Winter BMW Care: What Are Winter Tires and Do I Need Them?

Published 8 months ago — by Lisa Federico

Do I need winter tires or snow tires for my ride?

Do I need winter tires or snow tires for my ride?
Photo Credit: Jack Lyons

The term “winter tires” may also be referred to as “snow tires.” They are designed to provide your BMW with better handling, traction and braking in cold conditions, including snow and ice. You won’t need to have them on your BMW all year long, as it is advisable to switch back to all-season tires for optimal performance in the warmer months.

A few factors can help determine if your BMW should have winter tires. Things to consider include:

Temperature: Do you live in a climate where the temperature regularly drops below 45°F? If so you may want to consider switching to winter tires. The rubber compounds in winter tires are more flexible on roads when the temperature is low.

Snowy/Icy Climate: Winter tires can significantly improve traction and safety if you frequently encounter snow and ice on the roads. The specialized tread patterns and compounds are designed to enhance grip in icy and snowy conditions to reduce the possibility of sliding or skidding.

Local Regulations: Some areas may have local regulations or legal requirements mandating the use of winter tires during specific times of the year or in certain weather conditions. Please check with your local regulations.

Mountainous Areas Do you live near or travel through mountainous areas? If so, winter tires are highly recommended as you navigate through the winding snowy roads.

Vehicle Type: Certain vehicles with rear-wheel drive may benefit significantly from winter tires in cold or icy conditions.

Piece of Mind: For personal comfort and safety that winter tires provide, it is definitely worth considering them.

If you are still unsure if winter tires are best for your BMW, your local BMW service expert can help you decide whether winter tires are right for you! Find one in your area today!