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European auto repair focusing on BMW service in Gig Harbor, WA.

We offer an industry leading 5 year/50,000 mile warranty on our work. Ask us for more details!

Recent Gig Harbor move-in with decades of experience with premium auto brands. Fully equipped (dealer level) and master certified. We are advocates for our clients and structure our business and processes around figuring out and delivering on what is best for you. This builds friends from clients and gives us great satisfaction in our work.


  • Vehicle Sanitizing

Meet Our Team

  • Shineé, General Manager at Galloping Gertie's Garage in Gig Harbor, WA


    General Manager

    Introducing Shineé - our new GM in training! Shineé brings a healthy 25 years of industry experience; from technician to running a high volume dealership service department, Shineé has done it all. Much of this experience is under the Jaguar-Land Rover banner and, as such, Shineé will prove to be a huge asset to Gertie’s primary clientele: Land Rover owners.

    Shineé and her family live locally here in the harbor and she is excited to serve alongside the best team in Gig Harbor; helping our local community and wonderful clients with all their automotive needs. Welcome aboard Shineé!


  • Excellent and professional service. Damien was superb in communicating back and forth with us discussing all possibilities for repairs. His attention to detail along with a very detailed assessment provided us with the information needed to move forward with our repairs. I now can say that I have a very trusted mechanic that I can take any of my cars to for reliable service. I highly recommend Galloping Gertie's Garage for all your service needs. I am excited about our relationship in the future.

    Tomm E., via Google
  • Finding a trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanic/shop is difficult! Gertie's Garage is our "go to" for anything for our vehicles! They have proven that they are the premier shop in the area. They listen to your concerns about your vehicle and take the time to explain what what is wrong and show it to you so you can see for yourself and they explain the best course of action to handle it. Whether its PM work or a significant mechanical issue. They use the most up to date technologies and equipment which is very important for some of the European and Japanese vehicles. No doubt, this is the best shop I have ever had do work on my vehicles. Service is top notch!

    Kevin S., via Google
  • Damian at Galloping Gertie’s Garage is thorough, personable, and professional. We were so pleased with the work done on our ‘02 BMW, which now runs like a new car! He gave us beautifully presented complete diagnostics and estimates, and was able to complete the work in a very timely manner. I highly recommend this garage for all your repair and maintenance needs.

    Theresa O., via Google
  • Damian is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough with diagnosis. Really quick turn around time - excellent service, I highly recommend Galloping Gertie's Garage!

    Riley R., via Google

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42 Reviews

  • J K
    J K2 months ago

    In search of a shop you will trust? Look no farther. Gertie’s is as advertised. Car repairs at the highest levels. Here you’re more than just the next job. Thank you for the impeccable service.

    2002 BMW m roadster
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  • John Fannon
    John Fannon10 months ago

    We are new to the are and looked for a good BMW shop to work on our car. Gerties was a great choice for us. The owner and staff are very professional and super friendly. The nicest people I've ever dealt with. Their shop is very clean and organize which directly reflects on their quality of work. They thoroughly explained everything and the car performed great when the work was done.

    2008 BMW 335i
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  • Jim McManus
    Jim McManus1 year ago

    Very nice and friendly staff. Explained the process of evaluating the car and resultant communication as to what needed be done thoroughly to me. All work was completed on time. I took advantage of their shuttle service after dropping off the car. This is a very convenient location in Gig Harbor to have your BMW serviced. Saves much time from going into Tacoma and having to wait hours for completion of the service.

    2017 BMW X5
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  • Bill
    Bill1 year ago

    Excellent service. First time visit to this garage. Very clean and super meticulous. This is not your average mechanic garage. I’m very particular about my vehicle and I’m glad I found this place.

    2018 BMW 750
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  • Barrie McDougall
    Barrie McDougall1 year ago

    Gertie's staff are professional and courteous. Their inspection and analysis procedures are thorough. They always keep me informed on what is going on with my car.

    2006 BMW 650 I
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  • Jeff G
    Jeff G1 year ago

    These guys rock. They keep you informed from the time you bring your car in until it's ready for pick up. Extremely professional. Highly recommend these guys for your foreign car repair.

    2000 BMW X5
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  • Ron Mason
    Ron Mason1 year ago

    I have been going to Galloping Gertie's for over a year now. Was not having the best of luck with service and correct repairs from the local BMW dealership. Galloping Gertie's has provided stellar service and has even created roadmap for preventive maintenance. I appreciate them. If you are looking for a mechanic that understands BMWs, Galloping Gertie's is the place for you.

    2011 BMW 550i
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  • Mignon Whitaker
    Mignon Whitaker1 year ago

    Reasonable appointment window and thorough extensive service. Then around was quick and no surprises. Car is running like a dream.

    2017 BMW X5 50i drive
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  • Andrew Dean
    Andrew Dean1 year ago

    Fantastic service. The Galloping Gertie’s team quite clearly cares about cars and will go the extra mile to find the root cause of a problem and get it fixed. Vastly more knowledgeable and thorough than the dealership.

    2014 BMW M6
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  • Ray Harvey
    Ray Harvey2 years ago

    Fantastic job assisting me with what was a major electrical issue; battery and alternator. Thank you so much for getting me in for an appointment the same day and quickly resolving my problems, I’ll be back if in need anything else done!

    2009 BMW X-5
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  • Ray Harvey
    Ray Harvey2 years ago

    Had a sudden starter/battery issue. Got it in right away and within 48-hours it was all done . . . and that’s taking into consideration the shop being backed up due to the weather, etc. Thanks again GGG!

    2009 BMW X5
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  • Bob Holzgraf
    Bob Holzgraf2 years ago

    Damian installed a brake controller in my X5, great job! Kept me informed of the cost and the progress on the job was rather involved.

    2017 BMW X5 Hybrid
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  • Brian McNary
    Brian McNary2 years ago

    This is one of those reviews which I feel compelled to draft, because all too often I'm guilty of the tendency to merely review a service or product as a warning to others; this is an occasion where I feel very confident recommending the service. So confident, in fact, that I would be doing fellow consumers a disservice by -not- offering a review.

    First, it would be impossible for me to overstate the excellent character of Galloping Gertie's owner, Damian. This gent is not merely possessed of extraordinary knowledge related to his field, but has a passion for our vehicles which rival our own; at every turn, I felt that Damian cared for my car the way he would want -his- vehicle to be regarded.

    Three years ago, facing a grim cancer diagnosis, I did what any sane middle-aged man would do: I purchased a convertible BMW -- a decision my frugal and basic nature would never normally have permitted me to make. I adored this car, and it became a symbol of defiance for me. I note this, because I want to impart just how important the vehicle became to me, while battling a recurrent metastatic form of the disease with almost no 5 year overall survivorship.

    As my physical condition worsened, I drove the vehicle less and less. Eventually I stopped driving it at all, and it sat uncovered under the pine trees, with grass growing around its tires; a sad analog to my own increasing state of physical and mental degradation. Yesterday marked five years since diagnosis, and recent medical imagery and essays show me clear of any trace of the disease. I was stunned, and unprepared for this change. Rejoining the living and hopeful, it seems, is far more challenging than accepting imminent mortality.

    As I opened my eyes on a new existence, one of the very first things which sprang to mind was my car. My symbol of self. It became an imperative task to have it running again, and running well. I started my research.

    One of the things which struck me most favorably about Galloping Gertie's was a testimony from Damian, about "that time we couldn't get it right". In my experience, it takes an enormous degree of honesty and deserved self-confidence to share situations where we didn't easily succeed; the process description for the situation he described -- the decisions weighed, form of communication with owner -- all these factors intrigued me enough to give GG's a call.

    I am pleased beyond words that I did.

    Damian made time to see my vehicle at the earliest opportunity his schedule allowed, and recommended a towing service with which he had good experience. Although the tow truck driver was well-intended, the jumpstart he provided didn't get me more than a mile, before the engine shut down. I called Damian with the concern, and he took time to explain the why/why nots of the situation with this BMW, and worked his schedule to accommodate the delay in our appointment.

    Once at the garage, Damian greeted me personally, and took an immediate and visible interest in the car. We spoke at length about the gremlins which had taken up residence during the car's decline outdoors, and his interest only sharpened.

    The quote he provided me for service, upon going over the vehicle with power, was impressive in a number of ways. It was immediate. By the next morning, he had provided a detailed and prioritized checklist of vehicle system conditions, with specific annotation as necessary, and called me to discuss the items. We agreed on the major issues to be addressed, he provided a verbal quotation and followed-up that day with a written one.

    To say that the quote was thorough would be an understatement of the year. To say that it was thoughtfully constructed to accommodate safety, integrity and budget would be my understatement for this century. He took great care and no small amount of time going over each item, helping me to finalize that work authorization. I was shocked to hear that it would be done by the end of the week, given our conversation took place on Tuesday and the list wasn't just an oil change. *chuckle*

    When work urgently took me out of area for several days and delayed communication from my end, Damian was more understanding and sympathetic than any other service provider I've known.

    On retrieving my car from the garage, Damian again took great care and attention in going over the invoice with me. We discussed what remained to be done, and within what time window. His care for the vehicle is extraordinary, and second only to his obvious care for his clientele.

    In an era and geography where dismal expectations are often met, Gertie's Garage stands as a real beacon of old-fashioned integrity, craft and care. I do not believe he and the team at Gertie's Garage could be over-enthusiastically recommended.

    Put simply: They are rock stars.

    2008 BMW 335ci
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  • Brian Downey
    Brian Downey2 years ago

    I had a significant amount of work done to my BMW 328 in order to make the car roadworthy. Damian and the crew were really honest and reasonable. We got the car running great and prevented some major problems by getting on a maintenance schedule. I want to recommend and thank the guys at Galloping Gertie's Garage.

    2007 BMW 328xi Station Wagon
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  • John Hardaway
    John Hardaway2 years ago

    I have been servicing my BMW 335xi at Galloping Gertie's in Gig Harbor, WA for over 2 years. They provide outstanding service at a reasonable price and with convenient appointment availability. Highly recommended!

    2008 BMW 335xi
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  • Peter Mingus
    Peter Mingus2 years ago

    Damien and his team have taken excellent care of my car whenever I have brought it to him. He is willing to work with the customer to accommodate everyone's needs. Highly recommend Galloping Gertie's Garage.

    2011 BMW 550i
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  • Edward Garcia
    Edward Garcia2 years ago

    Top tier customer service. Explained all work in plain and simple language. Will definitely be a return customer.

    2006 BMW X3
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  • Dave Puterbaugh
    Dave Puterbaugh3 years ago

    I took my Alpina B7 in because it needed an alignment and Getie's has the newest alignment equipment that does not touch the car or wheels. The stock wheels on my car are crazy expensive 21" BBS/Alpina ones and are $1,000 each. Having a machine that does not touch them seemed like the right thing to do. They also did a thorough inspection of the car, and I had them fix one other issue that I was aware of. Great shop, lots of great equipment and very clean. Very happy with the work.

    2008 BMW Alpina B7
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  • Devin Spera
    Devin Spera3 years ago

    Damian is a great guy. Its obvious that he enjoys what he does. Took great care of my car and answered all questions easily. Even helped me find a needed small part.

    2000 BMW M5
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  • Phil Schaaf
    Phil Schaaf3 years ago

    Galloping Gerties Garage was recommended to me by my mechanic. Who just recently retired. From the first phone call, I felt comfortable and secure, I felt like I was going to be taken care of. Their professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail was outstanding. I knew my BMW required rear axle work. They preformed a diagnostic evaluation of my BMW, which discovered several additional issues. The diagnostic was inexpensive and very detailed. We discussed best course of action. Then they performed the work expertly and very quickly. I will not take my auto anywhere else. I totally recommend Galloping Gerties Garage.

    1981 BMW 320
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  • Lawrence Zangari
    Lawrence Zangari3 years ago

    I recently visited Gertie's with a miss fire problem, Damain found the problem immediately and we worked a plan within financial restraints to get the car back on the road. You can tell that the owner of this great shop loves what he does and that attitude transfers very well to his customer service. I would highly recommend this garage to any import owner. Thanks again Gertie's!

    2011 BMW 328i
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  • Alex Baerg
    Alex Baerg3 years ago

    When my car was throwing multiple codes and needed a tow to anywhere Damian looked her over and got her fixed up faster than I had anticipated and for a reasonable cost as well. After discussing my future plans for the vehicle he was prudent with his advice, and provided solid recommendations. I will continue to use him for all my BMW service needs.

    2003 BMW 540i
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  • Randy Umemoto
    Randy Umemoto3 years ago

    Damian was very up front about everything and professional. He is good at explaining what is being done and why in terms anyone should be able to understand. I appreciated his knowledge and understanding. Yes I would go back to have him work on another car.

    2012 BMW 328i Sport
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  • michael
    michael3 years ago

    Great experience! Truly care about the customer. Have never been treated so well by a repair shop. From my first call, to scheduling the service all the way through the work up and pick up it was a breeze. I always felt informed without any pressure. The entire process is transparent and the communication from Damian was very proactive. Also took our Audi A5 to Damian and had the same experience. Not a one off experience. He's got a great process in place. One more car to go. Absolute pleasure working with the Galloping Gertie's Garage team. Only place I'll use going forward. So glad I found them!

    2016 BMW X1
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  • Cliff Jones
    Cliff Jones3 years ago

    Our BMW had issues with one of the computer modules. Damien expedited a full inspection of our vehicle. They traced the primary issue to the CCC module and investigated sourcing options. Other, less immediate maintenance issues were identified. Their communication was great, service was professional, and the cost was reasonable.

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • BMW Owner
    BMW Owner3 years ago

    Knowledgeable shop and great customer service. The shop does seem to be a little pricey and charged more then the dealership for maintenance items.

    2014 BMW 328i
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  • Cynde Guidi
    Cynde Guidi3 years ago

    Great and clean shop with great pros and service!

    2005 BMW 330ci
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  • Yvonne
    Yvonne3 years ago

    Damien was extremely courteous and beyond knowledgeable about our car and services needed. His professionalism was top notch. We will only use Galloping Gertie's for any car services.

    2015 BMW 528xi
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  • Lou Burnett
    Lou Burnett3 years ago

    Great service. Delivered a battery and installed after business hours. Damian maintains all 3 of our German cars now since our relo to WA. Heartily recommend.

    2016 BMW 235i
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  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson3 years ago

    With their honed skills, advanced equipment, and outstanding customer service, Damian and his crew are the go-to for any automotive repair or service. Additionally, their turnaround time for any repair or service is impeccable. They truly make your vehicle their number 1 priority. Thank you again!

    2000 BMW 328i
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  • Mario
    Mario 3 years ago

    Galloping Gertie's is the place for your BMW M sport needs. I recently purchased my 2020 M2 Competition and having the option of taking it to a BMW M Certified dealer nearby or Gertie's, I STILL chose to take my car in with Damian. He's a master tech, but in speaking to him you will find out very quickly he is also passionate about what he does. It's not just about working on cool cars for him; he will treat your car like the piece of marvel engineering it is.

    2020 BMW M2 Competition
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  • Shawn
    Shawn3 years ago

    I recently bought a used M4 but wanted to ensure the car was clean and in good condition. I called Damien to conduct a pre-purchase inspection and he was very familiar with the process and was able to squeeze me in on that day.

    Thankfully the car came back clean and Damien provided me with an excellent breakdown of every key component of the vehicle and an estimated time of servicing on many of those components.

    If you have a BMW in the greater Seattle area this needs to be your first stop for any maintenance.

    2016 BMW M4
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  • Andrew Jaske
    Andrew Jaske4 years ago

    Very professional environment. Explained the different things wrong with the car and provided clear diagnostics. Had our brakes replaced and showed us the worn brakes afterward - we knew this was an issue, but was great to see it visually. Provided numerous other services I am sure will keep the car running smoothly. Damian was very easy to work with and very responsive. The car is running very well now.

    2016 BMW X1
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  • Dave Puterbaufh
    Dave Puterbaufh4 years ago

    Gertie's Garage is a top notch repair shop. Lots of high end equipment and a very experienced staff. The information a customer receives is terrific, including a complete review of the entire vehicle and the detected issues.

    2000 BMW M5
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  • PH
    PH4 years ago

    Great shop equipped to work on BMWs across a range of years. Also saw other European marques in the shop, so presumably equally well-equipped to work vehicles besides BMW. Impressed with fact the shop is impeccable. Impressed with Damian's knowledge of and passion for cars, both of which he is willing to share with any customer who wishes to be more involved in the 'nuts and bolts' of a job. Excellent and clear communication about job progress. Very glad to have found Galloping Gertie's Garage for my '89 e30; would definitely recommend without hesitation.

    1989 BMW 325ic
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  • George M. Mitchell
    George M. Mitchell4 years ago

    The wife and I purchased and received service from BMW Fife Service. Not once were we explained what was being done to our 528I BMW - I was never pleased with their service and got the deep impression the staff really didn.t care if they had my business. I did an on-line search and found Galloping Gerties Garage. I contacted Damian and immediate attention was given to me. He answered my questions and I found him a true gentleman. He offers a good handshake and took time to check my BMW. Damian explained to me what needed to be done and it was apparent he has vast technical knowledge on BMW's.. I was made to feel important! The BMW was repaired accordingly and I received my BMW as promised and its performance now is awesome. I am pleased to recommend Galloping Gertie to those that need vehicle service. I give Damian and his shop along with his employees a 5 Star rating.

    2012 BMW 528!
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  • Karen Jordan
    Karen Jordan 4 years ago

    Great to work with, fast service, a big difference in quote, then Fife BMW service center. Do not have to fight I-5 traffic. I will go back , with both of our BMW’s.

    2008 BMW I series
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  • Susan
    Susan4 years ago

    I've gone between private shops in California to dealerships from California to Pennsylvania to service my BMW's over many years. I have been using Fife Dealership and felt ok with the service provided but never did they involve me or explain in detail what was done or why.. they also were very poor in communications about what stage my car was in and worse, they didn't seem to care much that they had my business. Well, I found Galloping Gertie's Garage with a online search and all of those issues with the dealership have been resolved. Damian keeps you up to date, tells you why and how issues will be resolved and feels more like a friend is caring for my car. If you own and love your BMW, this is where it should be coming for that extra care and attention it deserves. You won't be sorry. Thanks GGG and team for your care and attention. My car means a lot to me and the fact that I'm on the road a lot, it is nice to know it's being looked after with such care.

    2010 BMW 535 xi Wagon
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  • Jamie Flade
    Jamie Flade 4 years ago

    I have had Damien work on a myriad of cars over roughly 20 years.The professionalism, kowledge and personal concern he has shown my, my family and several friends to whom I recommended Damien has been outstanding! I strongly recommend him and his company. I am in Utah and he is sorely missed. My loss is most definitely Gig Harbors gain!

    2003 BMW 530i
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  • Josh Minnick
    Josh Minnick 4 years ago

    Great experience everyone in the shop was super friendly and had great knowledge on everything I asked, would highly recommend this shop to anyone very satisfied with all the work I had done! Try them out and you won't be disappointed!

    2006 BMW 335xi
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  • Bart Christensen
    Bart Christensen5 years ago

    My experience with Damian has been incredible. I have had him do all the service on my BMW. The integrity he shown me is amazing! I had a transmission problem and he was able to get it working perfect! It is great to know he has the technology and knowledge to fix big problems like the transmission and also do the service work as well! His customer service and personal attention is second to NONE!

    2007 BMW 750 LI
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  • Richard Ranch
    Richard Ranch5 years ago

    My daughters car. Abused and misused. A traveling make up counter/changing room. Took the car in for a bad oil leak. Got an extremely comprehensive condition report and recommended repairs, ranked by safety and severity. No pressure, even told me about things I could fix on my own and what to watch out for while doing so. Oh, and he fixed the oil leak, which I could not find. This fellow knows the cars and explained things in depth. Perfect place for the enthusiast.

    2004 BMW X5
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