German Auto Group

7520 Backlick Rd.
Springfield, VA 22150 US
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German Car Group is located in Springfield, Virginia. We perform mechanical repairs on all makes and models of German automobiles. These repairs include tuneups, check engine lights, diagnostics and repairs, brakes, alignment, tires, belts, hoses, water pumps, and all scheduled maintenance. We offer shuttle service for our customers to the nearest metro. We also offer car detailing.

With over 15 years experience in the industry, we at German Car Group have the expertise to keep you German car in perfect running condition by maintaining it the way the manufacturer intended. We are proud of our team of experts. German Car Group offers Luxurious Service for Your Luxury Car!


  • Shuttle Service

3 Reviews

  • Rich A
    Rich A5 years ago

    I have been repairing my cars, BMW 325i and Mercedes 320E for the last few years with German Auto Group, and I will highly recommend this shop to anyone who drives a German car. Sami the owner know and understands cars, and can diagnose and repair nearly every problem. His office staff Tim and Eric are excellent, and provide great helpful service and his mechanics are top rate. Furthermore, their repair rates are very reasonable. They will also provide you a loaner or a rental if you have to leave your car. Unless your car is under a manufacturers warranty, I don't see any reason why you will take your car any where else. Rich

    2002 BMW 325i
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  • Bruce Rittenhouse
    Bruce Rittenhouse5 years ago

    I was travelling down I 95 at about 65 mph in heavy traffic when I heard a grinding sound coming from the front L/H wheel which got progressively worse until the steering & front wheel felt so loose that I thought that everything was on the verge of coming apart. That was when I saw German Auto Group out of the corner of my eye on the R/H side of the road. I pulled into the repair shop & an employee immediately came to me & asked me what my problem was. He immediately identified the problem as a broken wheel stud on the L/H wheel & the remaining lug nuts were so loose that you could turn them by hand. Apparently, the shop that last did my tire rotation did not torque the lug nuts on the L/H tire. They immediately brought the vehicle into the shop & ordered a rotor assembly by phone. The rotor assembly came in within an hour & they completely put everything together & got me back on the road withing about two hours. They were extremely professional, reasonable in price, & expedient. The entire experience that I had with German Auto Group was the best that I have ever had with any auto repair shop (ever).

    2007 Other Ford Explorer
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  • Richard Hansen
    Richard Hansen9 years ago

    I was impressed and enjoyed my initial experience with German Auto Group and will return for future services on my 98 BMW 528i. I am new to BMW and DC and this initial visit I had a simple oil change. The mechanics and staff were very friendly and efficient in completing the oil change at a fair price. They also pointed out some anticipated brakes and steering maintenance as indicated while driving the BMW into the shop. Convenient to find and a very friendly and helpful staff. Nice quiet waiting room, with coffee and they washed and vacuumed the car. I can recommend German Auto Group based on this experience and intend to return for future maintenance.

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