542 East Main Street,
Mount Kisco, NY 10549 US
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Your dealer alternative for BMW repair in Mount Kisco, NY.

2 Reviews

  • Mel Comberiati
    Mel Comberiati5 years ago

    I found Autoworks after the warranty expired on my car, so I have been using them for 9 years for this car and for the past 4 years on my second hand 2002 Z3. Incredibly knowledgable about the cars, the owner has kept both cars in great condition. He suggests the dealer when appropriate, and lets me know when I can do something at home. I've upgraded suspension and some lighting with him, but added strut bars and radio upgrades at home. He not only replaces parts, but repairs things when possible. He has shared useful advice on maintenance and performance upgrades, and advised against some of my sillier ideas. The main thing is that he is absolutely reliable for repairs and has kept both cars running great, at about 2/3 the hourly cost of the dealer, and has extensive experience with BMWs.

    2003 BMW 330 xi
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  • Ted Schultz
    Ted Schultz8 years ago

    Quality repairs and good customer service. The owner is very knowledgable about BMWs and has always been honest about needed repairs. Their prices are competitive too.

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