Munich Motorsports

54 Newberry Rd,
East Windsor, CT 06088 US
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German auto repair specialists! Specializing in BMW and Mercedes-Benz service in East Windsor, CT.

3 Reviews

  • Larry S
    Larry S6 months ago

    Five star, I've used them three times for a bunch of work.

    2008 BMW E92 335i
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  • Andres B
    Andres B3 years ago

    Took my 2018 M3 to replace and code new OEM headlights. They told me it will take 1 to 2 days. Called me on second day saying they need more time because the can’t code one side. They give me too many excuses to keep the car more days until they figure it out. Told them I need my car back and I will just take it if they can’t figure out how to code OEM headlights.

    Also when they put the liner fender back they didn’t put two screws back to car, something simple!

    I never thought this place couldn't do the right job and missed 2 screws and not available to code my new OEM headlights, and they state they are BMW professionals.

    That same day I found a guy on Instagram that can code BMW headlights remotely w just a computer- he coded my m3 with no problems in 20 minutes and Munich couldn’t figure out.

    When I called to make the appointment I asked them what’s the price to get the headlights replaced ans coding, $340 installation + $120 coding.

    After I went to pick up the car they increase the price to $640.00 (double). Why I don’t know? I don’t recommend this place especially if you have a nice nice car and you want a good place to trust.

    Not them. Very disappointed for something simple.

    2018 BMW M3
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  • Joe from Middletown
    Joe from Middletown3 years ago

    These guys know BMWs and they're great to work with. They do great work at fair prices. I trust them to do what's needed and not pad the repair. They do a lot of custom BMW work but that's not why I go there.

    I went there because my car wasn't running well and the dealer that had been servicing my car said I needed a new engine ($18K). I brought it to Munich Motor Sports and they were able to diagnose the real problem, which turned out to be a much easier (and less expensive) repair. I've been going to them since. Highly recommend them.

    They don't have a fancy showroom with lots of perks like you expect at the dealer and no loaner cars. But, if you need great BMW mechanics, I highly recommend them.

    2006 BMW 330xi
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