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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 US
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We're a family-owned business which has been servicing customers and their vehicles at the same location in Broward County, Florida since 1993.

Our main objective is to establish service on a personal level. We are proud of the fact that we are small enough to know most of our customers by name but large enough to handle technical problems with state of the art equipment and resources such as Autologic and GT-1 Diagnostic Systems.

We are far superior to our dealership competitors who cannot offer personal service and cannot offer the same level of experienced staff we at Autobahn Performance Inc. have. A technician at the dealer could have been working on bicycles a few weeks before he was hired to work on your vehicle. That is not to say the dealer does not have highly skilled and reliable technicians but are all of them skilled and honest enough to meet your needs? Can you be sure your advisor at the dealer assigns your vehicle to a qualified technician?

At Autobahn we only hire experienced reliable technicians who have training and tools needed to service your vehicle properly. Our technicians are paid salary or hourly so it is of no benefit to them to sell extra unneeded work on your vehicle, or to rush a job without completing it properly just to get more jobs done. Dealers use the flat rate pay system (in which technicians are paid by the time it should take to complete a job, not the time they actually worked on the job.) If a technician at the dealer can rush a 4 hour job and complete it in 1 hour, they still get paid for the 4 hours. Is your vehicle getting the attention it needs with a flat rate mechanic working on it? We take the extra time to do the job correctly the first time with the least amount of required parts to ensure the repairs are completed correctly.

Meet Jason, Owner of Autobahn Performance

Jason is owner and president of Autobahn. He started Autobahn Performance Inc. in 1992 when he purchased the company from Bill Beserick. The name was changed from Autobarn (where Jason was an employee) to Autobahn Performance Inc.

Jason started his automotive carreer learning automotive service as a minor at Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, Massachussetts where he majored in engineering. He also attended University Of Massachusetts Lowell, and Broward Community College in Florida.

Most of Jason's learning and experience came from hands on and apprentice experiences. He went to work for his uncle John Zaraledis, owner of J&R Foreign Cars of Lowell Massachusets, at the age of 15. J&R Foreign Cars specializes in VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and most other foreign manufacturers. John and his original partner Roger Cartwright had many years of dealership experience and passed along their knowledge to Jason.

Racing has always been in Jason's schedule. He has been working on race cars since 1986 when he was 16 years old. His good friend Michael Mazur and Michael's father Mike Sr. owned a Super Modified racecar that was driven by great drivers such as Benley Warren, Doug Hevron and Eddie West. Jason was just a helper at the time but learned about racing at tracks like Star Speedway (now called All-Star Speedway) Hudson Speedway in Hudson, NH, Oswego Speedway in Oswego, NY, and Sundusky Speedway in Ohio .

Jason is currently and has been the crew chief on a Super Late Model series car that has run sucessfully throughout Florida and the southeast since 1993. He has worked with several drivers but has been with Jonny Kay and the A-Best Forklift team most of the time. Together they have been Triple Crown champions, Hooters Cup champions, S.A.R.A. champions, and have won races at most of the tracks in Florida. The team recently acquired a Nascar Modified racecar, and plans on racing at many more locations and events.

3 Reviews

  • J.M. Miller2 months ago

    After several visits with other S. Florida shops on major refurbishing I wanted to do on both the engine and suspension, none of which impressed me, it was a recommendation from an established cylinder head shop that led me to Autobahn Performance. Not only is their work all top drawer, fair priced, and professional by a team that has been there for years, but they really care about the customer's wishes that their car is in good hands, and getting the job done on time. It is not uncommon to see priceless vintage vehicles in there from collectors who trust no one else, for a good reason. Won't go anywhere else for any of my out-of-warranty BMWs.

    2007 BMW X5
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  • King9 years ago

    My classic 320i needed much work. They did a great job and repaired other things that they didn't even charge me for! Car runs like new now. Thank you!

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  • Jack Lundenburg10 years ago

    They were very fast and helpfull, got my car back the same day for a resonable price.

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