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We are full service BMW repair facility in Miami, FL. Equipped with the latest BMW diagnostic technology, we repair brakes, suspensions, engines, transmissions and more, for BMW vehicles.

Meet Our Owner Ricky Chen

Ricky Chen the owner, has been at the same location for over 15 years and has over 25 years of automotive service experience.


  • Extremely friendly yet professional customer service, took my car in for what seemed to be a hopeless case and they were able to diagnose it the problem and explain my repair options, my car is now fixed and drives beautifully and at a very reasonable cost. I have found my permanent repair shop, will be referring them to everyone I know. A++++++

  • Took my car to Ricky's and they were able to diagnose and fix my problem. Very pleased with the service I received. Excellent customer service, work performed was honest and reliable. I will certainly recommend them to friends and family.

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2 Reviews

  • Rene O.1 year ago

    I took my Mercedes in for a exhaust problem i was having leading to loss of power. I found this shop via craigslist and it seemed legit. I went in paid $107 for a diagnostic via machine was given my receipt and the fault codes that came up and information on the problem. I was then told what the problem was specifically on my loss of power and was even showed a gap in the exhaust tubes under the hood. I was then given a written quote of $370.00 (part&labor) and was even shown the diagrams of what the part was also.

    I felt it was pretty high at the moment and took the car home that day. After speaking with my wife we decided we can manage to pay the $370.00. I went in the following morning to turn in the vehicle. I was asked for a deposit of $150.00 but I only had $100 at the time, he said its okay and debited the $100.00. The whole idea here was that this $100.00 payment was a deposit towards the part and labor to fix my vehicle ($370-$100) and the rest would be paid upon completion of the job. The part had to be ordered and would take a few days he said. Days passed and I didn't get word back from him, no update etc. I called him and he was pretty much rushing me off the phone saying he was busy and couldn't do anything for me that he has other cars and that if I'm gonna be hassling to come pick up the car. I was completely taken aback... I wasn't in no way trying to rush his work just simply trying to get a simple update, considering I do work and accommodations for the vehicle i was gonna use for work had to be made accordingly based on the estimated turn around time. But its my first time here maybe it was bad timing I thought? I humbly apologized and drew back and let the man do his thing I thought... Another few days passed and no update again, I figured I still had to find out about the car and whats going on regardless if he gets bothered or not. I call in and again he was agitated and tells me things have changed and blamed his parts guy for the error, and subsequently tells me its another part entirely and that part alone had a value of $500. I was shocked on the spike on price obviously, just like any normal person would. He told me that price was direct from the dealer and that it was a special order. He suggested to me to try and find it online or at a junkyard, I told him I wouldn't know where to start that I've never done such a thing. He said he'd try on his part to find it and for me to do the same via internet. I ended up finding the part for much less than what he said and straight from a Mercedes-Benz dealer also, not a used part. My honest to god true intentions were to buy the part and have him put it in, I had already $100 down payment towards the repair so I felt committed. So I finally called him and told him id do that and asked for the new labor price to calculate the grand total. He said today Jan 25th $310 over the phone on just labor. I asked if that's the lowest he can do and he said yes that that was a discounted price as it is already. I had no other choice but to pick up the car for 2 main reasons. #1 the cost of the repair was too much for me at the time. #2 the car i was using needed to be returned. He said ok to get the car. When I arrive to pick up the car, Im thinking everything is okay, im gonna get my car and when i have money to do the work ill be back to do it, first id have to buy part wait to get paid again and be able to muster the rest of the payment labor etc. But when I arrive to get the car he and he trys to charge me an additional $100.00 (apart from my $100deposit). Mind you he hasn't done any kind of repair or change of any parts. I reminded him that I paid a down payment towards a written estimate that totally changed days later, and if anybody should be charging anyone anything was me wanting my deposit back to me. Since the entire estimate changed. Different part different labor everything. He argued aggressively about the situation and was saying that I was just gonna go do the work some other place and was saying that I still owed him. I specifically hand wrote on his invoice that I want a written estimate prior to work being done or me being charged anything. He had all the paper work there in front of me and I asked for my copy as well of those documents from which he refused and said to take my car and go. I felt extremely bad I didn't know how to react I told him to give me at least half back, and he said no. I was astonished on his position over the money, I simply told him.. okay keep my $100.00 (deposit towards the $370) for him to just keep it. This was my first and last time here I knew automatically after this whole altercation happened. As he gave me the car I told him that I would write a review about what happend here to me and that $100.00 is alot for me and to just take it as a loss is fine but I would speak the truth of what happend to me here. When I said that the guy exploded! Began to threaten me saying wild things from "I know where you live, i have your address watch!!" to "ill sue you for all you have". "you dont know who i am, i know where you live"

    So i went from trying to get my car fixed by a "specialist" to being threatened at the shop and have threats thrown to me about my house and taken for $100. Just the thought of this happening not with an employee but being treated like this by the very owner of the shop, speaks volumes on the type of business conducted here. Beware with this guy, get everything in writing and apparently you need to be careful on giving him any kind of information on you, who knows what he is capable of.

    1999 Mercedes-Benz e300
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  • marie2 years ago

    I had a overheating problem with my car and they quickly diagnosed the problem to be with a leaking radiator and had my car repaired the same day. Good customer service, small shop but convenient.

    2004 BMW 325
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