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7217 York Road,
Baltimore, MD 21212 US
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Autobahn of Towson is Maryland's Premier European Auto Service Center. At Autobahn we can handle 90% of all European Auto Service and Repair. We have a large inventory of OEM Parts on hand to help make your visit as short as possible.

Our expert team of mechanics with over 100 years experience combined will do their very best to repair your BMW right the first time.

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1 Review

  • Karen6 years ago

    I will not return to Autobahn of Towson again. When I began having difficulty starting my BMW, they told me to drop it off the next morning. When I called later the day that I dropped it off, they asked why I dropped it off and said they had a two week waiting list and I needed to make an appointment. After explaining how I had been directed, they agreed to look at my car. Two days later, they had not evaluated it and when I said that I needed my car, they said "nothing is wrong with your car" and that I could pick it up. When I went to get it 60 minutes later, they had just moved it into the service area and asked if I wanted them to keep it. I expressed my disappointment with the experience and the owner said they have plenty of happy customers and that is why they have a two week wait. When they did not charge me, I asked why and they said "We did not do anything", which was very clear. I got a major around from men who have you backed in a corner.

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    David Evans6 years ago

    In response to the comment on this website, I would like to say that this car started and ran normally the numerous times it was tested. No faults in the system were found. The customer was not charged. If your car is not exhibiting a problem when it is here, we don't replace parts that are not proven to be necessary.

    We do work by appointment because we have a large customer following. We have experienced and enjoyed over 20 years of successful business and happy customers at our shop.

    David Evans, owner