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No matter what concern you are experiencing with your vehicle, ensure PerformanceWerks will utilize their 25 years of experience and necessary tools to diagnose and repair your investment the first time, every time.

PerformanceWerks Auto Clinic is the newest automotive repair facility in Naperville, Illinois specializing in import and exotic automotive repair. We cater to brands such as Bentley, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lexus and many more. We have the knowledge and special tools to ensure your investment retains the highest quality available.

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  • I've owned multiple BMWs throughout the past twenty years. Living in Naperville all that time, I've never found an independent shop I can really put all my faith into.

    I recently had my 745 at the local dealer for a overheating condition. They quoted me $1450.00 for replacement of the water pump and I nearly passed out. I'd had it with the dealer taking advantage of me, so I started searching for a knowledgeable independent. I came across PerformanceWerks website and thought it was very professional. I called and spoke to Mike who made me feel comfortable with his information and knowledge of what needed to be done. Their quote was $500 cheaper than the dealer and they offered to pay for the tow to get the car to them. This was an offer I don't think anyone would refuse. I proceeded to let them handle the job, which was done two days earlier than the dealer said it would have.

    The car was spotless when I picked it up, and I noticed they fixed a broken cup holder I didn't even tell them about at no charge. It's the little things like this that go so far with people. I've told all my friends and family and will be returning for life. Thanks again guys. You're the BEST!!!

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11 Reviews

  • Erin
    Erin9 years ago

    This shop is AWESOME! I bought a private party 328xi and was trying to address a slight shimmy. Had a horrible experience with a local tire shop breaking both hubs when over tightening the lugbolts with an impact wrench. The shop "corrected" that, but the shimmy was still there.

    Took it to PerformanceWerks and Blake took his time and thoroughly addressed the situation..did some research and got the correct adapters for my wheels which were missing. Aftermarket wheels so it was difficult to determine the right adapter size and he spent a lot of time making sure the measurement was right for a $5 part...and he did not charge me for that addl. time.

    He also allowed me to use his own extra set of wheels and tires to test drive my car to rule out my wheels and tires. He has a very intelligent and methodical troubleshooting approach.

    The addl work I needed (shocks, rear diff leak etc) was VERY reasonable as well. Not only does this shop have cheaper labor rates than a dealer, but they prove over and over that they are honest and truly care. He also takes his time and explains things and saves you money wherever possible. Definitely NOT shop that milks you for everything they can get. I'm sure that's why they have so many positive reviews and repeat happy customers. Definitely found the import shop we were looking for

    2007 BMW 328xi
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  • Keith
    Keith10 years ago

    I called to get my front end looked at, blake said bring it in and I'll work it into my schedule. He was honest and very proffesional he explained everything he did and what to expect for common issues and the prices were reasonable. Will definately use the in the future.

    1999 BMW 740il
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  • Jack
    Jack10 years ago

    Excellent service at a great price. My only regret is not finding these guys sooner. Until recently, I went to the local BMW dealership for service and repair work. Blake is an honest guy, someone I trust. Pricing was fair (much lower than dealership) and repair was done very quickly. These guys will be doing all of my maintenance and repairs on my BMW from.this point forward.

    Highly recommended.

    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Evan
    Evan10 years ago

    I had PerformanceWerks perform a pre-purchase inspection on a used BMW that I was purchasing, and they did a fantastic job.

    They were very thorough, and it was clear that they knew BMWs inside and out. Perhaps most importantly, Blake was responsive, cordial, and very professional. I've worked with a number of independent BMW shops, and I would recommend them as highly as anyone.

    2003 BMW 325i
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  • Don
    Don10 years ago

    Paid for work that I didn't need. They told me bets were bad, I had them replace them, but winding noise still there. They told me water pump changed it, but winding noise still there.

    They told me they stand behind their work, look at it again told me power steering pump. Took it to BMW dealer, they identified the problem it was transmission. Would not recommend these guys.

    2001 BMW X5
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  • Jasim Al-Ansar
    Jasim Al-Ansar12 years ago

    After searching for a good place to take my car other than a BMW Dealership i found these guys off google. They were friendly reasonable pricing and know what they are doing. I took my car to Bill Jacobs cause i had a miss fire and the tec over there was like you put the wrong plugs in your 01 BMW 740i how do you put wrong spark plugs in the car when the car came with NGK fom the MFG. I brought it over to Performancewerks and they called me back after half hr and told me one of my coil pack in cylinder # 7 was bad and replaced it. Paid Bill jacobs $150 to look at car and couldnt even tell me what was wrong with my car. You can trust these guys with your car.

    Jasim Ahmed AL-Ansar

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  • Frank
    Frank12 years ago

    Pulled my car out of Bill Jacobs after calling these guys. Price was considerably lower and repairs were performed immediately. Waiting/Office area and restrrom were very clean and made you feel at home. Definitely would recommend Performancewerks to anyone who owns a Bimmer.

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  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark13 years ago

    What a delight to have found Performance Werks in Naperville, Illinois. They are the only shop I trust with my two BMW's, after suffering through a variety of over-priced mechanics who thought the customer is just a patsy to run up the charges on, I was relieved to find Blake and Mike. They have an amazing body of expertise, treat me with the utmost in respect, professionalism, and know more about taking care of my babies than any other shop I have used.

    I strongly recommend Performance Werks to friends and family, as they are the only shop that I trust. Their work is perfect, their prices fair and honest, and their level of knowledge is unparalleled. When considering repair or maintenance, do yourself and your car a favor, talk to Mike and Blake, you will be as delighted as I have been.

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  • Brandon
    Brandon13 years ago

    Best Auto Service/Repair in Chicagoland Area If you aren't taking ALL your vehicles to PerformanceWerks, then you are costing yourself money. These guys run the BEST shop I've ever seen. They are very honest technicians that can diagnose anything. They will treat your vehicles as if they are their very own. They don't jack up their rates, or try to rip you off in anyway. I have taken 3 of my vehicles to them, and will be a lifelong customer going forward. 2 of the nicest guys I've ever dealt with when it comes to car service/repair. I'll never deal with a dealership again, even on brand new vehicles. Great, locally owned and operated business. Happy to have them in Naperville. They are a fast, up and coming business and will recommend them to everyone I know.

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    JANET13 years ago


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  • rob
    rob13 years ago

    great service at a resonable price

    i took in my 545i and i was really impressed by the knowladge and the great price, mike was great and he helped me out, he would be the one i would call from now on for any questions about my BMW, thanks Performancewerks

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