Ecotech Import Auto Service

8512 Watson Rd.,
St. Louis, MO 63119 US
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Specializing in all forms of BMW maintenance, repair and customization. Factory tools and years of knowledge. Also service all Asian and European imports. Check out our website.

2 Reviews

  • Elizabeth5 years ago

    This place is a gem! I have never had such an amazing experience with any other place. They have a true passion and it shows in their work

    They are effective communicators who know their stuff and are able to explain it in an easily understandable way. They are very friendly and I feel very comfortable there.

    There work is phenomenal, and they definitely go the extra mile to ensure quality work. They took the extra time to look up a specific part for my car instead of simply writing it off and ignoring it.

    I absolutely love this place and would recommend to everyone!

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  • Nick5 years ago

    Excellent work, fast and friendly with great customer service and communication.

    Their prices are reasonable and they realize that word of mouth advertising is incredibly important.

    I take both of our cars there, and have reccomended this shop to all of my family and friends.

    Definately a 5 star shop.

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