PROJECT ///M motors

745 Route 17 North,
Carlstadt, NJ 07072 US
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Project ///M Motors
Specialized in BMW parts and repair.

2 Reviews

  • PAUL1 year ago

    I bought a car from them a month ago.

    The car was said to be completely up to date mechanically but it was not the case at all.

    It needed a large list of items fixed, cv boot, oil filter/cooler gaskets leaking, O2 sensors, fuel pressure sensor, spark plugs, battery, drive belt and tensioner... I mean really. Supposedly it only needed tires and a battery charge!

    Be careful, I am still trying to get them to at least send me some of the parts that needed replacing if they are not going to refund me any moneys.

    2010 BMW 535
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  • Will2 years ago

    I bought an engine & a full set of wheels for a very reasonable price. They were all very friendly & helpful. I always check with them first whenever I need anything for my vehicle.

    2001 BMW 325i
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