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Arlington BMW Auto Repair

We have been at the same Arlington, VA location since 1979. We have a staff of 11 employees with well over 200 years auto repair experience. We have have over 100 years experience on BMW automotive repairs and service. All Technicians & Master Technicians are ASE, Virginia, & BMW factory trained and tested.

The technicians have the latest computer equipment available. Most importantly the GT-1 (group tester one) & SSS (software service station). These computers are the same ones used by BMW to diagnose,program,& code your vehicle. We also have TIS (BMW's technical information system) & EPC (BMW's electric parts catalog).

Our parts department carries a full line of Original Equipment parts. This means we don't have to wait for parts used during normal services & inspections. If we don't have a part we can normally get it on one of our six deliveries we receive from local BMW Parts Dealers each day.

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15 Reviews

  • Mike Herbert
    Mike Herbert6 years ago

    I have been taking my 2005 325i to J & F Motors for about five years, since it was out of warranty. They do an excellent job, and have only had to take the car back once for a problem after they fixed it, no questions asked, and no additional charges. They are a great place to build a working relationship with for those who have BMWs that are out of warranty and want to keep their BMW in great condition past 100,000 miles, or have purchased something used and would like to have their car serviced at an independent shop. Their Arlington location is great and will provide drop-off to nearest metro.

    2005 BMW 325i
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  • Trent Graham
    Trent Graham8 years ago

    J&F Motors is the only place to have your BMW serviced! They diagnose the issue, give you an estimate and proceed only after you give the go ahead. They even have drop off and pickup service! Try them once and, like me, you'll have them doing any and all service to your vehicle(s).

    2003 BMW X5
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  • Patrick
    Patrick10 years ago

    An honest BMW repair shop was only a myth until I took my 840ci to J & F Motors and saw great work done at a honest price. These guys aren't ripping you off. Mike is great and as honest as they come. I will never go to the dealer again. The reason why you go to the dealer is because you trust them to do a good job no matter and over the top price is just a by product of that good job.. You can trust J&F to the same if not better than the dealer but in an organic way and not get ripped off.

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  • Kerri Ewing
    Kerri Ewing10 years ago

    I just received my 335i back from service at J&F Motors. The service was excellent! They drove me to the metro in the morning, called with an estimate for repair, performed needed service, & picked me back up in the evening at the metro. It was nice being treated like a person and not a number.

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  • Peter Partee
    Peter Partee10 years ago

    Whatever you do, do not take a high performance Dinan-modified BMW here for service. They will tell you they know what they are doing, but they don't. You will wind up spending lots of your money for them to ignore Dinan specs and in the process, screw up your car. At the time, I didn't know any better. Now, I do. Go to Fairfax Service Center if you want anything more than an oil change. Fortunately, none of the damage J&F did was permanent. But my service was a complete waste of $5k.

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  • Richard
    Richard10 years ago

    Took my BMW in to replace the clips for the side-door wood trims (wood trim came loose) today. Was in and out within 45 minutes and was pleased with the service. The service manager, Mike, originally printed out an invoice for me that included parts & labor, but when I spoke on the phone with J & F Motors previously, the person on the phone said they wouldn't charge labor for it since it was just snapping stuff back in place and should be real quick. I told this to Mike and he did not hesitate to honor what they said.

    I will be going back for future oil changes and services.

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  • Houman Ghavami
    Houman Ghavami11 years ago

    I had my SRS airbag system diagnosed and they did a awesome job. Very friendly, reasonable, and excellent service. After an hour fiddling with it, the dealer could not figure out the problem, but they could charge me $150.00 for it.

    I have a 1988 635CSI and hopefully the gentleman who diagnosed and fixed the problem stays at J&F motors for a very long time.

    Highly recommended.

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  • Linda M.
    Linda M.11 years ago

    We have been taking our BMWs & now our Mercedes too, to J&F for over 30 years. Yes, their prices are competitive with the dealers but their mechanics have more experience than the dealerships and they actually own the same cars they work on. Several times we took our older BMW to the dealership because it was closer to home What a mistake. There they told us our car wasn't worth repairing. In other words, they wanted to sell us a new car. they do not want to work on older cars and I believe it's because their mechanics don't have the expertise.

    No, we will not take our car to any dealership unless absolutely unavoidable. J&F establishes good customer relationships with their clients and in today's world that means a lot to some people. It does to us.

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  • Brad M
    Brad M12 years ago

    Owning one of the highest engineered vehicles on the market usually does not come cheap, especially after warranty or high miles. Some folks won't accept that so you can't please everyone. With J & F Motors, I have always found they are upfront with their pricing and recommendations so I know what to expect. On one repair they underestimated the labor cost and in spite of the considerable work they undertook to finish the job, they only charged me the rate quoted. They inspected and overhauled my 2005 325i with 100k miles from front to back for less than $1300 and it’s been running like a race car for over 8 months now. I have complete faith in the staff and mechanics at J&F and highly recommend them. I won't take my BMW anywhere else.

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  • tony mirti
    tony mirti13 years ago

    I can't speak for everyone but my wife and I have found the staff at J & F Motors to be responsive, competent, knowledgeable, and ready to help in any way possible. Since we have multiple vehicles we have them serviced by specialists for the brands which makes us able to compare service, costs, convenience,etc. We have found J & F to be way out front of competitors. If the other writer can find a repair facility that can do more on balance, please advise, since I know that J & F gives you the best bang in the way of service of all others.

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  • William Goss
    William Goss13 years ago

    I came to Northern Virginia on active duty military orders in 1983 assigning me to the Pentagon. This is where I have remained after retirement. I have owned four BMWs, three since I arrived in Virginia. I have purchased two 5 series from Bimmersales. I have taken all three to J&F Motors for required maintenance and detailing. Yes, there labor rates are nearly as high as the dealers in the area. I have gone to some of these dealers and have always come back to J&F. J&F is highly professional, fair and competent. I had my 1997 528i inspected there before I drove it cross-country and back in thirty days. The car performed great. Checkbook gives them high marks as do I.

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  • MIKE
    MIKE13 years ago

    My experience with J&F Motors has always been good. (28 years worth)Yes, they aren't much cheaper then the dealer but the service is far better then the dealer. The labor rate is actually $118 not $128 and I have always been provided an estimate before any repairs are done. Vehicle maintence isn't like buying a loaf of bread.

    Service and reliability means much more to me then finding the cheapest price. (You get what you pay for) If you don't mind making appointments weeks in advance at the dealer and don't want to build a working relationship with a repair facility you can trust then the dealer might be what you are looking for. I appreciate the service & the care J&F takes with my car. If you are looking for a BMW Specialist that you can trust to truly take care of your car I highly recommend J&F Motors.

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  • John
    John13 years ago

    My experience was not so good..This shop is way overpriced..I had a Inspection 1 done..Dealer cost is $550..J and F - $523...I was then quoted $516 for a pressure hose replacement. J and F said part cost was 260 and labor was 2 hours at 128 an hour...Dealer quoted me 352..1 hour of labor and 202 for the part...I know times are hard right now but the way to draw business to an independant shop is to be less expensive than the dealer..not more! and worst off is that I only saved 25 bucks for my inspection 1!!!! Stick to the dealer if this is case..I wish I would have..

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  • Ben Crew
    Ben Crew13 years ago

    While I cannot explain W.J.s experience, and I am certainly unwilling to cast aspersions, I simply cannot believe that he could come away dissatisfied. My wife and I have had three BMW's serviced at J & F Motors for over 20 years as soon as they were out of warranty (or before) and have never experienced a problem, and when we were even slightly less than fully satisfied, the question was addressed immediately to our satisfaction. They always call to discuss needed repairs beyond normal service which was previously authorized (and an estimate provided). Like anywhere else, there can be missed communications or misunderstanding between the office "service writer" and the technician. J and F's labor rates are expensive but fair for the area and the nature/brand of the vehicles (BMW). I will not belabor the point further, but my bottom line: there is no service organization anywhere that I would recommend more highly.

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  • William J.
    William J.14 years ago

    After my most recent trip to J & F Motors in Arlington, VA, I won't return. I'm not a complainer, but I can't remain silent about an experience like this.

    I brought my car in for repairs and left very specific details about the nature of the problem that required attention. I reiterated these details--including instructions on how to replicate the problem to assist with a diagnosis--over the phone on two occasions.

    Many days and thousands of dollars later, however, I drove the car home to find that the problem I brought the car in for was still present. Nothing had changed. The many days and thousands of dollars went to dealing with an entirely unrelated (and unrequested) repair. Needless to say, I'm extremely upset that J & F did not listen to me and charged me so much money without fixing the problem.

    My recommendation: avoid J & F Motors and have your car serviced at your car's local certified repair station. At least if something goes wrong you can follow up with the franchise's parent.

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