Euro-Pro Plus Automotive

1701 Fabyan Pkwy,
Batavia, IL 60185 US
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Euro-Pro Plus is an independent, all European work shop, located in Batavia, IL. We have over 25 years of excellence.

4 Reviews

  • Mark Bozinski
    Mark Bozinski7 years ago

    Verk knowledgeable and friendly people here. Prices and service are good. I usually wait on my repairs and Steve always lets me know which ones are needed first.

    2010 BMW x5
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  • Tim VanMaldegiam
    Tim VanMaldegiam14 years ago

    Steve and the guys at Euro-Pro are and have always been excellent in doing the necessary service right the first time.

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  • Heather Breen
    Heather Breen14 years ago

    WOW! Super friendly place. Found them looking in the yellow pages, I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO BILL JACOBS BMW AURORA!!!

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  • Tim Meyers
    Tim Meyers14 years ago

    I have had my BMW x5 serviced there for a while now. Great service and nice people. Always find my wierd peoples quickly. THANKS!

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