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Since 1985, MARS Automotive has been providing the same quality BMW service and repair in the D.C. Metro area. We are an Authorized BOSCH Service Center located 30 miles outside of our nation's capital. We are a full service automotive repair facility specializing in Mercedes-Benz, BMW, AUDI, VW, MINI, and SMART vehicles. Our mission is to provide a customer satisfaction and great retention by performing a dealership quality repairs and installations at a very reasonable price.

Our knowledge in automotive repair is second-to-none with Factory-Trained Master Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians, ASE Master Certified Technicians, and BOSCH Master Certified Technicians give us the advantages that most repair shops do not have. With our State-of-the Art diagnostics eliminates a lot of guessing that most repair shops have and avoid unnecessary repairs.


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2 Reviews

  • M. Gomez
    M. Gomez12 years ago

    I want to praise Mar for saving me a LOT of money. I took my BMW at the dealer because my check engine light came on, but I did not have any drivability issues. First I thought I had left my gas cap loose or an oxygen sensor went bad. The service advisor at BMW Fairfax called me 2 hours later telling me that I needed two catalytic converters, all oxygen sensors, and a hose. This amount came out to be around $5,500 with labor. I had a hard time believing this gentlemen because I've never heard of both converters and sensors going out at the same time. Unfortunately my vehicle had 86K miles and apparently the warranty on converters are 80K miles or 8 years. (Bummer!!) A friend of mine told me about Mars shop in Manassas Park. I decided to give Mar a call and gave him the scenario. He agreed on my suspicion that for both catalytic converters and oxygen sensors to go out at the same time is highly unlikely and unheard of especially that I do take care of my vehicles. I dropped of my vehicle at Mars shop and he gave me a call the following day. After all the diagnostics he did, all he could find was an intake boot that was torn causing the check engine light to come on. The bottom line is that I only had to pay $238.69 parts and labor. I can't believe I almost got robbed over the phone by BMW Fairfax. I don't think it's the advisors fault, but I do blame the technician who looked at my vehicle.

    It's sad that a lot of people get ripped off by dealerships.

    Thank you Mar,

    M. Gomez

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  • Roland S
    Roland S12 years ago

    MARS Automotive Group is very good with it comes to German cars. They saved me 35% on my services and repair. They are Master Certified technicians and very knowledgeable. Thank you for everything!

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