PROJECT ///M motors

50 Railroad Ave,
Patterson, NJ 07505 US
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Project ///M Motors
Specialized in BMW parts and repair.

6 Reviews

  • Justin
    Justin5 years ago

    I would not recommend project M. They are only good for parts , I trusted mazen to take care of my vehicle I’ve been having problems with in ny. Towed the car multiple times for multiple mistakes on their end. I never bashed him or anything he owed me for a red center and a carbon fiber wing due to being stolen under his supervision . Told me he would take care of it , also I payed him to take care of my injector coding and installation. I took the car to a reputable shop petrolwerks right after I came from him and was told they were never coded . I refused to bring the car back to mazen so he could work on it again I didn’t want to pay a 3rd towing . He then ignored me instead of letting me get my red center and reimbursing me for my carbon which he said he would . Never looked out for me on the extra towing cause he left my oil block off leaking and just continuously was a revolving door. I asked him why my oil catch can was leaking he said all Vader solutions do that. So why put it on my car or why not tell me I needed a better one . I told him I didn’t care how much it cost I need the car with no check engine to get inspection sticker. As soon as I drove off I had to call mazen back to let him know computer is reading fuel cut . He said it was the tune, the tuner told me whatever the car is spitting mazen didn’t install right . Hence the injectors . I didn’t think jake from motiv was lying . Mazen was only

    Concerned about taking my Money than getting my car right . I didn’t care how much it took mazen was the most expensive quote to put a single turbo kit on and I still towed my car from nyc to bring it to him to get it done . Little does anyone know I took out the old turbos and everything so it was easier for him. I swear I thought I was getting it done by one of the best I was so hype I couldn’t wait to drive back my car . Only if I knew it was the worst desicion I ever made. Theirs times he told me the car was done I came and it still needed to be worked traveling back and forth from ny. These are not the people you want to do a project with maybe a quick fix. Mazen was always good to me I been supporting mazen a long time . But Im wrong for a center console a carbon wing and injector coding he choose to loose me as a customer When I didn’t bash him for every time I had to tow back leaks nothing I blamed him for an now he mad because I opened my mouth and I’m fine atleast knowing who he is . I hope no one else goes through the same troubles

    2007 BMW 335i
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  • Zog
    Zog5 years ago

    Great salvage yard, occasionally gets really specialized, hard to find factory parts. Just have to check in frequently if you are looking for a hard to find item.

    Remember, this is a salvage not Geico's 800 customer service #! Prices are great too.

    2009 BMW 335i
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  • Justin Zucco
    Justin Zucco6 years ago

    I recommend this place to all of my friends who own BMW's. They always have what parts I am looking for and at a great price. Their service is amazing, they also offer installs, programming, and coding.

    2009 BMW N54 335i xDrive
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  • Rocko
    Rocko6 years ago

    Highly recommend this shop to any bmw owner that is looking for quality work for a fraction of the dealership costs as well as anyone looking to restore or modify their car. These guys are honestly the best, my first time i came in with misfires and was ready to drop some money for a new engine.. after they diagnosed my problem.. turns out my disa valve broke from an accident and bent some valves broke some springs and they replaced everything and got my car working smooth at a very fair price compared to what the dealer told me about needing a new engine. These guys are stand up guys and will tell you the truth on what you need and dont need and are very fair with their pricing on the service aspect of the shop. They have an extensive inventory of used parts and whatever you need, you name it and chances are they have it. If you want honest stand up people that are looking out for YOUR best interest and not theirs this is where you want to go. Cant even tell you how many times ive seen customers walk in asking for something, willing to spend more, and they end up finding the actual solution for much cheaper and saving the customer money.

    2006 BMW 330xi
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  • PAUL
    PAUL8 years ago

    I bought a car from them a month ago.

    The car was said to be completely up to date mechanically but it was not the case at all.

    It needed a large list of items fixed, cv boot, oil filter/cooler gaskets leaking, O2 sensors, fuel pressure sensor, spark plugs, battery, drive belt and tensioner... I mean really. Supposedly it only needed tires and a battery charge!

    Be careful, I am still trying to get them to at least send me some of the parts that needed replacing if they are not going to refund me any moneys.

    2010 BMW 535
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  • Will
    Will9 years ago

    I bought an engine & a full set of wheels for a very reasonable price. They were all very friendly & helpful. I always check with them first whenever I need anything for my vehicle.

    2001 BMW 325i
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