Palo Alto Bimmer

799 Alma Street,
Palo Alto, CA 94301 US
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Palo Alto Independent BMW service center.

We have over 32 years of BMW repair experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. We also specialize in Mini Cooper repair and service.

8 Reviews

  • Todd Graybeal
    Todd Graybeal2 years ago

    Mike is the greatest, he always gets the job done and in a timely way and makes you a happy BMW owner, can't say enough!

    2001 BMW 740i
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  • Julie Norman
    Julie Norman9 years ago

    PA Bimmer has earned our highest regard for both their ability to fix things and for their outstanding service over the years. Mike and his crew are all amazing, the bills are always reasonable, and often something gets done for free as well. They are BMW experts and they put the customer first, how amazing is that?

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  • Benny
    Benny10 years ago

    this is not so great place. They only the most urgent stuff . But they dont advice what could be wrong with the car in future, After I replaced the thermostat , water pump and radiator , the head gasket got blown in 4 months . They should hve adviced me bout such a possibility

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  • Linda
    Linda10 years ago

    This is the most professional, state of the art, BMW repair shop in the bay area. As a woman with little, or next to no knowledge/insight about the care and upkeep of a BMW, Mike is honest, patient, and knows what he's doing. An establishment you can trust. Business is business. Even the staff that I have encountered, are friendly, informative, and... if you allow Mike and his team to keep the car maintained, it won't cost you an arm and an ankle, when its time to settle your debt. See for your self.

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  • Valerie
    Valerie11 years ago

    PA Bimmer makes it possible to buy a BMW and not feel like you are trapped by the million-dollar mechanic service at the dealer. I started bringing my car to PA Bimmer back in 1995 and I have now brought three generations of BMW cars to Milenko and he has made owning them a pleasure, even when there are mechanical issues. He is honest beyond belief in this day and age, he works hard, is careful and reliable. I give him and his shop my top grades on every level: great service, real expertise on BMWs, a pleasure to deal with, and pricing that is always fair. He will not disappoint you—more likely he will make your day—and I can't say that about many other businesses or professionals!

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  • Lisa
    Lisa12 years ago

    In 2005 when my BMW factory warranty expired, I went on a search for a good mechanic in the bay area. I had asked around for recommendations and had tried a few others before discovering Palo Alto Bimmer. Among the 3 others that I have used (all of them rated highly by online reviewers) PA Bimmer was the only shop that delivered on all fronts. They get the job done, charge very reasonable prices, and offer great service. I found them through Yelp!. I had read all the raving reviews and will admit that I had my reservations since the other recommended mechanics I tried really didnt meet up to expectation. I also assumed that given their convenient location in Palo Alto, that even if they are able to deliver the service, they would surely cost an arm and a leg. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. I have done cost comparison on a number of different jobs (i bought a second hand bimmer that needed a lot of work 2 years ago). PA Bimmer always came in either the same or lower than the other shops in their prices. (as much as 25% lower. One of the really highly rated shops clearly felt entitled to charge a big markup on the part). Secondly, PA Bimmer has so far never disappointed when it came to getting the problem fix (both big and small). I am surprised by the first reviewer's experience and wonder if it is not the other shop trying to bad mouth for their own interest. As a female, I definitely have had my share of experiences with mechanics using such underhanded tactics thinking that I had no idea what was going on or that I wouldnt bother doing my due diligence. I am spending my Saturday morning writing this review because I really believe in Palo Alto Bimmer and Mike, the owner. I have experienced first hand and witnessed (observing his interaction with other customers), how Mike goes out of his way to ensure customer satisfaction. He really works with his customers. For example, for the longest time I couldnt figure out why my car was making this odd noise. It was so hard to recreate the problem. I had taken it to so many other shops that by the time I went to Mike I was ready to give up. Mike was the only one who patiently tried to discuss the problem with me, spending time to do different tests etc. Here is the catch. He spent so much time on it. I can tell he really cares about solving my problem. It's action that matters to me and in the last 4 years I can't complain about any of my dozen or so experience with Palo Alto Bimmer. I have no reservation recommending PA Bimmer.

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  • Sharon
    Sharon12 years ago

    I have all positive things to say about Palo Alto Bimmer. They are clear, responsible, and effective in their work. They do what they say they will, on schedule. I really trust them with my '99 528i and defnitely recommend them to friends.

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  • Jeff
    Jeff14 years ago

    This repair shop provided some of the worst service I've ever experienced in my life. After having paid them, I found out some of the parts they put into the car were recalled!? (my ignition wires) I then found out all the other work they had done was of extremely low quality and everything had to be redone. They also replaced my clutch (which they actually did do a decent job on), however they neglected to mention that one of my transmission mounts were cracked. The entire gearbox dropped two inches one day when I had braked particularly hard. I then had to have the car towed. And if the mechanical negligence was excusable, the condition the car was in was also unacceptable. When I picked up the car, it was clear it had been stowed out side and was not taken care of at all. There was tree sap all over it which had destroyed the paint job. This was, without a doubt, the worst experience I've had with a Mechanic.

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