ACR Motor Works

3013 N. Rancho Dr., Ste. 108,
Las Vegas, NV 89130 US
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BMW repair specialist in Las Vegas.

We provide factory diagnostics, vehicle programming, encoding for BMWs and other European vehicles.

Visit us today for affordable BMW service and maintenance in Las Vegas.

1 Review

  • Julius2 years ago

    The owner/operator of this BMW establishment is by far, the most exceptional expert/technician/master mechanic/problem solver/troubleshooter in a no-nonsense fashion, I have ever encountered. Personable, friendly, customer service oriented, instructor, teacher and guidance counselor all rolled-up as one person.

    Our Bimmer service engine light came on while visiting Las Vegas. I didn't like the reception with the first BMW call I made to another and decided to give ACR a buzz. Typically, an off day on the weekend, I was told to bring our car to the bay. Adrian opened the hood and in a matter of 5 minutes, he pointed out with accuracy, the challenges our engine was having performing and further examined/repaired/replaced components all the while giving us lessons on how to care for a Bimmer to ensure no unexpected headaches down the road.

    We were really on a tight schedule, otherwise we would have allowed for further repairs, yet it was enough to ensure we arrived home safely 600 miles from LV and better yet, NO MORE ENGINE LIGHT DISPLAYING!!!

    Without question for the locals, and definitely for folks coming through Las Vegas or surroundings, if you can get a hold of this SHOP, by all means do so. We have never been more satisfied with technicians working on our Bimmer than ACR MotorWorks.

    Highky recommended to give a call or stop by. I can not imagine you being disappointed given the professional service we received.

    2001 BMW 330i
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