M-TECH European Auto Haus

2517 West 6th Street,
Wilmington, DE 19805 US
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BMW repair, service and maintenance in Wilmington, DE.

  • Owner has over 20 years experience working on European autos
  • M-tech offers factory level diagnostics and BMW repair work
  • We do everything from regular service to upgrade and performance work
  • Our work is done at an affordable cost

11 Reviews

  • Woodrow McFarlane1 year ago

    Have the car checked out after I bought it. They did a great job, my problem is getting someone on to take your call or call me back.

    I guess M Tech does need your business.

    Their work is Okay, but communication is a problem.

    2008 BMW 535
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  • Anthony2 years ago

    Omid and John wow what a team they need to be in the world class circuit for performance vehicles. Omid takes pride in his work and gives stellar results. I can rest assure that when needed they are there to fix the problem.

    2010 Audi A8L
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  • Manuel2 years ago

    I've read good reviews about M Tech in this page so I decided to take my (for me) brand new 2003 e46 325i... I wasn't disappointed. The first thing I made was an oil and filter change and an overall inspection of the car ($100). They were really fast and I think honest with me, so I took it for the second time to fix some important things they told me needed to be fixed in a short time (replaced left front tie rod assembly, both sides rear shocks and mounts and a wheel alignment) I took the car in the morning at in the same day it was ready and the price was really good (considering it's a BMW).

    Also, I was aware of the cooling system since I've read it's a weak part of this models. They had no problem on taking a look at the coolant level, the working temperature and explaining me a little on how does the system works (and also they told me to give them a call If I saw something wrong). So as far as I own this car I will be visiting them anytime I need to.

    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Kathryn Klebart3 years ago

    I took my Saab 9-3 to M-TECH due to a significant drop in gas mileage and a stability track/anti lock break failure. John was knowledgeable and patient with ALL of my questions. John was also very fair and upfront with his pricing. He was timely with the repair and was able to get my gas mileage back to @25mpg. I would definitely recommend M-TECH and will gladly make the hour trip for future repairs.

    2006 Saab 9-3T
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  • Gopu4 years ago

    It was a good experience servicing my car with M-tech. The service was quick, friendly staff, cost me less. I would suggest this place for anyone looking for a good place to take your car.

    2009 BMW 328xi
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  • Laura Slowik4 years ago

    I am relatively a newcomer to M-Tech with a tough challenge for Omid. He was able to diagnose the problem with my steering wheel shake when other car shops were unable. You can see that Omid takes pride in what he delivers - excellent, reliable workmanship and repair service for fine cars. And he explains the work and provides honest pricing. He has won my business! I recommend you consider adding M-Tech and Omid to your trusted team of experts.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • Brian Ach5 years ago

    I have taken my BMW M3 to them for the last 2 years and they have been very professional, providing me with excellent and timely service for a price that was always lower than I expected!

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  • Billy G5 years ago

    My family and coworkers have been taking our cars to Omid at M-TECH for 17 years now. I totally trust him and his employees and his rates are much lower than than the local stealership. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable and can handle any service or repair. They have all of the modern equipment and technology to service all modern cars and they specialize in BMW and Mercedes. I recommend giving them a try, you won't be disappointed!

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  • Chris Rath5 years ago

    I have had three Jags and by far Omid is the best mechanic I have delt with while owning these cars. His honesty and willingness to help you out are priceless. I would highly refer M Tech to anybody and tell them about Omid.

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  • Antonio Carmona5 years ago

    I have been taking both my Mercedes and My Girls to Mtech and I would not have it any other way. They guarantee their work. They are upfront and forth coming about the cost and they work with you if they need too! I am a fan.

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  • mohammad narimanian6 years ago

    I took my car for service. It was a pleasent experince . They were very professional and cost me less than I thought. I will be taking my cars there from now on.

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