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Toledo, Ohio BMW service, repair and maintenance, as well as BMW performance.

1 Review

  • Dustin Glass
    Dustin Glass1 week ago

    Worst experience ever. Contacted owner Carl about a total emission delete and stage 2 tune and was told they were able to do and that they had just did one on a diesel. I picked the car up and couldn’t make it home because they pulled the front dust shield off and didn’t connect the back shield so I had to buy zip ties to fasten and make my way home. When I got home I noticed oil below the Egr delete and there was a bolt missing so I went back in and they accused me of removing the bolt. They said they would look over keeping the car for a week to wait for parts. When I got the car back the oil leak was still there. I called back they said it was blow back so told them I would watch for a week or so. It kept leaking so I took back for a third time and was told it was the turbo causing the oil leak under Egr and that there was nothing more he could help me with. Took car to mechanic in Waterville, OH and got a call a hour after and was told they left gasket out of Egr delete! I called them and they actually paid the other mechanic. Half power started and took car to mechanic in Grand Rapids, MI. He discovered that the dpf was left in. That was $900.00 they refused to pay or now even talk to me.

    2011 BMW 335d
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