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BMW repair center in Irvine, CA, and serving motorists in Orange County, CA. We provide dealer quality service without the dealer price tag!

While many know us worldwide for our race car builds and race engines, we're also well known locally for our meticulous maintenance of daily drivers. We've worked hard to become one of the top BMW service and repair centers in Orange County. In order to support both our racing efforts and maintain our customers vehicles we utilize a small group of people who are each experts in their field to help us accomplish both without sacrificing either. We have grown quickly in Irvine, California by meeting the high demands of our customers at a price that is reasonable. Racing always breads an economic mindset that we take with us when we do maintenance on our customers cars, the amount of money our expertise can save our customers is what keeps them coming back. We are for those who expect more from the people working on their vehicles, we are detail oriented and uncompromising.

While many BMW repair and service shops in Orange County pay their employees on a flat rate basis, our employees are well paid on salary. That means that when we work on your car we have no reason to rush through the job to make extra money. Our BMW technicians are thoroughly trained to do quality work and to spend the extra time that is necessary to ensure your car is fixed right the first time.

Irvine, Orange County, CA BMW Repair and Service

BMW is our specialty. Because of our race experience we've become well known for our expertise in the the BMW "M" models. We're not a typical brake and oil change shop, we take on jobs that even the dealerships do not have the expertise to handle. We do complete engine rebuilds on the most complicated powerplants BMW has ever made and that expertise allows us to competently and quickly troubleshoot your vehicle. We utilize the same diagnostic scanner and programming software that is utilized at the dealer. While many other shops use less expensive software we feel that having full dealership capability is a must to fully service the brand.


  • Andrew is without a doubt the most knowledgeable BWM expert I have met. I took my E46 M3 to him to address some issues with my Vanos unit, as well as a pesky oil leak that multiple other shops had misdiagnosed and been unable to address. Throughout the process, he always kept me updated with extremely detailed invoice estimates with meticulous notes that you rarely see at other shops. Within a few days, he was able to identify all the issues that needed repairs and had the car back up and running like it was new again. His pricing is fair, and the quality of his work is superior to his peers in the area. It's quite a relief knowing I have found a trustworthy expert that I can count on going forward for my maintenance needs.

  • I took my e46 325i into Andrew's shop to upgrade the suspension, have some transmission work done, and fluid changes. The car was finished when promised and I am very happy with the work. My car handles amazing and the drop is perfect. I love driving my car again and come up with excuses for myself to take it out for a spin.
    I highly recommend Lang Racing. I dealt with Andrew, who is really cool. He makes great recommendations, very skilled, trustworthy and easy to talk to.

    Joseph M.
  • I needed to swap my exhaust out and heard about Andrew through a forum member.

    He's a great guy and had great communication before,during,and after the job was done. He would explain to me exactly what he thinks should be done and my options before he does anything. I really appreciate that type or service because I hate being left in the dark with some shady inadequate work. We got under the car after he finished and showed me everything he did, even checked out a few things i asked. he's a very trustworthy mechanic, which from my experience is very rare nowadays.

    Also, judging by the crazy fabrication work he's done to the e30 race car in his shop, he clearly knows what he's doing. I will not hesitate to hit him up again for more work in the future and I'll be sure to send my BMW buddies his way!

    Robin T.
  • Found these guys on Yelp. Needed an alignment on my Z4 with modified suspension. Since they looked like true car guys, I decided to check em out. I'm glad I did. Solid service on state of the art machines. Didn't need aggressive track day specs, just a mellow street setup to make my tires wear evenly. Now my car tracks straight and drives solid. Met Andrew and Calvin. Very cool guys. I'm definitely going back again.

  • Proverbial if I could give 10 stars. The best. Technical and customer service, professionalism. Super fair pricing. Shop is run by Andrew Lang the owner, cars are serviced by him so a conversation with him about your car is first hand knowledge. Seems like he is always working specially on off hours so it's quite nice and not unusual to be able to stop by and visit your car, see it on the lift after work, on the weekends, etc. If it's a custom job Andrew will work with you, he has fabricated numerous fittings,wiring (Circuit assembly is the 'sister company' and does cable and wiring so wiring up your car is a piece of cake), etc to make an application work for me. Specializes in sports cars, BMW M3's in particular but will work with you or figure out how to get the job done. For example after a Porsche specialty shop did not find my oil leak, I took my 74 Euro Carrera to Andrew, walked him through the crankcase seal repair and received the car back leak free finally. My E46 M3 is so specialized and unique and I could never have done it the way it was accomplished with any other shop. I really can't say enough about Lang Racing.

    Carlo A.
  • Great shop and excellent work. Andrew got my engine timing fixed and did a great job with the alignment/corner balance. When I need my rod bearings done I'll be bringing the car back to Andrew. Awesome service!

    Kevin O.

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3 Reviews

  • Joshua Yolles
    Joshua Yolles9 months ago

    Do not take your BMW here guys, they broke my shifter in my 04' 330i, refused to fix it, lied and claimed they did not do it. The owner, Andrew, was extremely rude and absolutely was siding with his mechanic in order to save face. It got to the point where the owner, Andrew, was calling me a liar. Take your beamer elsewhere, trust me.

    2004 BMW 330i
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  • samuel h yu
    samuel h yu2 years ago

    It's always interesting to see the positive reviews and I used to have a positive review of this place (when things go well) but what happens if they botch up your repair? I found out that they do not stand behind their work and whatever you do, do not bring your Porsche here!!! They do not have the competency or experience or diagnose or repair Porsches.

    After I got my porsche back, I expressed my clutch was too stiff, they said it's normal. I brought it back recently for same reason and the guy took it for a 30 minute test drive and later told me that he took my car to his buddy's place to compare with a similar car. Seriously, all you have to do is press the clutch and hear the squeaking noises (probably pressure plates/throwout bearings) to notice this is not normal.

    I used to have a positive review of this place( that I recently took down) until they botch up my clutch repair and won't admit that there was something wrong with either the parts or work and stand behind their work. They claimed that the clutch feel is subjective and this is normal. How is it normal when the clutch is soo stiff that my wife can't even drive the car anymore. Btw, this is an OEM clutch part.

    I have taken my car to two separate Porsche specialist shops for unrelated work and both shops asked me "dude what's wrong with my clutch and to bring it back". I even offered to connect them with the Porsche shops that diagnosed my car. Recently, I tried lots other clutches (same generation as mine) and also took it to a porsche event and had other porsche owners try my clutch and they concluded the same that this was not normal.

    Initially, they only offered 50% on labor and that I pay the replacement parts. After I declined their initial offer and told them that I will be getting my car fixed elsewhere, they extended their initial offer and would only charge me 50% labor if they find something defective (probably to cover themselves)

    Here is their email to me: _______________________________________________

    "Our offer includes complete investigation of potential part defects that could lead to a successful parts warranty. If there were any defects found that could be warrantied the 50% labor charge would be waived and we would do the work at no cost to you. If you do choose to have someone else re-do our work we cannot reimburse you for their labor time if they do find a defect that would have been warrantied had you opted to take us up on our offer. I think the chances are slim that there will be a defect that can be warrantied but still, our offer was of course to stand behind our parts and labor if there was any issue with it. The 50% labor charge would only apply if we were unable to find any problem with the parts installed or the work done. We would be willing to have the removed parts inspected by an independent third party to make the assessment of whether they were defective or not." ________________________________________________

    In the end, I don't trust these guys as a reputable business and especially with Porsches (which they don't have experience with and could mess up othe parts) and declined their offer and will get my car fixed by a shop that specializes in Porsches that stands behind their work (approx. $2K i'm out but well worth it for peace of mind to get my car fixed right with a REAL warranty!!!)

    I don't usually write reviews and especially hate writing bad reviews but I hope this review saves others some money and aggravation and to avoid the bad experience I had with these guys.

    2003 Porsche 996
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  • Brent Fraker
    Brent Fraker8 years ago

    I took my E46 M3 to the guys at Lang Racing a couple of weeks ago because it was developing some rod knock. I'm so glad I took it to them because they knew right away it was on its way to a spun bearing and immediately started to drain the oil and then pull the pan to inspect the bearings. Sure enough one of the bearings had just started to spin.

    They gave me the option to either replace the rod bearings or to pull the whole motor and exchange it with one of the inspected S54 engines they keep in stock. They specialize in these cars so they were able to make it surprisingly affordable to replace my engine with a refreshed one and give me a credit for my S54.

    I couldn't believe it but it only took a weekend for them to swap the engines and I was all back on the road. The SMG worked better than it ever had before when they reprogrammed my car and re-taught the SMG with their dealership level diagnostic computer.

    I'll never take my car anywhere else.

    2006 BMW M3
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