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Miami Mercedes Benz & BMW Diagnostics, Service and Repair Center

"Reinventing the independent shop world."

We commit every day to achieve excellence in customer service and mastery in every diagnostic and BMW repair service.

All of our mechanics are ASE accredited and Factory Certified, with over 20 years of combined experience providing the finest service available at competitive prices.

We use the latest in diagnostic technology to get you on the road safely and quickly.

Mercedes Benz and BMW Certified Technicians.

25 Reviews

  • Rafael Betancourt
    Rafael Betancourt1 week ago

    Hector and his guys always come to the rescue. Honesty is a key, and you can always count to be told the truth about your vehicle, even if it's something we don't want to hear. I love the fact that, compared to other shops in Miami, there is no craziness, nor rudeness. Very professional.

    Thank you again Hector, and BenzNBmerz!

    2016 BMW 528i
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  • Rafael Betancourt
    Rafael Betancourt1 month ago

    Thank you Hector and staff. Made the mistake of taking my vehicle elsewhere prior to BenzNBmerz, and I can assure you, lesson learned. Honest shop, which is very rare in this county. Prices are fair, and work is always guarranteed. You have gained a loyal customer, and would recommend anyone looking for a Mercedes or BMW shop not to look elsewhere. Thank you guys again for the great work.

    2016 BMW 528i
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  • Ed Cabanas
    Ed Cabanas4 months ago

    I had an AC and brake problem on my car and I went to Benz & Bmerz and I was very satisfied with the service, timeliness and cost. I had a leak in the AC line and I had a problem with one of my rotors. The team took pics and got on the phone and explained fully the problems and how they would fix them. The cost was more than I thought, but that was before I knew the extent of my car's problem. All in all, I think the price was absolutely fair and the service far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely go back.

    2014 BMW 740i
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  • Rafael
    Rafael 5 months ago

    Hector is the man. Not many shops are trustworthy, but fortunately we have Benz & Bmerz. Honesty and great work. Two things difficult to find in one same shop. Would recommend to take your Benz or BMW for any mechanical work your ride may need. I even got pictures of damage. Thank you Hector, and thank you Benz & Bmerz, you have gained a loyal customer for as long as I own my BMW.

    2016 BMW 528i
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  • Mayta
    Mayta8 months ago

    Great service, experience and professionalism! Nobody could understand or find the issue with my car, but they were able to find it and fix it the same exact day. Highly recommend them.

    2016 BMW X3 Sport
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  • Zee
    Zee11 months ago

    Whenever I have taken my car in for an issue they have been nothing but professional. I'm always a satisfied customer.

    2008 BMW 525i
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  • Roger
    Roger1 year ago

    Great service with a very reasonable price, you won’t feel like you are getting ripped off. Highly recommend these guys give them a chance you will not be disappointed.

    2015 BMW 328i
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  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero1 year ago

    I would like to thank Benz & Bmerz for the job well done exchanging my shocks and front brakes and others parts that during the inspection they found. My 2001 530 I is running like a 2020. I recommend this shop. Excellent customer service and well advice on my Beemer. Thank you guys.

    2001 BMW 530 I
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  • Roger Manso
    Roger Manso1 year ago

    It's been a very long time that I have actually felt good dealing with a mechanics shop, very refreshing. Highly recommend this shop they treat you very fair, and above all very honest. Thank you.

    2015 BMW 328i
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    LUIS AGUIAR3 years ago

    Excellent service all together, from estimate to delivery. Knowledgeable information and status updates. I'm now taking my tracking M3 there, to Benz & Bmerz! Thanks, Hector!

    2012 BMW 528i
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  • Jim
    Jim3 years ago

    Hector at Benz & Bmerz is good at diagnosing issues and avoiding unnecessary items, especially for older vehicles.

    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Ana Otero
    Ana Otero3 years ago

    To begin with, employees are full of knowledge, multi-taskers and hard workers, they treat you like they've known you forever, nice people, you feel comfortable leaving your car in hands of strangers.

    The owner is really patient, very assertive person, any detail your car needs he'll notice, nice and easy to talk too. Unique place, feels like home! Totally recommend Benz & Bmerz, they know how to handle their business professionally and outstanding costumer service.

    2006 BMW 325i
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  • John F
    John F3 years ago

    I have used Benz & Bmerz twice in the past 18mths, firstly for an A/C fault - which they repaired for approx. 60% of the local Dealer's quote, and recently for an elusive battery discharging issue. In both instances the work was carried out in an exceptionally competent & timely manner. A problem with the incorrect A/C part being provided by the Dealer, required considerable additional effort and after-hours work to ensure the vehicle was returned to me within the promised deadline. As a result I have complete confidence in Hector's technical & management abilities - in particular his customer-interaction. I have been a Porsche/Audi/BMW owner for over 40 years in two countries, and can say without hesitation that my experience with Benz & Bmerz has been the most satisfying by a large margin.

    2011 BMW 535i
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  • Salvador Kalil
    Salvador Kalil4 years ago

    Had some recent work done on both my wife's and my own BMW. As usual Benz & Bmerz delivered top quality service on both our cars at a reasonable price .

    2009 BMW 135i
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  • Courtney morley
    Courtney morley4 years ago

    Great service from Benz & Bmerz at a reasonable price. I will return! Thanks Hector!

    2009 BMW 135i
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  • Michael C
    Michael C5 years ago

    I got work done for brakes and rotors. Benz & Bmerz has fair pricing and my brakes are working well.

    2001 BMW X5 4.4i
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  • Gulcin Morello
    Gulcin Morello5 years ago

    Reliable, helpful, honest, professional and quick mechanic with fair prices. I would recommend Benz & Bmerz and Hector to everybody.

    2011 BMW 128i
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  • Brian H.
    Brian H.5 years ago

    I have been a loyal customer of Benz & Bmerz for the last 6 years. Hector is a master mechanic and always goes the extra effort to provide exceptional customer service and expert BMW repairs to my wife's BMW and mine. I highly recommend this shop and you can safely know, they are honest and proficient at their craft.

    2000 BMW 3281
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    YENYS HIRSCH5 years ago

    I have been a loyal customer of Benz & Bmerz for over 6 years and Hector always make sure that our BMWs are in top notch condition. Shop is very trustworthy and honest and I highly recommend them to anyone needing a Mercedes or BMW repair. Excellent 5 star service.

    2008 BMW 128i Convertible
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  • Brian
    Brian8 years ago

    Benz & Bmerz is exceptional. The level of of customer service and expert diagnostics is second to none. I have been using Benz & Bmerz for the last 2 years for my BMW. The owners are very professional and honest in their business dealings. The shop is exceptionally clean, well trained mechanics and modern European waiting area. I highly recommend Benz & Bmerz to anyone with a BMW or Mercedes Benz

    2000 BMW 328i
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  • Jose C Martin
    Jose C Martin9 years ago

    Honest! I was told by the owner that my compressor and AC dryer needed it to be replaced. Three weeks later I had problem with Air conditioning again. I found out that the AC Dryer was never replaced. Please read your invoice. I trusted the owner I never checked my invoice and AC Dryer was never listed in the invoice but verbally he told me he was replacing both. I had to go to another shop and pay againg for the AC Dyer. I went back spoke to the owner and his wife I was told I was going to get a refund when I called them the week after to get my check I was told they will not issue a refund.

    Poor customer service . Dont trust them

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  • Martin Perez
    Martin Perez9 years ago

    First Class Service without the wallet puch, It was a pleasure to find someone that cares and knows what to do. Nice Clean Installation.

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  • Maria
    Maria9 years ago

    Better than the dealer! These guys are awesome!! Highly Recommend them!!

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  • Bak Siddiqui
    Bak Siddiqui10 years ago

    There is no other place i would go besides Benz & BMers, there very realistic and price wise affordable compared to dealers or other mechanics. They provide excellent service, trust worthy, experienced in European Cars which is satisfying. Anytime I have a problem with my BMW this is the only place i will ever go and i recommend everyone to check this place out before heading to the dealerships or local mechanics. save your wallet and your car.

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  • Marcus Moina
    Marcus Moina10 years ago

    "Excellent service. Quick and precise diagnostic, repair was flawless and no one could beat the price. I'm really satisfied and highly recommend to anyone who needs outstanding service for a great price."

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