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Specializing in Mercedes-Benz and BMW repair and service in Kendall Park, NJ. Over 20 years of BMW service.

1 Review

  • Chuck I.2 months ago

    “Undependable -Unresponsive -Doesn’t Stand Behind His Work”

    After being a steady customer of Mike’s Foreign Car Repair in Kendal Park, NJ from April 2012 through March of 2016, I had to stop using him. Here’s why…

    Initially Mike did a good job but when hard-to-solve problems develop he disappears. That happened in 2015 with a “Service Engine Soon” warning light that he was unable to diagnose and fix. Ultimately, a different mechanic diagnosed the problem as a bad alternator/regulator and the problem was resolved.

    Then again in 2016, after doing a lot of expensive work on my car, Mike again became unresponsive again after another recurring problem occurred.

    Mike installed a new throttle body housing on my BMW in March of 2016. Within days after installing the new throttle body, the car started running badly and ultimately developed the exact same symptoms that led to the original throttle body diagnosis and replacement. I contacted Mike on March 29th (just 12 days after the installation of the throttle body) to tell him the car was having problems and he said (via email) he would come to see the car the following Friday. He never came and he never again initiated any contact with me.

    To make a long story short, after being without a car for an extended period of time while searching for a new BMW mechanic, the new mechanic determined the throttle body that Mike installed was defective. The new mechanic replaced the defective throttle body and now the car runs great.

    I requested a refund for the defective throttle body part only (not the labor) from Mike and he refused.

    So, Mike is unresponsive and when there is a problem that is not easily resolved, he becomes undependable and he does not stand behind his work.

    2003 BMW 325i
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