German Master Tech

5870 Atlanta Highway,
Alpharetta, GA 30004 US
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For over 10 years, we have pleased customers with full service and repair of all European and Asian vehicles through our master certified staff, equipped with modern equipment and fair prices.

4 Reviews

  • Matt
    Matt10 years ago

    German Master Tech has by far succeeded my expectations when it comes to intuitiveness, integrity, and customer relations as well as cost! GMT will always be my place of choice and only place to go to from here on out!

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  • Whitney
    Whitney10 years ago

    I brought my car to dealer originally. They said I needed over $2000 of work. A friend recommended German Master Tech so I thought it was worth getting a second opinion. They repaired my X5 for less than $1000 and it is running perfectly. Yes- the people who work there and owner are all German so perhaps serious but they are trained Master Technicians from Germany. I don't need jokes- I need my car working for a fair price! I would highly recommend!

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  • Ross Smith
    Ross Smith11 years ago

    Overpriced, No attention to minor details. So do they really repair the issues? On a Friday they rushed my wifes Passat's repairs. She picked the car up at closing. Drove 3 miles away and the bottom engine cover fell off. Attention to Detail. After talking with Andreas the owner. He was crass and I asked if he would appologise to my wife who owned the car and was stranded with weekend plans ruined. He never did. Watch your wallet, they like to tell you all the many things your car needs.

    They should act more like German mechanics and less like Georgia shade tree mechanics. Stay away!

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  • David
    David11 years ago

    I have been using this shop for almost 4 years and they are terrific.

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