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4659 Highway Avenue,
Jacksonville, FL 32254 US
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Euro Car Repairs delivers honest and professional BMW repair and BMW service in Jacksonville, FL and throughout the surrounding areas.

We specialize in electrical, computerized and mechanical diagnostic repairs and service for BMW automobiles.

We employ today's latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor BMW repairs and scheduled maintenance.

2 Reviews

  • Nana
    Nana6 years ago

    Denys is an awesome mechanic for German cars, especially BMW. Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguars and many more. He has deeper knowledge of how all the systems works in those cars. Very honest and straight forward. The best mechanic I have ever know who is easy to talk to and very thorough. I will always go to him at Euro Car Repairs because I trust him. When I replaced my BMW battery, the dealer wanted to reprogram it for $250 but Denys did it for free.

    2003 BMW 745i
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  • Daniel
    Daniel9 years ago

    I was very pleased with Euro Car Repairs' personal approach and thoroughness. Bought my son this vehicle from an unknown private seller. He looked it over, diagnosed the problems I knew were there, saved me about $800 off the repair by finding the root problem rather than just the presenting one.

    2002 BMW 325ci
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