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Expert BMW repair in St. Louis, MO. German car repair specialists!

Our BMW technicians repair and maintain all the needs of your BMW, for motorists in the areas of St. Louis, Universal City, Manchester, Overland, Bridgeton, Brentwood and Ferguson, MO.

Visit us at our NEW location on Page Avenue in Maryland Heights.


  • Eric and Nas were great with customer service and price on my 2004 BMW. They really know what they are talking about. They also do great work on my Mercedes, I wish they would work on all cars but I just might buy all European cars so I have mechanics I can trust at all times. Everything that can be done at a dealership can be done at Euro Car at fraction of the cost. Don t worry Nas I m selling the Chevy for an X5 so I can bring you all my cars...THANKS!

    Eric J., via Yahoo on October 27, 2013

5 Reviews

  • mark8 months ago

    Great shop. Shop and waiting area are clean. Euro car is within walking distance of Enterprise rental (maybe three blocks away, but Enterprise will give you a ride to and from the shop) so you don't need a loaner. Nas took time to listen to me and seemed to be meticulous. I didn't meet Eric. They diagnosed an electrical whine. It was passed off as a defective radio, and was called a "known issue," at one of the major dealer-affiliated shops in Saint Louis (they wanted $1000 for the radio alone at that dealer!). Nas isolated the problem and discovered that the antenna was detached from the back of the radio! Basic, but neglected by dealer, whose mechanic probably didn't even pull the radio out. Anyway, he reattached the antenna; now I have a "new" radio. I love my 135i again.

    While I was there, they replaced the rotors and brake pads for a reasonable price. I am telling friends about this shop and will take my car there from now on. Customer for life.

    2008 BMW 135i
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  • EZE3 years ago

    Eric and Nas know these cars well. Their price is extremely reasonable just for their honesty, customer service, and they have the same equipment as the dealership. You get that dealership feeling out at their new big shop but you couldn't get the customer service like this anywhere else. Thank you guys.....EZE

    2007 BMW 335xi
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  • Jerry Reichert4 years ago

    I've been a customer at Euro Car for almost a decade bringing my Mercedes, BMW and Rover in for repairs. Nas and Eric are excellent mechanics who will not rip you off. They offer good warranty and no hassle and can also get the job done quickly. They have all the equipment the dealership has without the BS.

    2007 BMW 530i
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  • JIM MCKINNON5 years ago

    Nas is the best BMW mechanic around. Known him for 15 years now, and he treats me like family. Goes out of his way to take care of his customers, service like that is impossible to findl. Highly recommend.

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  • alan bixler6 years ago

    Very knowledgeable. Did the work in the time and at the price that was quoted. I would use this shop for repairs again.

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