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Visit our modern, clean BMW repair and service facility in Methuen, MA with a large waiting room. Honest and upfront pricing. We are here to help you and not mislead you.

With the latest dealer-level diagnostic equipment, we are capable of repairing your luxury BMW vehicle. From AC service, transmission service and general repairs, we do it all! Schedule your next BMW service appointment in Methuen with us, today!

3 Reviews

  • Stephen Cumberatch
    Stephen Cumberatch10 years ago

    I highly recommend Mark's European Cars. Pricing is very fair as well as the staff all have friendly attitudes. I am not from this area, I was visiting the In-laws for the weekend. My car was sure to not make it back to western mass. Once they knew I was traveling through the area, they were able to get the parts i needed and service done the same day. Its a shame I don't live in the area, This would be my go-to shop. I might even visit the in-laws more often just to get work done on my BMW. That will make the wife happy too. Its a win-win... Very professional, A+ Service Fellas. Thanks again!

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • Randall T Lindland
    Randall T Lindland11 years ago

    If you live in the Merrimack Valley, Salem, NH area I would recommend Mark's European Cars. Great service, OEM parts and very fair pricing! Mark and his son Kody let me arrange everything online, had the upper thrust arm I needed for my "classic" 535i and took my car in the next day. I received a call back that my car was ready before I had my second cup of coffee! Can't wait to go back, 5 Star Service!

    1992 BMW 5speed
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  • Jacqueline Soto
    Jacqueline Soto11 years ago

    I came to this shop to get an oil leak and AC vent issue resolved in July 2012. I was told they cleaned the AC drains and that I needed to replace my oil housing filter gasket. When I got the car back I noticed my wood grain panel where the middle AC vents are was not sitting correctly. I pulled out the center piece since it was not attached at all and found that the clips holding the piece together were all broken. I know this wasn't like this before I brought the car in for service because I inspected it before I took it in due to a noise and water droplets coming in through the center air vents. I called the owner and he was ridiculously rude to me. I was explaining to him my issue and he asked me f I was going to let him finish. He said he never placed a finger on my ducts only my AC drain (which I fond that hard to believe). I proceeded to tell him I was charged $80 to repair this issue and I was still experiencing the water droplets coming from my vents. He told me "there's nothing I could do someone else is breaking your car not me" and hung up on me. I was left with the words in my mouth. I would not recommend this shop. I was charged $100 and given a $20 discount because I was paying cash and after all that I ended up with the same issue and my center wood grain panel broken. I am very upset at their services.

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    Mark Turmel11 years ago

    As I tried to explain to Her. I cleaned Ac evaporator drains located under hood and under car. I checked under engine for oil leak. At no time did I look at or touch any interior components other than the steering wheel, brake and gas pedals and the climate control auto button. If the vent is broken as she claims it was not broken at this facility. She did not pick the car up as she had a young gentleman pick it up. So her claim that the vent was broken when she picked it up is false. I run a respectable and honest business. $80 for the time I spent is more than fair. That she still has some water coming out of vents when ac is on is another matter that needs to be diagnosed. Prefferably by someone other than me. Good luck to whoever that is.