealership!) Dave also provided his genuine appraisal of the car with regard to its overall condition for its year, mileage etc.....thankfully all good!! Overall, as a new customer, this was excellent service from an obviously enthusiastic and professional BMW expert. Thanks to previous reviewers for the advice to go here....to future readers I say...Yes, thoroughly recommended! Bruce

    2002 BMW 330Ci
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  • Gary Bozok
    Gary Bozok6 years ago

    I've been to David's garage for three different issues for my 645. Each time he explained to me clearly what the car needed, completed on time, great tech. knowledge, friendly service, reasonable rates, clean place. I'll go back, and will recommend him to all bimmer driving friends. Cheers mate.

    2004 BMW 645ci
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  • Kerri killion
    Kerri killion7 years ago

    Wonderful service and convenient location. A real find!!! Most importantly a mechanic you can trust. Check them out you won't regret it.

    2010 BMW
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  • Anja Kern
    Anja Kern7 years ago

    We are always happy with the great people at DP Motorwerks. They are competent, super nice and the prices are very competetive. I would recommend them to every person who owns a BMW or a Mercedes.

    2002 BMW 525I
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  • Shari Kleckner Warren
    Shari Kleckner Warren7 years ago

    I live in GA and my military daughter borrowed my car while she was temporarily home from deployment. A light came on in the car indicating a problem with the brakes plus some other items of concern. After reading many positive reviews we decided DP Motorwerks was the place to take the car. My daughter dealt with Dave in person and I dealt with Dave over the phone. We both felt he was honest and professional about the repairs needed. He even told us that he felt some repairs we asked about weren't needed or could be delayed until the car was returned to me. I really appreciated that. Once repairs were approved they kept the car for only one day much to my daughter's delight. I was able to pay with my credit card over the phone and the invoice I requested was mailed to me the same day the car was picked up. And.....my daughter was given a 10% military discount on all parts and labor. We couldn't be more pleased. I recommend this shop highly.

    2001 BMW 330i
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  • Robin Dennis
    Robin Dennis7 years ago

    Dave and his crew are the best. Shop is clean, prices are reasonable. Dave tells you exactly what needs to be done and then what can wait or what has a workaround. Unfortunately, I don't know if Dave's fame as a tuner is well represented on this forum. He "created" my baby for its original owner, a track fanatic in Portsmouth. I came into the car as the 3rd owner. I have had other mechanics (BMW and other model techs) and the response was always "where did u get this beast" or "I've never seen throttle response like that". Was talking to one of the master mechanics at checkered flag one day and he admitted that Dave was the best. Called him the car whisperer. His record keeping is also amazing. He keeps the entire history of the car and can look it up at anytime in minutes. So add to that friendly, fast and professional and you'll find they are second to none. They go above and beyond. Thanks guys!

    2003 BMW M3
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  • C.K. Johnson
    C.K. Johnson7 years ago

    My E46 daily driver was in need of a starter and the guys at DP Motorwerks got me back on the road with great same-day service that cost much less than the dealership. I wasn't able to get the car in until the afternoon, but they stayed on after closing time to make sure the job was done right. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous, the shop is clean, and the prices are reasonable. I will definitely be back!

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  • Tom M
    Tom M8 years ago

    All i can say is thank you for such a wonderful experience. I dont think I have ever been this happy with an unexpected large bill. My 06 E46 was just at the dealer less than 1000 miles ago, and it wasnt throwing a code so they couldnt tell me why it was a little sluggish and the idle seemed low. Now my car is just past warranty the CEL came on and it wont idle or run. David was very honest and fair, the work was completed in one day, and he got me in first thing tuesday morning after a holiday weekend. I had a bad CCV, a couple of hoses looked bad, lower intake boot, breather hose, oil sep hose, intake runner valve, fuel pump and filter.out the door parts and labor was only $400 more than what the dealer quoted me just for a fuel filter! I asked David about some other things I was wanting to replace (an easy $600 job) and he said you dont need them. DP is much better service than the dealer at 1/4th to 1/3rd the cost.

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  • Paul D.
    Paul D.8 years ago

    David and crew are phenomenal. Price is always fair. All work is completed in a quick and accurate manner. I really appreciate the job they do. I recommend them to anyone who owns a BMW.

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  • Sandro
    Sandro8 years ago

    David and his crew are the best auto techs I've ever experienced!!! Honest, knowledgeable, always go out of the way to get my bmw running strong. I drive 400 miles per week and it's vital that my car is running well, they make that happen. I highly recommend taking your car there and can assure you'll be in good hands both for your car and your wallet.. I've got 160k miles on my bmw 528 and with Davids help I expect to get another 100k miles, or more, thanks David....

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  • Brian T.
    Brian T.8 years ago

    My radiator blew late on a monday night, I had seen DP Motorwerks ads in my BMW CCA Tidewater Chapter Newletter, but hadn't been there yet; the 15% CCA discount caught my eye. I got a tow and contacted DP early Tuesday morning. I was happy to hear my 99 528 would be serviced and ready the same day. DP was great to work with and we talked out a few issues over the phone which we rectified (thermostat, expansion tank too). Being new to the area, I was looking for a reputable mechanic and believe I have found the right one. Will definitely go back!

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  • Jo
    Jo8 years ago

    Dave keeps our 1994 525i healthy. I agree with all the other comments on here. He runs a fair, honest, friendly business, and is a great mechanic. DP is the only place we take our BMW now, and with Dave helping us, we plan on bringing the same car back for quite a few years.

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  • Ben
    Ben8 years ago

    Dave and the shop he runs are a true gem. If you are seeking professional advice and quality prompt work then look no further. I have personally taken my M3 to other shops even the dealership and no one has come close to DP motorwerks. Dave also brings a sense of personal attention to your vehicle not found elsewhere to your vehicle. Give him a look up...you won't regret it.

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  • Tom Krieger
    Tom Krieger8 years ago

    Great service, great hospitality, fast repair. Was visiting on vacation and had a problem with my X3, this happened on a Monday called and spoke to David, he told me to bring my car right in. When i got there, within 10 min he told and showed me what the problem was, how much it would cost to fix and how long it would take.

    Previously I called Checker Flag BMW and was told the earliest I could get an appointment was on Wed for a drive in or Thurs if I wanted a loaner.

    David not only delivered what he said, I got the car back by noon the next day, two days before Checker Flag would even look at it. IF YOU ARE IN THE NORFOLK/VIRGINIA BEACH AREA AND HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR BMW, DP MOTORWERKS IS THE PLACE TO BRING IT AND HAVE IT FIXED QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY. Wish I had this kind of service back home.

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  • Scott kurtz
    Scott kurtz8 years ago

    I can't say enough good things about dave and all his other technicans. I have been dealing with them for years and every encounter was fantastic. Dave, charles and dean are very knowledgeable and the prices are the fairest i've ever seen. If you need your car worked on, do not hesitate, call Dave and it will be fixed in a timely manner and for a price you cant beat.

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  • David Noble
    David Noble9 years ago

    David is an excellent technician, and has the experience to prove it. It's especially nice speaking with the individual that is actually working on your car, rather than a service writer, that would most likely misrepresent what the technician was trying to say. I wouldn't take my bimmer anywhere else! I most recently took my Porsche there to be serviced because I really appreciate the work they do there! I highly recommend DP-Motorwerks to anyone with a BMW or Mercedes.

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  • Christina King
    Christina King9 years ago

    I'm so happy to have found Dp motorwerks. David takes care of my 5 series,he is fair and professional. I wouldn't trust anyone else to sevice my car,and would highly recommend DP to anyone looking for an honest tech.

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  • Phyllis Moy
    Phyllis Moy9 years ago

    I recently had have the sunroof of my Mercedes CLK320 replaced. Dean kept me informed as he tried to do everything but replace the entire sunroof. When it was determined that it had to be completely replaced, he quoted a price and told me when he would have the work completed. The work was done exactly when he said it would be complete and under the price he quoted. I dealt with Dave when dropping off my car and picking it up. I was treated professionally. It was refreshing to deal with such an honest business

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  • Mike Crist
    Mike Crist9 years ago

    What a postive experience I had with Dave at DP Motorwerks. He did work on my 328i at about 1/3 of what I was quoted elsewhere. Dave was very professional and honesty about what service work I needed. The best part of the entire experience........under promised and over delivered. He quoted me 3 days for completing the service work and it was finished in a day. I was very impressed. I will be going back to them for any service work I need on both my BMW vehicles.

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  • George Perry
    George Perry9 years ago

    THE BEST BMW SHOP IN HAMPTON ROADS PERIOD! Dave has been working on my BMW street and race cars for years. He is the preeminent BMW expert in the area. His prices are very reasonable and he stands by his work. I wouldn’t go anywhere else…period!

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  • Paul Schreiber
    Paul Schreiber9 years ago

    Since purchasing my 330Ci in December of 2010 Dave of DP Motorwerks has completed all maintenance and repairs with integrity and a special attention to customer service that I have found unmatched in the seven cities area. I have been to the "dealer" and could not match the price, speed or attention to detail that David show in my automotive needs. If you are looking for service or repair I would highly recommend checking with DP Motorwerks first!

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  • Josh K
    Josh K9 years ago

    I just had my M Coupe serviced here. So glad I found them here. The guys are very friendly, and they know their BMWs and Mercedes'. Very relieved to have found such a good shop so close to where I live.

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  • Richard Muller
    Richard Muller9 years ago

    DP Motorwerks has been a revelation of professionalism and honesty. For repair work on my last three BMWs, their diagnostic skills were laser accurate; there was no wasted time shotgunning my problems or my wallet. For upgrades, that must be between you and David, but his advice is sound and not driven toward creating critical mass.

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  • MB
    MB9 years ago

    I've taken my 3-series to David at DP Motorwerks for the last few years and all I can say is the work they do is exceptional! If you want honest and professional service .... definitely see these guys!

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  • Bob Faison
    Bob Faison9 years ago

    Dave and his team were very throrough in looking over a 530i I recently purchased and the prices were very fair. Based on their assessment of the vehicle is was very apparent they DO know BMW's inside and out. My car was repaired in one day as promised. I have a few more repairs that need to be done and DP will definitely mt shop of choice. Go see these guys...you will not be dissapointed.

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  • Trevor Howard
    Trevor Howard9 years ago

    I have trusted David with all 3 of my BMW's. Being that they are older and newer cars I have always been satisfied with the work done, and trusted his judgment with fixing what needed to be done.

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  • cal
    cal9 years ago

    If your looking for a BMW specialist, DP Motorwerks is your shop. Dave has always provided excellent service on my E39. In comparison to BMW Dealer repair cost, DP is fair and allows you to keep some precious $$$ in your pocket .

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  • Earl Flinn
    Earl Flinn9 years ago

    I have trusted David and his crew at DP Motorwerks for all the repairs and maintenance on my wifes BMW 740IL. They have always been honest, professional and fair. I recommend them to anyone with a BMW or Mercedes.

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