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301 S. Route 73,
Palmyra, NJ 08065 US
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We provide BMW repair and service to motorists in Palmyra, NJ. We have over 30 years of experience and have two BMW Master technicians on-site.

7 Reviews

  • carol crosson
    carol crosson4 years ago

    Excellent,the best darn mechanic in the area. Has been taking care of my cars since the 80's. He is honest, quick and deliberate. Never let anyone else touch my cars.

    2002 BMW bmw
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  • Jeff
    Jeff6 years ago

    For the BMW enthusiast or the novice, this is the 'Honest BMW Shop'. There is no sugar-coating here. They will perform a truthful diagnosis, backed with facts. They show you the issues in the shop. The prices are quoted up front and the work is explained in detail. This is not a dealership experience. The shop experience at Koz's is like talking to your best friend mechanic. When the work is performed, they show you issues, the old parts, and the progress of the work. They go the extra mile here. The prices are fair, the work is top-notch, and complete the first time. The walls at Koz's are filled with plaques and certificates that ensure this shop has met decades of BMW Master Certification Achievements. Honesty is the best policy, and Koz is as honest as they come.

    2008 BMW 328xi
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  • Elonza
    Elonza7 years ago

    I was coming from philly and was in a bad place me and Koz even got in a mini fight over service. It was the first time I ever owned a car like a BMW and had no idea how different they were. When I went there the computers was reading all kinds of faults/errors on my gears, but Koz changed my trans fluid flushed it and it worked perfectly. And gave me a discount because i was upset and he didn't have to. Now i know BMW's aren't your average cars and your mechanic better know what there doing. Koz does great work.

    2000 BMW 528i
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  • Eric
    Eric8 years ago

    Koz's helped me trouble shoot an issue with my e28 over the phone, never even having met me. When I couldn't resolve the issue via telephone, I limped her in on a Saturday and he had my car fixed in about 10 minutes. He then looked over my car said it looks great, gave me some maintenance tips and charged me very fairly. The parking lot is full of BMWs of all ages. This is your guy if you own a BMW.

    1987 BMW 535is
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  • Asia
    Asia9 years ago

    I have taken my 2001 525i to Koz for over 12 years. My husband would also take his 740i to him too. And we became comfortable that the jobs needed were being done right. And somehow he was always quicker than we expected. I cant recall ever having to take the car back because the problem wasn't solved. I also appreciate when he gives me a bit of advice. Like years ago he suggested that I don't go with the wider tire that I was wanting. I didn't listen and although the ride isn't horrible, I do notice the difference. And now that the tires are coming near the end, I will go back to what was better. His prices are cheaper than the dealer,(which is easy to do considering markups. But the prices seemed fair, and I know that I drive a car that some prices for the parts are just still stupid. Like don't break the cup holder.

    2001 BMW 525i
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  • charice williams
    charice williams10 years ago

    I have had my BMW now for about 7 months which is my very first BMW, and it has needed and oil change, brake work, and my headlights had to be fixed which this kind of stuff was just regular maintainance stuff. Well I do have to agree with the other customer who gave him a good review, which is the reason for me going to Koz's cuz of her review, that he does come off kind of hard but I have to give it to him he knows his stuff. He is reasonable with his prices, and much cheaper than the dealership. I like the fact that his shop is family oriented, and they make u feel at ease when asking bout certain things bout BMW and how they work. He has my vote and I will be going back for sure in the future.

    2008 BMW 528xi
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  • Vikki M
    Vikki M11 years ago

    After reading over his reviews & being referred to him by another mechanic; I decided to give him a try even though I was hesitant. So I took my 2004 325ci to him & I have to say, I was pleased!! He does come off "hard" at first but that to me, is just someone who knows what they're talking about. It does get annoying at times when u have to take ur car back for something else but if you're logical; you know that fixing a car is like going to a doctor. It's process of elimination. And with Koz, his process of elimination, seems to me, to be, to start with the most likely issue and least expensive one. He seems like a very honest man and I will say his prices are reasonable. No one likes to fork out a few hundred for work but if it's needed, you gotta do it. And it's much cheaper than going to the dealer. I purposely waited a few wks to post this just to ensure that i didn't have the same issues and I don't. I absolutely plan on going back and I'll even be taking my 1989 325ci to him to start work on that one. He's got my vote!!!

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