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We specialize in BMW maintenance, repair, and modifications. Our staff provides countless years of expertise and we pride ourselves in doing quality work and reasonable pricing. We welcome you to be part of our growing family of satisfied customers!

34 Reviews

  • Xavier Pereira
    Xavier Pereira5 years ago

    I found what I was looking for. A good knowledgeable and honest workshop to work on my Bimmer. Oakley and Logan are specialists in Bimmers. They did everything they could to fix the problems and even gave me a insight of works needed to be done at a later date. The cost was good and he explained to me what he was doing and what he had done for the price. I am not going to any other shop other than BimmerShop. They took good care of my baby. I will definitely be going here to program my Bimmer for other things. A place to go only for BMW owners.

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Deniz Guderen
    Deniz Guderen7 years ago

    They kept my car 3 weeks just to replace a water pump. After 3 weeks they didn't even start working on it so I had to take it back and bring it to peake BMW . Very bad customer service

    2007 BMW 650
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    PANY SITHOVONG7 years ago

    car is no longer running. very sad. after years of going to Bimmer works my car kept having issues over heating. my was serviced several time of over heating. same issue over and over. i feel like if the car was repaired correctly and thoroughly without us having to go back at least every week for the same issue my car would still be working. As much as i respectfully like Bimmer Works i firmly believe this.

    2000 BMW 528i
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  • darren ursin
    darren ursin8 years ago

    great shop i went there january 8 2016 and these guys were awsome got me in and out and car riding great had transmission problems it was a simole fix when all other shops tried to get me in to aleast 2k worth of debt with mr. jims 40 years experience logans intelligence of the bmw world they saved me alot and they can save you guys also as i read the comment before this one i strongly disagree with the comments this shop is has great service i have been a customer for 5 years now

    2004 BMW 745li
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  • Ray
    Ray8 years ago

    I'm so frustrated with this shop. I brought my vehicle there to get the convertible top motor replaced. They supposedly diagnoses the issue on the first visit, but never had the time to fix it. After leaving it for the FOURTH TIME with NO RESOLUTION, I give up. I will not even consider setting foot in the business much less recommend them. Do yourself a favor -:STATY AWAY from this shop.

    2001 BMW 325ci
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  • Sharard
    Sharard9 years ago

    When I first got my BMW 645ci I was like a kid on Christmas with a new toy until I started to see all the problems that they can have. I went to peake, but to only get jerk around and charge high prices on garbage work. After being discourage with not knowing who to turn to, I took a chance on bimmerwerks and from the first time until today ( bringing it in for service today ) they have been fair, quick, great prices, and always HONEST!! If you are in the local New Orleans area and need to get your BMW fix? PLEASE give them a call. ????????????????????

    2006 BMW 645ci
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  • Kat
    Kat9 years ago

    Hi, I have been coming to binmerworks for over 4 years getting service from Mr. Weeler and now his son Logan. My experience here has been tremendous. They do impeccable work, they are honest, fair, reliable, and most of all they know everything about BMW's. I have owned a BMW for the majority of my life and I have never had awesome service like this. They take care of your issues and concerns immediately and they are just all in all great to deal with! I want to pass it on because I know how stressful it is when you have car trouble and you really want a place you can rely on to fix your car. . I would never go to a BMW dealership again! Kat

    2004 BMW 745Li
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  • ronny olla
    ronny olla9 years ago

    I'm usually not one to write letters but this shop deserves recognition and my thanks . Their work has always been above and beyond my expectations and they have always charged fair price.

    even on holidays and after hours.

    Consider yourself lucky if they take you as a customer because they are always extremely busy , they have also done high performance modifications , fender rolling and custom alignment on my lowered 3 series they have done nothing but the best job you could get done at any other bmw shop they always find the problem thanks again !

    1995 BMW 318i
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  • JDavis
    JDavis10 years ago

    I cannot rave enough about the Bimmerwerks staff and their quality of work!!! Hands down, Bimmerwerks offers GREAT customer service, fair pricing and the most efficient BMW repairs in NOLA! I'ved lived off and on in the New Orleans area for the last thirteen years but only became an BMW owner in 2010 so my BMW history is not as vast as other reviewers but I must say, without a shadow of a doubt, I would not take my car anywhere else for maintenance or repair work. Recently, I needed my starter replaced and Bimmerwerks quoted me a fair price and completed the work timely. However, after having the starter replaced, my battery failed the following week on a cold, rainy November night. I was stuck at work and called the shop (after hours) hoping someone could advise me and Logan graciously came out to jump my car and later assisted me at Autozone AFTER the worker incorrectly installed my new battery. As a result, my dashboard fuse blew out and I was literally about to pull my hair out lol! But I took my car back to Bimmerwerks the next day and Logan corrected EVERYTHING! As a woman, it can be frustrating dealing with repair shops but I've NEVER felt slighted with Logan and the wonderful Bimmerwerks staff and will continue to give them my business! I HIGHLY recommend Bimmerwerks to any Bimmer owner in the NOLA and surrounding areas!!!

    2007 BMW 328i
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  • Pany
    Pany10 years ago

    I've been going to BimmerWerks since 2011. I remember going inside and walking out with a sense of relief. Finding an honest, personal, reasonable, abd friendly shop meant everything to me especially being a single parent that just moved here from California. I have referred serveral friends, colleagues, and clients with no hesitation. I actually keep a few of the business cards in my office and on me because of my confidence in The BimmerWerk family. Trust in them as I have and you will not regret it.

    2001 BMW 528i
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  • Lushan
    Lushan10 years ago

    Hands down, the greatest mechanic in the world! I am in the military and have lived a lot of places and always find it difficult to find a good mechanic. I was lucky enough to find this shop in 2011 when I moved to New Orleans and haven't let anyone else but them touch my car since. Jim and Logan are extremely knowledgeable and take the time to explain all the details to you --- not just me, but every cutsomer I've witnessed them interact with. They are a joy to be around and always give me piece of mind when I drop off my vehicle. Logan is young but mature way beyond his years...the long term future of Bimmerworks looks bright. I will always have a place to take my BMW if I'm ever stationed here again and recommend all military personnel who get stationed here to them as well.

    2002 BMW 325XI
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  • Carolyne Haskins
    Carolyne Haskins10 years ago

    BimmeWerks is an exceptional service shop. Their standard of quality and excellence exceeded my expectations. Not only did they tell me what the problem was with my car, they showed me. All maintenance was done in a timely manner with good attitudes. The staff thoroughly enjoys what they do and their fine work is the outcome, along with prices no one can compete with. Thank you BimmerWerks!

    2006 BMW 330i
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  • Brian
    Brian10 years ago

    I was at NOLA Motorsports park racing with the NASA Spec E30 series when my transmission locked up. This was at 1:00 on a friday practice. After asking around, a local sent me to Logan at BimmerWerks. I called him and told him about my problem and he said come on in and lets fix it even if it takes all night. He and Mick stayed until midnight fixing it and they saved my weekend! They were awesome and know their stuff and were incredibly thorough in working through the problem and fixing it right. Thanks guys!

    1987 BMW car
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  • Rod Williams
    Rod Williams11 years ago

    I had an M3 previously and used Bimmerwerks for my service. It was outstanding. Thy are personable and know what they are doing. I recently purchased a 2006 M5 and would trust this car with nobody except Jim and Logan. This car is has over 500 HP and has an intricate high powered supercharged engine. The only shop that i will allow to care for my car is Bimmerwerks. They are good, honest and fair.

    2006 BMW M5
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  • Brian B.
    Brian B.11 years ago

    I started taking my little 325 to Bimmerwerks a week after I bought it used 2 years ago after a recommendation from a friend and Jim and Logan have done exceptional work (at an exceptional price compared to the dealership) over the past couple of years.

    They've never tried to upsell me on things and have given me quotes and their time on all sorts of upgrades (both needed and just cosmetic) as I made the car really mine. And when I say this I'm one of the guys who brings my car in and then pokes around the undercarriage and asks questions the whole time when they are changing my oil or doing work. (Something they haven't minded one bit). For instance I had an air boot that needed to be replaced and they put it on the rack, showed me what it was, what it's supposed to look like, etc, before ever changing anything (definitely not replacing something ok like I've heard about other shops) And I will mention that while my car has been in the shop quite a bit it has never been on anything they replaced, I'm just in that bad 75-100k place where plastic and rubber is giving out.

    They've driven me back to work and picked me on occasion when needed and met me on Saturday mornings to pick it up when I couldn't make it during the work week. They even put me in contact with a good tow driver when I cracked a radiator reservoir and the only # I had was theirs. I really have no clue why a Bimmer owner would go anywhere else.

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  • Austin Branch
    Austin Branch11 years ago

    After being quoted $2800 at Peake for a repair on my 328i, I started looking for other shops. After talking with Jim and discussing the problem, he guaranteed he could do it for $1000. Needless to say, I was thrilled. This was the 2nd clutch in 8 months. Peake did the first repair for $1700 last August. When I picked up my car, Logan informed me that a certain part was put in backwards when they did the original repair at Peake. In other words, Bimmerwerks made a customer for life.

    Thanks Jim and Logan. Keep up the great work!!

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  • SFC Jenkins
    SFC Jenkins12 years ago

    I'm a soldier in the Army and as I was relocating from Florida to Arizona my BMW 318ti had some issues while I was in New Orleans. I found Bimmerwerks from on this website on my Iphone. When I arrived they immediately diagnosed my problems and gave me estimates. They drove me to the hotel and gave me personal concierge service for all the local favorite restaurants while I was stranded. When my parts arrived they gave priority to get me back on the road. Best of all, they save me almost a thousands dollars off the oringinal estimate due to their diligence in finding me the best prices. Thanks a lot Jim, Logan, and Charles for all your hard work, dedication, and professionalism in helping get a soldier in need to my destination on time. You guys are awesome and I would recommend your shop to anyone! Army Strong!

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  • Blake
    Blake12 years ago

    Logan and company really helped me out in a pinch, as I was just passing through New Orleans but needed to get my car worked on immediately. They offered terrific, friendly, knowledgeable service right away, and got my car back on the road without skipping a beat. I would definitely trust them with my BMWs if I were to live in New Orleans.

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  • A.Decay
    A.Decay12 years ago

    Man Man Man, cant say enough about Jim and Logan! Great BMW Techs, nice personalities. Wouldnt take my car anywhere else! Enough said!

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  • S Randolph
    S Randolph12 years ago

    I recently had an issue that I was ill equipped to handle since I am only in the New Orleans area for a short time and don't have most of my tools with me. I like to work on my car myself, partly because I enjoy it and partly because I don't trust most garages. I also don't care for the fleecing you get at most dealerships. I reluctantly took my car to BimmerWerks since it was near where I am staying. I am happy to say that things turned out very well. Jim and Logan were very personable and knowledgeable, and they handled my M3 with great care. They spotted the issue quickly, ordered the necessary parts, and got me back on the road as quickly as one could expect. To say they were reasonable with the price would be an understatement. I rarely write reviews, but they certainly deserve some good press. I highly recommend them. If I need work done again in the future, they will be the first place I will call.

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  • ssc
    ssc12 years ago

    Due to economy and the prices that I received at Bimmer Werks, I can now afford my bmw 330 I. It makes me smile to know, there are still some very old fashioned shops, with great people, in this area. You don't have to take my word for it, try it for yourself. My your experience be great, and your pocket be heavy, when you leave.

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  • larry
    larry12 years ago

    I have trusted Jim and Logan with the car my seventeen year old son drives. I am a Lawyer. Need I say more.

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  • Travis
    Travis12 years ago

    About a year or so ago, I talked to Jim Wheeler on the phone & he was very kind & nice. He told me the reason he got in this business because their was not any honest BMW auto mechanic.Jim told me how all the others BMW mechanic repair shop & dealer will rip you off 7 they not be honest with you. I said wow this person I want to do business with. He asked me what kind of problem do I have? I explained it to him, so he said he know what the problem is. He asked me to bring the car in so can have his son Logan to look at it.They said wow this is the first time we have seen a car at the shop with low miles like this. I did some reseach via internet about the problem I was having with the car before I took it to Bimmer Werks.I found my problem but I said I want to see if he was going to say the same. I sat down in the office talking with Jim he was very nice & friendly. After Logan checked the car out, Jim has a long list of things on the estimate sheet they faxed me the estimate the cost was well over $3,000. He said I have an oil leak so the valve cover gasket need to be change & I told him I just had that repaired about 3 or 4 months ago.So he said whoever did the work did not do it right. he said the intake manifold gaskets is leaking all the orings & gaskets need to be change, he said I need a new valley pan and a whole lot of others things.I said to myself for some reason I don't belive him because the car only had about 38,000 miles. About two months later I called

    Bimmer Werks I asked to speak to Jim, Logan answer the phone I explain to him who I was, mention to him I'm the person who came in with the low miles, he said yeah I remeber who you are, I told him I will like to set up a appointment to get the intake manifold repair, Logan said I will give his dad (Jim) the message, I gave him my cell number. I waited about a few weeks later no return call, I called again this time the young lady answer the phone, I told her the same thing I told Logan, she said I will give Jim the message. I waited a few weeks then I called back about 3 time & this time they did not answer, I guest they have caller ID so my call was ignore because I think he knew he was not telling me the truth & I did not act fast enough to get my car repair by Bimmer Werks. Before I went to Bimmer Werks I read all these good response about this business. Well my car has been repaired by a real honest person. I did had a oil leak but it not coming from the valve cover gasks, I just replaced the Oil Cap $5.00 and the Intake Manifold gaskets was fine nothing was not wrong with those gaskets & also the Valley pan was good,My problem as the profile gasket only $5.00 my machanic told me this guy Jim at Bimmer Werks was not being honest, Jim is out to make some money, which nothing wrong with that but Jim lied to me which is not good for business. Bimmer Werks is a RIPP OFF! All I asked for is to be honest with me & everyone else.

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  • E. Young
    E. Young12 years ago

    So much better than the local BMW dealership. If I buy another Bimmer, it would be because of the service and support I can get from these guys, not the dealer. It is hard to find professionals who love what they do and do it with your hard earned money in mind. Mr. Jim and Logan treated me as if they knew me, not just another invoice payee. I've worked in R.V. service for fourteen years. I know good service and this is it. Its obivious their in the buisness because they love Bimmers. Check them out. Bring a notebook, you are going to get a lot of free info about your vehicle from these guys. Hey, these guys even hold on to faulty parts and fluids from vehicle they have serviced to show you what to look out for on your car. It gets no better than that.

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  • Chris W
    Chris W12 years ago

    What a wonderful experience it was to have my car repaired & serviced at this shop. I cannot say enough about how refreshing it was to deal with honest and extremely knowledgable folks. Jim Wheeler and Logan are the best and this is the ONLY shop you should consider taking your BMW to in NOLA. You simply won't get this level of service, interaction and honesty from anyone else (especially the dealer). All these reviews are spot on. BimmerWerks is the BEST!!!

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  • A
    A13 years ago

    Can't say enough good things about the experience I've had dealing with Jim and Logan. They know their stuff and will throw far more helpful information then my non-mechanical mind can process. Labor rates are great and he'll tell you what you need to replace now and a year from now so you can plan out. He can also help finding a BMW out of state and ensuring that you get a proper mechanical inspection prior to purchase.

    Bottom line, these guys love BMW's and when you love something, you're good at it. They take care of your car as they would their own. And Jim's always got a good story or something to show you when you come in. You get treated more like a friend then a customer and definitely not just an invoice worked on by a faceless technician like at the dealership.

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  • J
    J13 years ago

    Mr. Jim and Logan are absolutely wonderful! They are personable, friendly, down-to-earth, and just plain nice guys! They explain exactly what's wrong in simple terms so that you can understand. They offer honest opinions for what is needed now, what's needed soon, and what's needed in the future. They also offer fair, reasonable prices that are far better than other BMW repair shops around here. We came to Bimmerwerks upon the recommendation of a friend and will definitely recommend to anyone else we know that has a BMW. We are glad to find someone we can trust with our vehicle and now we won't go anywhere else. We couldn't be more pleased with Bimmerwerks and can't thank them enough for their outstanding service. If you need your BMW fixed, this is the place to go!

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  • Joseph Lomax
    Joseph Lomax13 years ago

    It is so hard to find a honest vehicle repair shop (especially a LUXURY vehicle repair shop.) Jim and Logan Wheeler and the Bimmerwerks team are top notch. I did not feel like "just another customer" when it came to Bimmerwerks. Jim and his team diagonsis and explained step by step what was to be repaired and why. The cost was 5,000 less than the 1st repair company that diagnosis my vehicle. You will not regret getting your vehicle repaired at Bimmerwerks. MY WIFE AND I ARE CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE!!!

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  • Ryan
    Ryan13 years ago

    I first started going to Jim at BimmerWerks on the recommendation of my family-friend mechanic upon buying a BMW. I'be gone to him for everything related to my car since. From oil weights to the origin of the recycled plastic that BMW used on my radiator caps, the guy knows every nut and bolt on any BMW you can throw at him. Cheaper than the local dealer on labor and parts, he has been amazing for those times when I just need a simple trim piece that I can install myself, all the way up to those frantic phone calls asking what to do about smoke billowing from my hood. Service is always prompt, and estimates are usually spot on, if not a bit higher than the actual price when everything is said and done. Definitely recommended to anyone who owns a BMW!

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  • Claire D
    Claire D13 years ago

    BimmerWerks! That's it: the Bimmer works again, thanks to Jim, Logan and the entire BimmerWerks crew. They are prompt and serious, the prices and work are carefully explained ahead of time, and the overall ambiance is thoughtful and unusually focused on the customer's needs. The lagniappe: Jim's truly great stories about everything from shipping to the local scoundrels.

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  • Nelson Holmes
    Nelson Holmes13 years ago

    Great Service, Very fair prices. Jim Wheeler had my car ready when it was promised at less than the original quote. No last minute surprises. I was pretty spoiled by my Indie shop in DFW but, no worries after finding Bimmerwerks. Jim and his staff are very professional. I thought the other reviews were just blowing smoke but, they aren't exaggerating.

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  • Michael K.
    Michael K.13 years ago

    This establishment offers top quality service, period. From the owner on down to the personnel, this is a friendly, professional group. I consider myself lucky to have these guys helping me with the care of my automobile, and I would recommend this shop to anyone, with no reservations.

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  • Andrew B.
    Andrew B.14 years ago

    Jim Wheeler is the best BMW tech in town. This guy knows his stuff. Diagnosed my car after another tech had called it "a junker" and had it running within a week. They will diagnose every problem and tell you what you need today, tommorow, and a year from now to give you the ability to figure your repair costs. Really can't recommend them enough. My BMW's will go nowhere else.

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  • B. Charles
    B. Charles14 years ago

    Just moved to New Orleans from Boston, so I needed a new, legitimate, BMW shop. BimmerWerks run by Jim is the best. I drove past it the first time I brought my car to him because the place is so nonchalant (no frills, just honest car care). The staff at BimmerWerks are friendly, helpful, extremely knowledgeable, love BMWs, and will go out their way to help you keep your bimmer in tip-top shape (at a reasonable price, no less). Bring your BMW to BimmerWerks!

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