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6352 Frederick Rd,
Catonsville, MD 21228 US
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We are a group of BMW and Mini specialists and enthusiasts with over 25 years of experience in the automotive repair industry.

5 Reviews

  • chico RIVERA
    chico RIVERA5 years ago

    My car is in excellent shape a real looker. This guy will never call me back. I've been there in person after 3 of my friends did the same thing. I assume he's color struck, always says he's busy and forgot to call. How many times can you forget to make money, it's green.

    2000 BMW 740il
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  • Luis Bernardo
    Luis Bernardo7 years ago

    I have been taking my car to Urban auto for over a dozen years and have had nothing but great experiences. Many times they have dropped what they were doing when I had a sudden emergency so I could get back on the road again.They also are very good at explaining what needs to be done now and what can wait a while.It feels great knowing I can trust a mechanic for life. My car is 17 years old now and still looks and runs great thanks to these guys.

    2001 BMW 325Ci
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  • Colin Keefe
    Colin Keefe11 years ago

    These folks have been doing routine maintenance and performing service on my vehicle for the past couple of years. I've been very happy with their recommendations and service. Pricing is reasonable, and they seem to have a very good handle on the specifics of working on BMW's.

    2000 BMW M5
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  • Angela
    Angela11 years ago

    Repair services performed to my BMW X3 resulted in additional damage to my car that incurred additional towing and repair costs. Urban's Auto Service performed a repair to replace the idler pulley & drive belt on my BMW X3. Upon picking up my car and driving aprox 5 miles, the radiator coolant overflow tank bottle reservoir blew and cracked causing smoke and fluids to leak. Upon calling the shop, less than 10 minutes after having picked up the car, the owner Tom Allen, did not offer to any assistance and simply stated that whatever was going on was not his fault. He did state that he had topped of the anti-freeze by one half cup. This is despite the fact that the fluids were already at the proper levels when the car was brought in. I had never experienced any over heating problems, indicator lights or leaking prior to this repair. All prior work on the vehicle had been performed at the BMW dealership. This resulted in my having to hire a flat bed tow truck to tow my vehicle to another repair shop. Tom, extended no customer service and treated me as if he did not want me to return to the shop. He did not even offer assistance with arranging a tow stating that all of his tow drivers are likely busy. Any reputable mechanic would have had a different response and they would have driven the car after repairs to ensure everything was fine.

    I had my car towed to Burt's BMW Repair on Reisterstown Road who provided outstanding customer service and repair work. Tom at Urban's never even followed up to inquire about the vehicle. It is clear that the repair work done at Urban's caused the damage to my vehicle. I'm sure that Tom knows it which is why he responded in such a poor way. In addition, Urban's repair was overpriced. I would not recommend taking your vehicle to this shop. They are careless and do not stand behind their work or their mistakes.

    2004 BMW X3
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  • Scotty Reiss
    Scotty Reiss12 years ago

    Great guys--very nice and knowledgeable. I went there recently to have a car inspected that I was thinking of buying; they did a pre-sale inspection and gave me a lot of information about the car and eased my mind about the purchase (which I made). I felt they were forthcoming about the car (they had serviced it previously) and were happy to answer all my questions. The shop was quite busy, they clearly love BMWs and seem to have a loyal and happy clientele.

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